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  1. Youtube landings at St. Barths, there are tons of video of plane landing there. It's not uncommon for people to be taking video of approaches to this airport. Start watching around 1:05
  2. Big deal...yes, more meaningful...no! I was perfectly happy with my AMS FA swearing me in...but then again I also skipped my college graduation. Never have been a big fan or making things a big deal. Danger, it's like the way SPS IFF does their graduation....I think that's how UPT grad should go! OTS.....way to long!
  3. Don't really see the big deal. I could care less who swore me in, the oath means the same no matter what.
  4. Again, its like the old timer at the airport I learned to fly. Flew mustangs in WWII/later the F-86, 747s for the airline, and still says his Piper cub is his favorite airplane. Come on now....I'm not that much of a hippie! Not an attack, but I don't see the justification of buying an expensive sports car that goes fast only to drive around at the speed limit (or 9 over, if your in Phoenix). It's just like putting a motor, that produces 29k lbs of thrust, in a viper and saying but you can only fly 250 kts. But then again, I'm not a car guy.....if it gets me from A to B safely and gets decent gas mileage, I'm happy. Not to mention the utility of it all. Just as you don't see the justification of spending money on flying on your spare time. Never questioned your love of aviation. But saying it's not worth it because we fly cool jets at work is just ignorant. It's just differing views, I can justify spending money to fly on my personal time, even if I get paid great money to fly the viper. As you said before, different strokes for different folks.
  5. WOW.....180 hours, you've seen it all! You sound like the standard ROTC/Academy/whatever dude that goes to pilot training with very little civilian time. I don't mean this in a bad way, just different views on GA. I'm going to have to go with ASDF on this one. Some people buy fast cars, I think this is dumb. I can spend half the money and drive the speed limit as well, most likely at better fuel economy. They just love the feeling of power and acceleration, which pales in comparison the a burner takeoff in the viper. Whatever, that's what they want to spend their money on. Some people, myself included, just love flying (military or GA). Sure flying the viper is awesome, but so is flying GA aircraft. When I was in UPT, I managed to get a ride in a luscombe and a RV-4, would have flown every weekend if I had the chance. Flying GA, especially tailwheel, while different, is just as much fun as flying 38s. I have dreamed of flying the Viper since I can remember....now that I do, while I still love it, I still find myself wanting to go crawl into a Super cub or a Husky and go find some grass strips. Same reason my old D.O. (3k hours viper driver) loves to go fly his Cub on the weekends. You said it best....different strokes for different folks. To the OP, fly all you want, on the weekends. You'll just have to fill out the standard, I'm in AETC so I have to wear a diaper, paperwork. Just don't try to pursue a certificate or rating w/o the proper paperwork.
  6. Flying Block 30's in the Guard....what more could you want!
  7. This is crazy rampant at UPT bases, well at least one. As a former NCO, I would have never considered treating an LT the way we got treated by some of the NCO's or even junior enlisted. I should have been able to correct them, but I'm just a lowly LT who doesn't know any better. More like we would have gotten our balls crushed because we are "student pilots!" So push it up the chain and see what happens...which is not much because the IP's are treated much different than students. As far as experience.....most of the people I commissioned with were E-5 and above, one was an E-9 and multiple E-8/7's.
  8. I'm an LT where can I get in on that (only hot chicks please)?
  9. I really don't get it.....we do our jobs correctly because that is what is EXPECTED of us and what we expect of ourselves. If they do their job correctly, they get a medal. Not finance....just venting So I am told I need to update my information in Deers (after a PCS), no problem, I'll get an appointment. Call them up, sure the first available spot is in 6 weeks! But sir we have walk in hours, sweet, I'll do that. Go in for a walk in..sign says 1.5 hour wait. Sure let me just cancel my flight/sim/academics for that wait. Try again the next day, only a 2 hour wait. Next day, closed for training. The following day was only an hour wait....what a deal. Been here almost two months and still haven't been able to update my info. Tried to do it online but apparently I need to do the one thing that can't be updated online....go figure.
  10. That's weird...the civilian BE-200 does not require a type. Did they add a bunch of stuff to them to push them over the 12,500 MGTOW.
  11. SocialD

