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  1. Just checked MyPers and as of yesterday, they are not taking applications anymore. Doesn't say anything about just going active the old fashioned way though (EAD). I wonder if that's still a thing.
  2. Since we're all waiting on clarification about what's going on with the VLPAD program, does anyone here have any recent experience or info on simply going active from the Guard or Reserve? There's a bit of info on MyPers but not much more than simply how to apply.
  3. I only knew him from here and PMs but I'll be in the Tuscon area then and will be sure to attend the service. A toast.
  4. I'm about to sign up for another Master's class for my Master of Science in Aeronautics at ERAU. I heard SOS counts as some kind of credit toward most ERAU Master's degrees so I wanna make sure I don't take one that I'll get credit for in SOS. Does anyone know what it might count for?
  5. I wonder if they're gonna troll us on SATCOM.
  6. The Coast Guard will finally have someone to make fun of...
  7. Well to my understanding, congress was pushing the Space Corps back in the day, and now they have the oval office talking it up, so it looks like it just might happen now. As long as it doesn't dip into the budget of our operations, it might help give our upper leadership a bit more focus on combat operations. I also agree that it would help the average Airman's image as more of a warrior than a shoe clerk. Real logistical and bureaucratic clusterfuck though. Basic training, officer training, PME, uniforms, etc etc etc. It probably won't pan out to have been worth it for about another 69 years.
  8. Well good on you for sticking to your dream man. You should be fine in UPT with that attitude. I know of two 35-year-olds who went through when I was there and they had no issues.
  9. Actually HRC told me no. At the time, the J-1 (think joint S-1) was an AF general so I made the bold decision to email her directly, explaining my situation. I don't know how much that helped but basically a couple days later my branch manager called and said if I could get a letter of intent from my hiring unit stating that I would be sent to OTS and flight school then they would approve it. I used the argument of promotion and career opportunity (as well as another 10+ years of guaranteed service) in my email to the J-1 which I think helped. I was too afraid to ask if that's what it was since frankly to this day I dont know if my branch manager even knew about that email. All I got back from the J-1 was a short reply saying that she would contact the Army folks under her about it.
  10. Guard. To my understanding you still need the ADSO either way because I believe it is service-specific but that may be wrong.
  11. In order to get out of an ADSO early you will need a waiver request sent up with your UQR addressed to the "Assistant Secretary of the Army - Department of Manpower and Reserve Affairs." This is completely separate from the conditional release which is what gets you out of your general military obligation to the Army such as IRR etc. The latter is typically signed by the HRC Army Aviation Branch Chief if I remember correctly. (I was confused about that difference for quite a while when I started the process). If you only need 6 months or so to ensure that you get to UPT before 30 it shouldn't be that hard to get. The 5 years of commissioned time doesn't seem to be a hard waiver to get. Not sure about the specifics on that. Age waivers are bit more rare but totally happen, especially if you're a current aviator who just needs a few months. Guard and Reserve fighter units are a bit more reluctant than others but it's always a possibility. As for the commissioned service waiver and age waiver, sorry man but I don't have the details on that. Maybe PM me and I can ask a couple of the guys I know who got them and see if they can help you. Haven't heard anything about that streamlined process but man I bet the other branches would put up quite a fight.
  12. Anything new on the Maxwell thing? Man between that and the F-35, Montgomery might really get quite an economic boost.
  13. Anyone have any new gouge on the decision timeline?
  14. You should see what the Army is capable of, it's almost impressive in a sickening way...
  15. I wonder if any of those companies have anything against you working for more than one of them. That way you can take whatever gigs make themselves available. That should help mitigate the relatively low and intermittent pay that you guys are mentioning.
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