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  1. Interesting. Maybe they hit the bone... didn't even feel my Pfizer. Actually had to look over and see that the dude was done. Then a week later it felt like someone was sticking an ice pick into my arm pit.
  2. It was 6-8 months ago for us in the Guard. They told everyone that if they got a COVID vaccine off base at a local pharmacy to make sure it got into our records. I do know that Walgreens' system talks to ASIMS. Is the DoD mandating the Pfizer shot even for people who've already gotten the J&J? I know quite a few people in my unit who opted for the J&J last Spring. My only concern is that when I got the Pfizer through Walgreens, ASIMS flagged me due for a second one. It just comes up as "COVID-19" so ASIMS may in fact not be smart enough to recognize the difference between the one-shot or the two.
  3. You know the easy way out to a lot of people's hesitation to the new mRNA-type vaccines would be to just get the J&J jab and be done with it. It's an adenovirus vaccine. The technology has been around and been used since the 1970's in many other vaccinations. Get the J&J, get it in your military medical records as having a COVID shot and be done with it.
  4. You are trying to use way too much common sense here. They will not wing him. The pilot shortage is a crisis of the past.
  5. Wing him? Forgetabout it!.... they won't wing him. It'll be the ultimate sacrifice and they will have no problems throwing all of that money away to make an example out of him.
  6. And then get to the airlines and find that the airlines are requiring the vaccine as well. Very refreshing to see that when Air Force leaders put their minds to it they can actually cover all their bases when it comes to strong-arming people into doing something. I just wish they'd use those talents in other places.
  7. I did. Apparently it's "normal" and means the vaccine is "working". Haven't gotten my second shot yet. I was supposed to get it a week ago, but have been on the road with my airline job and have put it off a bit. I have been a little leary about the second since it is supposedly worse than the first one. Looks like the ANG deadline is 2 Dec to be fully vaccinated. What's creapy is that Walgreen's system updated ASIMS for me automatically. Didn't know they were linked somehow.
  8. I definitely had a swollen lymphnode a week after my first pfizer shot. I could barely touch my right armpit. Hurt like a some-beach.
  9. Support vaccinations how? Support making them mandatory in general? Support making them mandatory for the military? Support making them mandatory for private organizations? I'll start with the easy ones first. The military and private organizations can mandate whatever they want. If people don't like it, they can leave. We saw this exact same thing with the anthrax program, which had some shady history associated with it, but I think COVID, while not anywhere near as lethal as an inhalation anthrax infection, is at least tangible. You can read about the anthrax program here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1447151/ It boggles my mind that some military members don't want the COVID shot, but never had an issue with the anthrax vaccine. Read that article above and you may have second thoughts. I think the COVID jab is the least of our issues. I get why the DoD wants this mandatory. It can take even a young person out for weeks even if it doesn't kill them. Lots of countries are making this mandatory for certain people; it's not just us. For the general public? Unfortunately we're probably the only country in the world who's made this political. There are going to be some people who never get this vaccine based off of political beliefs while somehow forgetting who was taking credit for vaccine development a year ago. I didn't want the shot when it came available last winter. I took a chance, rolled the dice and waited until last month to get mine. Everyone else in my family except my kids younger than 12 got vaccinated before I did. I wanted a few more crash-test dummies out there ahead of me before I was comfortable enough to get it. I'm due to get my second next week. With that being said, it's hard to figure out why vaccinated people are still getting infected. Is it because of Delta? Is it because of the unvaccinated? Does the vaccine not work well enough? Do we need a third shot? While it's easy to lay blame on the unvaccinated, no one really has a clear answer to any of those questions. The only data we do have thus far is that very, very few vaccinated people are getting seriously ill and dying from it. Is that enough to sway people into getting the shot? Apparently it's still not enough for some. We don't know why younger people and now more children are getting more seriously ill from this compared to before. Is it because we've become more complacent with this thing this summer and have gone back to "normal life"? People are traveling. People are going on vacation. People are attending more mass gatherings. TSA throughput is almost what it was in 2019. The airports are packed and flights are full. I've seen it for myself. Where are people going? Although not as large, we had a spike last year around the same exact time. Despite their high vaccination rates, Israel is going through a huge spike right now because most of their people between 12-25 years old chose not to get vaccinated. I think we're seeing the same issue.
  10. In 2018-19, about 35,000,000 people in the US got the flu. 35,000 died. The DoD mandates a vaccine for a virus with a .1% death rate. Death isn't everything. Immobilization is just as significant of a factor.
  11. This thread is becoming about as useful as tits on a nun... time to post something interesting. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_human_disease_case_fatality_rates
  12. The other issue is that COVID is driving a lot of hospitals into bankruptcy. They don't make as much money treating COVID patients as they do performing elective surgeries (many of which they've had to postpone because of COVID). The government gives them $40k every time they put someone on a ventilator, but it still doesn't compare to the triple bypasses they could be doing.
  13. However, all of them count. If you have gotten the Moderna or J&J, all you need to do is show your clinic your vaccine card and they will add it to your military shot record.
  14. One thing that pointed toward a higher chance of infection/reinfection for the vaccinated, at least in this country, was the fact that the vaccinated, as a whole, have become complacent and have gone back to "normal life"; ie: going on vacations, hitting up bars, and participating in large crowd events while the unvaccinated still maintained some semblance of "social distancing" and mask wear. In the end, the argument can still remain that the vaccine doesn't work as advertised.
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