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  1. Well I am no JAG, but if he is talking about long-term orders that aren't AGR, they are most likely Title 10 MPA orders funded by the gaining MAJCOM. Taking accrued leave associated with a long-term MPA tour is not considered "Terminal Leave", which to my knowledge, is the only type of leave that allows starting a civilian job while in a leave status.
  2. There are USERRA issues with doing things like this. Have your unit curtail your orders and cash your leave in. You are still on AD while on leave. What happens if you are hurt while away at training? Does AA cover it or the ANG?
  3. I've been with AA for a little over 3 years. I don't get much into the politics and armchair financial analysis, but I really don't see the company going anywhere. The job is 100x better than the full-time ANG job I had before for various reasons. I live in domicile with a relatively short drive to the airport. 99.99999% of the people I've worked with here absolutely great. Contracts change and we'll be getting a new one soon. Your progression to a wide-body may be a bit slower than other companies, but narrow-body captain is going to get more and more junior. I believe this last bid has a LGA 737 captain with a hire date about 6 months before mine. I've done a lot of mil leave over the past year and a half with COVID (got furloughed for a month), but I've definitely missed the job when I am not there. The past 6 months or so has been busy with a lot of manning issues, but I know that's going to get better. I'm on the 320 and now that hiring has started again, I've moved up about 6% in equip/base just over the past few months. There is definitely some post-merger drama that still exists with a few individuals, but just about all the captains I've flown with have been great.
  4. You've got nothing for me because you don't know the facts. It's all on the internet. https://www.statnews.com/2020/04/08/doctors-say-ventilators-overused-for-covid-19/ And if you don't believe that, I went through airline training with a an older fellow who almost died from COVID and he explained exactly what's in the article above because he refused the ventilator. His sister, a nurse, actually told him to refuse the ventilator in favor of a BiPAP machine w/O2 (and slept on his stomach) for 3 weeks in the hospital, which is most likely what kept him alive. He had a pulse/ox of 82% when he got to the hospital. Doctors are trigger happy with the ventilators, again, because they get money for using them. They don't get money for using a BiPAP machine.
  5. What classifies a hospitalization? ER visit? Overnight stay? Gunshot wound and COVID positive? Gallstones and COVID positive? Remember, hospitals are getting MONEY for COVID positive patients, putting people with COVID on ventilators (whether they really need them or not) and deaths with COVID, not necessary from COVID. Can't really believe all of the numbers we read because there is f@ckery going on. Anyone who denies that is in another world. I went to the ER years ago for the flu. Did I have to? Probably not, but I had a bad cough and wanted to get a chest x-ray. How many people are going to the hospital out of precausion?
  6. True... this had no effect on the vaccine mandates most of the major airlines imposed on their employees. Does anyone really think the airlines want to deal with 30-40% of their pilots/FA's not being vaccinated when a lot of other countries and destinations they fly to mandate vaccinations? It would be a operetional nightmare. The airlines don't give a s*** about the health of their employees. They want the company to operate. They have a "mission" just like the military.
  7. We've been down this road before: Strong-arm tactics by the DOD, coupled with inadequate oversight and politically driven behavior by CDC and FDA, have resulted in the following problems. The final four points identify needed reforms. 1. The safety and efficacy of the currently used anthrax vaccine have never been established, either for cutaneous or inhalation exposure in humans. 2. FDA standards for use of an IND (experimental) product, which apply equally to civilian and military vaccines, were bypassed because of pressure from the DOD. 3. Anthrax vaccination appears to be one of the causes of Gulf War illnesses. 4. Vaccine manufacture has been substandard. For years, the vaccine manufacturer failed to meet current Good Manufacturing Practices requirements but was allowed to continue production. Over 6 million vaccine doses have been quarantined by the FDA, have failed the army's supplemental testing, or both. 5. Service members have been subjected to a CDC-sanctioned double standard of medical practice in which risk–benefit analysis does not apply. 6. The ability of military physicians to exercise their medical judgment has been suppressed. 7. Ill, recently vaccinated service members, who rely on military medical care and who are barred from filing suit against the government, find themselves reliving the plight of ill Gulf War veterans. 8. Medical professionals, who expect information from the CDC to meet the highest standards, have instead received misrepresentations concerning anthrax vaccine. 9. The CDC is supervising the conduct of safety and efficacy trials of the current vaccine, but its ability to be objective is in question. Furthermore, because the safety issues are unresolved, conducting a large trial of this vaccine in previously unvaccinated individuals is unethical. Retrospective surveillance to assess safety should be performed first on the recent vaccinees, as recommended by the Committee on Government Reform.20 10. Medical defense measures for biological warfare, including the Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program, need independent civilian oversight, so that balanced medical decision making can occur, free of the influence of the chain of command. 11. The same regulatory requirements imposed on civilian vaccine and drug manufacturers must be met for military products. 12. Anthrax vaccine should be used only in the most dire circumstances. When employed for prophylaxis or treatment of inhalation anthrax, it should be under the conditions required for “off-label” use, including active surveillance for adverse reactions and obtaining free informed consent.
  8. You think someone who dropped hundreds of bucks on a plane ticket and has somewhere to be is going to cancel his trip? People have hacked up lungs on airline flights for decades. Noone gave a shart. It was all part of the human experience.
  9. Look we've been through this debate a bazillion times. We're beating a decomposed horse's corpse at this point. Do masks work? In theory, they should. I don't think anyone with an average or above IQ should be arguing that. However, are people wearing them correctly? Are they replacing them frequently? Are they using an N95 underneath their cloth mask or they just using a bandana over there face? I see so many people walking around with masks that are so loose they're hanging off their face. People have them below their noses as if covid can't come out of your nose and it only comes out of your mouth. It's like the Wild Wild West with the mask wear and we can't expect everyone to have the discipline to wear masks like a healthcare professional would. When you throw those variables into the mix, there's really no way to know just how effective wearing a mask actually is. In addition to that, just like any other airborne virus, COVID can infiltrate the body through the eyeballs. Very few people wear goggles or face shields.
  10. Noone is ever shocked when they catch the common cold, which typically has an R0 of 2-3. They are saying Omicron is around 7-10, approaching that of Chicken Pox and Measles. The only difference is, the Chicken Pox and MMR vaccines are highly effective against infection and the COVID vaccine is not.
  11. True. Instead, our government should be spending more time approving effective and affordable treatments that can be taken at home during initial symptoms (ie: India). They are out there. We all know what they are. Oher countries are using them effectively, but for some reason we aren't. Kind of makes you scratch your head.
  12. This was posted here weeks ago, but I am assuming the vax fanatics haven't bothered to click the link and spend 3+ hrs of their lives listening to this. Took a while to get through, but it is very enlightening. This link should not be lost. https://podtail.com/podcast/th...nce/-1757-dr-robert-malone-md/
  13. Deaths look like they are hovering at about half to maybe alightly less than half of what they were during last winter's Delta surge. Do we have data that shows the majority of current deaths are the unvaccinated?
  14. The flu "vaccine" has been around for decades using traditional vaccine technology, historically has only had a 40-45% national take rate evem to this day (mainly by the elderly), and it has always been publically known and accepted that it only has a 40% efficacy, which ironically is turning out to be very similiar to the COVID vaccine.
  15. And with that (the flu) being mentioned, our national flu "vaccine" coverage is only 43.4% (according to the CDC). Why aren't people being admonished and highlighted on national media for not getting their flu jab to "flatten the curve"?
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