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  1. Clearly you did not actually read most of the posts from the "anti-vax crowd." Most of them had absolutely nothing to do with spite. And most of them had nothing to do with politics or "owning the libs." Such a position would be a bit strange, considering Trump was the main reason the vaccines were rolled out so quickly in the first place... Agree, this thread has become a complete waste of time, particularly because of people like you who are gaslighting the hell out of everyone and saying things like people who have some rational hesitancies towards the vaccines think of themselves as "William Wallace fighting the British Vaccination squad."
  2. Of course they can't say with 100 percent certainty. My point is that this vaccine has not been studied long enough to really know what the long-term side effects could be. The average vaccine takes 10-15 years to get through the entire approval process. So yes, I (who am in an extremely low-risk category) personally would prefer that the Covid vaccines be studied for a similar length of time before I take one of them. Yeah...the mortality rate for polio back in the 50's was like 5% or more, and even if you survived you could end up being paralyzed. Not even in the same ballpark as Covid, so is completely irrelevant to the discussion. You didn't answer my question as to why this stance makes even less sense than being completely anti-vaccine.
  3. Please explain how it makes less sense. The vaccine is still under an EUA, not fully approved. Neither you nor any medical experts can say with 100 percent certainty that there will be no long-term side effects. Many people who are less at risk have made a simple risk calculation and concluded that they would rather take their chances with the virus. You can disagree with that risk assessment, but their decision doesn't make them an anti-vaxxer.
  4. Guard - Non-Prior Hired: October '20 MEPS/Enlistment: October '20 (did MEPS prior to interview) FC1: Feb '21 FC1 Stamped Approved (with eye-related waiver): Late March '21 NGB Approval: ??? TFOT: ??? UPT: ???
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