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  1. If you don’t speak Guard: ”We’re tryna get the whole gang some Garmin watches with innovation funds.” Let us know how it works out. Sounds like a legit plan!
  2. This new TSP site is awful. I'm a knuckle-dragger, but I can only find basic account balances, not share price and shares. Anyone able to find a breakdown?
  3. This mission should be a case study for any active duty commander who has OPCON over any Guard or Reserve crews.
  4. Uh, yeah . . . sure do. Just poking the idea that if we don't do it the way we've always done it, it can't be done.
  5. Who's going to teach anyone a fix-to-fix?! This isn't really surprising. The DoD contracts everything to civilians.
  6. Great to see the Guard guys getting some love for kicking ass.
  7. So you’re saying those of us who don’t agree with Scheller or don’t resign from the military will get a bullet to the head, like crown loyalists? Edit to add: What exactly do they have in store?
  8. Attack the man instead of his message? While you call us p*ssies. Brilliant. You must be real fun to go on the road with. I went to public school but it seems his message was, “I’m gonna bring the whole f*cking system down.” So yeah, the ball’s in his court to really flush that plan out a little more.
  9. Ok, so the other option was what… +200 dead over at the airport?
  10. Shack. Very likely that “Scheller rambling in the abandoned bus” becomes synonymous with Washington crossing the Delaware.
  11. There’s a red line that’s quickly approaching and it’s not going to be pretty. There’s a big can of kerosene labeled “careers & livelihoods” that the DoD is about to dump into this raging debate. Judging by the small sample size I’m exposed to…it’s gonna be a total sh*t show to actually implement.
  12. If you’re talking ACSC DL, check the end of the instructions for the answer key. If I remember right, they said something like, “Since you read all the instructions, here’s the answers.”
  13. I think plenty of people on this board made that assessment long ago. Working with them was like being the puppeteer and making them think they were doing it.
  14. Always thought it was weird that the military was putting Seth Green’s In The Graveyard of Empires on reading lists. Did senior leaders ever read it themselves?
  15. JBueno


    Not a spear, but just a general comment to anyone browsing in the future that an annual financial self-examination can be a helpful way to avoid losing out. There are plenty of small charges that creep, and we switched insurance agencies after a similar scenario.
  16. Seems like two things could make this easier on the public health side. 1. Actually approve a vaccine. B. Tell people that it won’t prevent you from contracting or spreading the disease, but it will reduce any severe symptoms. 3. Recognize that it won’t be eradicated, and plenty of well intentioned people just won’t get a vaccine.
  17. Just curious if any non-IPs have been to AIS recently. If so, please drop me a PM.
  18. Welcome to the Guard! Each local franchise will tell give you a different answer, and that will continue until the day you hang it up. For seasoning, I’ve seen everything from no days to like 8 months plus. And everyone has a different interpretation of what’s allowed (TDYs, etc.).
  19. Bode, thanks for twenty plus years of service. It means something if your people are telling you to stay in. You won’t change the Air Force but you’ll probably change a few lives, as corny as that may sound. It seems you’re trying to make a decision between long term financial security for your family and getting hired by the airlines. One option exists, the other frankly doesn’t, and won’t for a while. That recovery target has been kicked down the road repeatedly, and without CARES you’d see enormous furlough numbers. What if nobody hires for 8 years? That could easily happen. Commuting to NJ would be a challenge, but so would commuting to your airline job. You noted the PCS frequency and potential UPT base moves. Consider how much control you’d have as an airline pilot. It’s actually very little. When the furlough comes, you have basically zero say in the matter. And, you may only be trading gripes about AF management for gripes about airline management, and feeling beat down by either one. The grass is always greener. It’s definitely a good problem to have. Best of luck making your decision!
  20. Have you asked your questions over on the Bogleheads forums?
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