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  1. I know U-2 dudes/dudettes are 11Rs but not really taking about them, I’m talking about 13B controlled communities. I actually hear people like Offutt and I liked the new WG/CC when she was the EOG/CC. But they can’t send everybody there.
  2. not that there are many 11Rs on here but the rumor is the first dude (a co!) got a -46 assignment, no idea where. if they do actually divest half the jets next year, this might be people's chance to escape tinker/robbins/9th circle.
  3. i think a lot of us forgot about the program to be honest. sorry it's working out so badly. also, i dig your username, have been told to take a NAP by an erstwhile NotAPilot (different kind, different sentiment)
  4. E-3 vs.E̶-̶7̶ E-3 but with a climbing class A rate…
  5. I think people make too much of the hiring process complexity and black majic but if i've learned anything talking to U-2 people it's don't listen to non-U-2 about the U-2, which I of course I am not and so you shouldn't care what i have to say about it, lol.
  6. i'm not a phenomenal pilot but i've done alright so far and maybe can keep it going inshallah. i've kind of resigned myself to T-6s already, might even help with the U-2. the jet will be fun just locations will be tough (my wife and i are late 30s she's got a well established career)
  7. brutal and insane, we're 193% manned on Cos with a jet that basically doesn't work; something has to give and they need a better plan then venting people to del rio.
  8. genuinely appreciate this brutal level of honesty
  9. sorry i should be more clear, my assignment after this coming one is when i would like to apply for the U-2, not my current one. i'm not close enough to being ready for any number of reasons. i have sick parents and inlaws that i would like to be near now to help.
  10. i'm an 11R and i'd like to go to -46s at McGuire for family reasons (i'd take a -10 or -17 there too honestly) but the special hire for the jet is over as far as i know. so it'll have to be a mechanical transfer. been trying to figure out what i need to try and make this happen but basically it seems like: -loosing SQ/CC would have to concur/push me -gaining SQ/CC would have to concur would help to pull me in -46 functional would have to be willing to take me -most critically, the 11R functional would have to let me go. we're WILDLY overmanned at the moment and with most of our airplanes either being retired, needing to be, or being half ass recapped it's not a huge ask (i don't think) to leave thoughts? **also** i'd really like to apply to the U-2 next assignment so i'd even be willing to keep the core 11R AFSC, think that would be an inducement?
  11. tried this then at dhafra and senior e's were descending like a plague to mentor and correct
  12. Checks, had similar success with a French press
  13. i don't know how recently this has been said but always drain the juice out of the peños cause our mostly 13B LPA doesn't and turns the squadron to Unit 731 every fucking time
  14. Fair, but 12s are not 13s and that’s another matter all together. post script to the Tinker buffoonery, I also got COVID despite being vax’d lmao
  15. we flew all the hours off the jet now it's fucked and that friction is having first, second, third, fourth etc order effects and they don't seem to know what to do.
  16. It’s true I heard it myself. Flight deck dudes and dudettes are a unified front and we’re handling it. He’s an ABM, there’s only ABMs in charge of anything here.
  17. https://www.facebook.com/AFamnncosnco/posts/137126501869098 happened just like it says, can confirm, smdh.
  18. i do not believe this happened
  19. Sir join me up here anytime, I’ll have you sign my copies of Magnum and Beaufighters
  20. Putting a cabinet on the bailout chute quite literally sealed the deal
  21. That’s 100% more bailout capability than the E-3G
  22. my friend was TA at Balad and said those dudes just wheeled a main tire over to his truck and give him some cash and a thumbs up and left it over him screaming at them to come back.
  23. wild to think that a year ago people though we might be going back to a single track syllabus and yet, here we are with a 1 and a half track syllabus (not including helos)
  24. that's alot of CSO slots in to fill in Oregon.
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