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  1. I kind of invited myself. They mentioned they had a team and I asked if I could come and play. They said sure. They seemed to like that I played though. We chilled and had beer afterwards in the locker room. I guess I just have to keep being persistent.
  2. I know there are old threads on the subject and I've read them. Most don't go into too much detail and simply say "Don't be an idiot" "don't be an @ss" "have a firm handshake." I'm an older applicant and I know time is not on my side. There are a few units I have rushed, non have had interviews yet but two have told me to turn in an app to keep it on file. One of the units, I have visited them three times. All three times, I just walk all around the squadron and try to make myself known by everyone. I shake hands, I talk to pilots and non-pilots alike, I try to bond over the military, aviation and even non-flying things like music, cars or literature. This unit, I even got to play hockey once with the unit hockey team (which was awesome)! Is there any other little things I should do or overlooked things to show that I really want to be apart of the unit?
  3. I made a thread a while ago about advice for what to do during a unit visit. Sadly that visit ended up being cancelled due to Delta Variant. I've tried calling the unit back since but no luck. I've been calling several heavy units all across the country, mostly focused on areas I want to live. But it seems that every single one does not allow visits. Either due to delta variant or they say they get too many applicants/visit request they can't have 100+ people come and visit. Or the more common one, the scheduler gives me the number for an officer and their phone always goes straight to voicemail with the voicemail box being full. Has anyone else had any luck?
  4. YES! I meant to ask in my OP about talking about things besides the military or flying. Aside from just the mission, I also love the location the unit is based in. I also wanted to ask about local sports teams, sports fandoms and hobbies. I play baseball and hockey. I'm also a huge car guy and I'm learning the guitar. Should I bring these topics up too? I know a lot of it, is just reading the room. But if we are in the squadron bar or something, and it's quiet would it be cool to bring up non-flying topics then? I get your last point, the detachment theory. When you act like you don't care, you tend to be more relaxed.
  5. So I will likely have an individual visit with a heavy unit next month. Right now they don't have any upcoming boards but are planning on one for likely summer 2022. As mentioned in my other thread, I have poor AFOQT scores and and TBAS score. I will be retaking before soon. Should I bring up this information at the visit? Or if they ask if casually like say "Hey have you taken the AFOQT and TBAS yet?" and I answer "yes" and they ask "how did you do?" Should I just be honest and let them know I am planning on retaking both to improve? Would this be a good sign that I am determined to correct my mistakes? Also I see on older threads from circa 2004-2008 on here, that people say visit often. How do you visit often? After the visit should I send a thank you email and ask to visit again? Should I ask for feedback from my visit? Sorry if this sounds weird but all of the other visit threads, I found were from the mid 2000s and were very vague with answers just like "be a bro." "make sure to visit often" etc. This is my first visit, so I'm kind of in the dark of what to expect.
  6. I seen a few people mentioned they used a tutor of Wyzant or another website and got great scores on the AFOQT. I want to use a tutor for my retake. Could someone post me the link of a tutor that they used?
  7. I know it's possible to get picked up, I've seen post from guys talking about how they got picked up with worse scores but most of them did in the 2000s before the big rush/covid started. Now even heavy units are getting 200+ apps and many I've tried rushing say they don't allow individual visits and they usually only select the 50 or so top apps to visit and narrow down the interviews from there. So it's more competitive. I'm only semi interested in CSO. If I get too old and can't get picked up as a pilot, I'll try for it. I would like to do a retake of the AFOQT first.I've been baffled for months on what to do. I am eligable for a retake in a few weeks. But I want to wait until I am sure I am going to ace it this time. As for the day of the test, I felt fine. I got plenty of sleep, at a light breakfast, arrived extra early, I didn't cram at all. It looked like the Baron's book and the questions seemed similar. GPA is 3.52 for undergrad, Master's is about 3.8 or so. PCSM is 70 (I wonder how much my pilot score affects it). I know I missed 4 questions on the UAV portion of the TBAS. I think my reaction time was a little slow too. So for now it's figuring out what to do.
  8. That's what I can't figure out. I did my research and I did everything that everyone told me to do. Yet, I still didn't do well. It honestly frustrates me.
  9. I do. PCSM score is 70. I used the simulator I'm wondering if the pilot score hurts it. I know I missed 4 on the UAV section.
  10. Usually when it comes to applying to guard units, the common advice given is "cast a wide net." This is fine and I understand it. However, I'm very interested in a few regions of the country such as the Northeast, Great Lakes and mountain states. I've been only applying to units in those areas. I have hobbies I love doing and want to continue to do such as playing hockey and snowboarding. I also enjoy having four seasons and I look forward to winter. I've been hoping that maybe having certain hobbies that pilots in those units will too and it shows I can bond or click with them. It seems a lot of groups I am part of, people just apply everywhere and flat out say they don't care where they live but they don't seem to have many interests outside of flying or the military. But to me, location does matter a lot. I'm happy with either heavy or fighters (I actually have a preference for heavies). I'm also biracial and did live in the south for a few years when I was younger and had a few bad experiences, which still bother me.
  11. I've put off making this thread for months. Back in December I took the AFOQT after almost a year of waiting. I studied my ass off for it and studied the way everyone said too. I purchased the Baron's book, the Trivium Book, the online practice test from AFOQT academy as well as several PDF files of AFOQT, ATSB, SIFT practice tests. To practice I used scan tron sheets to simulate the time and real testing environment. I took two weeks off of work up through the testing date to make sure I was fully prepared and had plenty of time to study. On practice tests, I was regularly getting 90s-100s on each subsection. I went and took the test, felt I did well and three weeks later when I got my scores back, I was stunned. My line is: Pilot: 70 Nav: 37 Acad: 48 Verb: 70 Quant: 32 I'm guessing looking at my scores, I did worse on the math than I thought and I'm guessing the only thing that saved my pilot score was likely the Aviation Knowledge and Instrument comp sections. For the Pilot/Nav, the only section I felt I really struggled with was block counting and I had to guess on the last several answers due to time. Perhaps that really hurt both scores? I've been asking around since I've gotten my scores back and have recieved little help. Usually, when I asked people who have gotten 90s across the board they just give responses like "It's not that hard bro." "There's no way you studied with those scores, you must be lazy" Only one pilot gave me a decent answer he suggested because the AFOQT is graded on a curve, my raw scores may have been good but due to COVID tons of extra people took it and that could have offset all of the scores. He told me just highlight your leadership skills. I've applied to several guard units but TBNT from everyone. Only a few gave feedback, one told me I had a killer resume and great cover letter but poor AFOQT and TBAS scores. I know COVID has made rushing harder, that several guard units both heavies and fighters, now want everyone to send in an application before visits and if your app isn't good enough they won't even let you visit. There is a KC-135 unit I really want, but to get a visit they need an application. I want to retake the AFOQT to do better on it. But what makes me nervous is I only get one more shot at it. I'm not sure on how to do better. If I get similar or worse scores, I could for ever jeopardize my career. I have a strategy of maybe taking the Navy's ASTB and the Army's SIFT as practice for the retake of the AFOQT? Has anyone done this? I see some post of people saying they used a tutor. Does anyone know of a good tutor they recommend, one who is affordable? I can do a Google search for AFOQT tutor but I get hundreds of options and I am not sure who to trust. Many charge $100+ an hour.
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