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  1. 12 hours toke to yoke. It’ll happen.
  2. Fair, but that exactly my point. Everyone had to play the game to join the club or get that first promotion to second lieutenant. Why wouldn’t they keep it up to get the second, third, whatever promotion? These things start in the commissioning sources and UPT. “You don’t graduate UPT…your grade book does.” That’s not too different than having those slides greened up, is it?
  3. It’s ironic how many times I’ve been told to just “play the game” by people who share your sentiment.
  4. Wonder how long until they get lased or shot at in IMC.
  5. Ever sped by a guy getting a speeding ticket?
  6. I lose an IQ point every time I come here.
  7. If you don’t speak Guard: ”We’re tryna get the whole gang some Garmin watches with innovation funds.” Let us know how it works out. Sounds like a legit plan!
  8. This new TSP site is awful. I'm a knuckle-dragger, but I can only find basic account balances, not share price and shares. Anyone able to find a breakdown?
  9. This mission should be a case study for any active duty commander who has OPCON over any Guard or Reserve crews.
  10. Uh, yeah . . . sure do. Just poking the idea that if we don't do it the way we've always done it, it can't be done.
  11. Who's going to teach anyone a fix-to-fix?! This isn't really surprising. The DoD contracts everything to civilians.
  12. Great to see the Guard guys getting some love for kicking ass.
  13. So you’re saying those of us who don’t agree with Scheller or don’t resign from the military will get a bullet to the head, like crown loyalists? Edit to add: What exactly do they have in store?
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