    Gun Talk

    Picked it up this morning. First 1911 for me.....love it! Thanks.
  12. Pilot didn't make it. RIP Sir
  13. SocialD

    Gun Talk

    Thanks M2! Yup, it's new. I am going back over tomorrow, if it's still there I'm going to grab it. I read around on some 1911 forums and it seems like a decent deal. Sure hope it's still there.
  14. SocialD

    Gun Talk

    Calling M2...or any other 1911 lover. Found a Springfield 1911 Loaded Black Stainless (PX9154LP) for $749.99. This will be my first 1911, good buy? I already have an XD45 and Wather P22.....just need a 1911.
  15. If they get rid of their bizjets, they'll just buy a share at NetJets or some other fractional. The exec's need to travel to conduct business and traveling on the airlines will waste alot fo time and money for the company.
  16. I can't count how many times I have heard "wish I would have known about the guard." I have tons of AD friends that would kill to trade positions with me, I have yet to hear a guard guy willing to take that offer. Looking at the results....I would guess the 19.05%, that voted OTS, are your competitors for the guard position!
  17. Total BS! War GAMES are more important than real world....I have heard it all now! Listen man, either arrest me or get out of my way I'm going to the shower! Here is my commander and his phone number, take it up with him. I could see the SF commander trying to explain to an Army commander that his air support was late due to the base "PLAYING" war games, that should go over real well!
  18. SocialD

    Gun Talk

    Depends on what kind of ammo you are looking for? Cheap plinking stuff, check here. AIM Surplus
  19. While were on the topic of letters to the editor. I read this in Torch magazine the other day in disbelief. Does anyone else think this sounds like a little kid that isn't getting enough attention? Magazine Article - Page 2 I read the article “Too Much Chlorine in Pool Leaves Combat Controllers Coughing, Vomiting” (May/June 2008 issue of Torch, page 5) and was kind of disappointed. In the article you mentioned, “The base fire department responded to the medical emergency.” Well, that may be, but I can tell you that two ambulances and an AMBUS responded with emergency room and flight medicine medics/emergency medical technicians for treatment and transport to the emergency room. The ER hospital staff came together as a team to treat the combat control students and handled the mass casualty situationvery well. The hospital staff that was a part of this unfortunate incident was commended by everyone for the quick treatment, transport and overall outcome. The article I read mentions nothing about the hospital, ER or its medics. As the flight chief of emergency services, I can tell you that they did an awesome job that day. I think their performance is worthy of mentioning in that article. Master Sgt. John “Chip” Coleman Keesler Air Force Base, Miss., Medical Center We appreciate your feedback and further insight on the noteworthy emergency response to this mass casualty mishap.
  20. UAV x 3 RC-12 NSA F-22 F-15C F-15E x 2 F-16 x 2 (1 Guard) A-10 x 2 (1 Guard) T-6 T-38 B-1
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t849CYRd2Ak.
  22. Reason #999 I will never live anywhere with a HOA!
  23. Went there a month ago and our group got a pretty good look at a 22. I was close enough to crawl in the wheel well and missile bays. Didn't get to look in the cockpit, to be honest it's not much to look at on the outside. It was more interesting to see the layout of the systems inside the aircraft, neat stuff that would have made my life easier when I was a maintainer. Ask nicely and they will give you a tour. We left right after the tour and got a hotel in El Paso. You have plenty of time to get the fuge done, go do a tour and still get to El Paso for some beer.
  24. You pretty much saved the United States on that one, that guy was most likely a Russian spy! I was at my base for a year and a half before I finally received my line badge, thanks to SF screwing up my paperwork . Missed out on two trips because of their F-up. I got questioned all the time when I first showed up, but most of them had enough sense to ask other guys in my shop before they took me to the SP shack. I can understand security being a big deal but use a little sense before feeding some poor kid to the wolves, lord knows an SP is just itched to jack someone up. He probably didn't know any better and was just listening to his flight chief who told him to get his a$$ out their for the fod walk. Again, I'm all for security but lighten up Francis!
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