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  1. I appreciate the conversation this stirred up. To add some clarity I do have a HP endorsement and this is primarily a question to satisfy my (R)ATP down the road. @FDNYOldGuy Thanks for the response, hope you are doing well. I remember you giving me a hand years ago when this whole process was just starting.
  2. Just got some short notice UPT dates for Laughlin. If anyone is currently there I would love to discuss the current state of UPT, ROM expectations for this winter and lodging for accompanied members. For reference I'm a guard 135 guy who will be PCSing with my wife and dogs in mid September. As a broad discussion: How many hours are students currently expecting to get during UPT (2.5?) If I hold a single engine CPL, what PIC time can I log during T-6s (Only solo time?) Any advice/study guides I should familiarize myself with prior to arrival? Thanks!
  3. I would at least entertain the thought that you wont be going to any training until well into 2022. Fix what you have going on now because using the AF as your escape will only make you more miserable when they continue to push the timeline back. For reference I was hired in fall of 19' had no hiccups other then COVID delays and do not have dates yet. I honestly don't expect to go anywhere until 2022 at this point. I understand your sentiment, I left my nice contractor job expecting to leave within a year and have had to pick up miserable work at amazon to pay the bills until I get the call.
  4. Thanks for the responses, sounds like this is a good deal.
  5. Gentleman, Quick question for those that went street to UPT via the guard. I am early on in the process after having been selected by a guard unit (MEPS completed, awaiting FC1 and clearance) my recruiter has mentioned to me that it may expedite the process if I enlist with the unit and become a drill status guardsman within the squadron in an admin role. The enlistment would have a contingency in place in the event I am disqualified prior to attending TFOT and UPT. Throughout my research of the process I don't think I ever came across this. I understand that at a certain point I would swear in to the DEP program like I did before my enlistment. However this seems like a different deal, what would a SrA do for a year's worth of UTAs awaiting an OTS date?
  6. So to bring closure to this thread, I got picked up by a guard 135 unit and selected for naval aviation in the same week. I went with the guard 135s for a few reasons. From my research QOL in the guard is exponentially better, I get to keep my house and live closer to family. While the chance of landing hornets on a carrier is bad ass, I'm not sure it outweighs 9 months on a carrier on the Arabian ocean. Good luck to everyone else in the process, my only advice is to try to meet as many current military pilots and pick their brains on what the different missions are really like before limiting yourself to one specifically.
  7. Congratulations Yeeyee, you are the winner. Standby for a pm with the promo code and POC over at BogiDope.
  8. Baseops community and fellow UPT hopefuls, I was lucky enough to get selected during my first interview and never got around to using the BogiDope Interview Prep Package that I had purchased. Their App review helped me immensely during the process and I'm sure their interview prep is of the same game changing quality. That being said I leaned on this forum a lot over the past year and would like to give back to a fellow applicant. So, the rules are simple, post below that you would like to be entered to win and on Friday night the 22nd of November I'll pull a name from a hat to choose the winner. Here is further information on the package, https://bogidope.com/consulting-interview-prep-package/ . Good Luck! Mods, if this is not in the right spot and/or not allowed let me know.
  9. For what it's worth coming from another candidate, go take your tests and then reevaluate based off your scores. In regards to flying, the PPL is a major check in the box for any guard/reserve unit. I work a job that has me gone for 90 days and home for 30, so i was in a similar situation to you and managed to get my PPL accomplished in two leave cycles. I'm not sure what kind of units you are looking to apply to, but some of the feedback I have received list how many hours the applicants for that board had, with the majority of then over 100 hours.
  10. Is Saturday or Sunday preferred? I get back from the sandbox on the 17th and will buy some tickets right now to meet you guys.
  11. Quick update for timeline tracking: Now 26, obtained my PPL, PCSM of 88 now inching towards a 92. Was able to finish my degree with a 3.3 overall. I have applied to 5 units, 3 of which were fighters and have not been offered an interview yet. I really think rushing units is the key, and so I am planning to makes some serious changes for the fall, in order to complete an instrument cert and rush units for the spring hiring season. For those in the same boat, keep on keeping on.
  12. Congrats, did you rush the unit prior to the deadline?
  13. With the 193rd having a UPT board in the near future I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the type of flying that the unit conducts. Given the mission I would assume the majority of flights would be high altitude orbits for hours on end. Does the EC-130J pipeline mirror that of an MC-130 or more of a slick 130?
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