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  1. I've heard of people hired by ANG units that will do a test-run with the ANG med group, look for any potential gotchas, before going to Brooks/MEPS/Whatever the flavor of today is. Also a good reminder and a perfect time to do all the research possible about depth perception and the myriad other tests you'll go through.
  2. Anyone know what a political commentator makes at CNN/Fox/MSNBC?
  3. Just playing devil’s advocate here. Is it possible that not having a master’s will have zero bearing on promotions for understaffed career fields?
  4. Uh, not quite. . . Maybe in some demographics, but soccer isn't exactly figure skating or the biathlon. If anything, we need to start taking some cues from them. Imagine the Cleveland Browns or Jacksonville Jaguars getting relegated from the NFL!
  5. The Herk is awesome and you’ll get a great mix of flying. Formation, airdrop, low level, NVG, dirt strips, airline style point to point with everything from Class B to uncontrolled fields, and oceanic legs. Beans can be a pain, and we’re the red-headed stepchildren of AMC/AFRES/ANG. If you like flying with your hands, stick and rudder, the Herk is where it’s at.
  6. Would’ve been fun to see Argentina-Portugal with Messi and Ronaldo. What a crazy WC!
  7. “Tower we’d like to report a blue laser on a four mile final.” ”Chrome, every kid in Kuwait has a blue laser. Cleared to land.” Touché.
  8. Mohalab is the entire Kuwaiti experience. Asleep, useless, and mandatory.
  9. US-Iran tomorrow at 2 PM eastern!!
  10. Look to the 1950s? We're kidding ourselves if we think that's going to happen with the current acquisitions process. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/china-acquiring-new-weapons-five-times-faster-than-u-s-warns-top-official
  11. Bashi, no, it wouldn’t change their course but may help give them some general awareness and SA. Kinda like most of us did when we joined Big Blue. Getting smart on how the airline (or any) business works in general is a good idea for anyone separating. Finance, investors, 8K’s, contracts, the DOT, emerging markets, labor unions, whatever. If you go to the airlines, there are ground rules for how your work and pay rules are negotiated. It’s not as simple as Scott Boras hashing it out over a few days. Having some familiarity and SA at the union dinner wouldn’t hurt.
  12. It can’t be human trafficking if everyone supervising them is trained via CBT to spot human trafficking. Nothing to see here!
  13. I guess that was a better question-why doesn’t the syllabus allow it? You’re saying that subjective analysis will become objective if we just follows the syllabus. It makes sense within the Air Force’s self-imposed restrictions like MASS, etc. I’m saying they’d be PA’d if they’re meeting MIF early. You’re saying they may have had a Santa Claus or got lucky. But in your example of those end of block E’s, what if those came from Santas or they had temporary golden hands? How is that any different? A Sq/CC facing a CR? Use common sense. You sent him ahead, it didn’t work out, give him a few more rides. We’re wasting millions of dollars and plenty of human capital letting training timelines get behind. Why not get ahead where we can? In the few cases it doesn’t work out, use common sense.
  14. Serious question. And why not? Is there a good reason not to, if a student is already meeting MIF? Sure, we all need air-under-our-ass time. Guard and Reserve slugs with a few thousand hours come to mind. If bases are behind the timeline, and we’re hurting for pilots, why not? Seems like a poor use of everyone’s time.
  15. Can UPT/UPT Next/People who identify as "in pilot training" get proficiency advanced?
  16. I guess the sarcasm didn’t carry through…I was thinking a great time at an SEC school versus some BX pogs or EagleCash at USAFA…
  17. Can someone please shed light on what the improper benefits given out by USAFA would be?
  18. Fair, but that exactly my point. Everyone had to play the game to join the club or get that first promotion to second lieutenant. Why wouldn’t they keep it up to get the second, third, whatever promotion? These things start in the commissioning sources and UPT. “You don’t graduate UPT…your grade book does.” That’s not too different than having those slides greened up, is it?
  19. It’s ironic how many times I’ve been told to just “play the game” by people who share your sentiment.
  20. Wonder how long until they get lased or shot at in IMC.
  21. Ever sped by a guy getting a speeding ticket?
  22. I lose an IQ point every time I come here.
  23. If you don’t speak Guard: ”We’re tryna get the whole gang some Garmin watches with innovation funds.” Let us know how it works out. Sounds like a legit plan!
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