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  1. Meanwhile, we'll fry someone who served honorably for 20+ years for piddly bullshit.
  2. So there I was, back in Afghanistan over a decade after my first trip in country. Not an American outside the wire, ROE so strict that pretty much all we could do is watch shit happen... JAGs/Engagement authority scared of their own shadows. Complete waste of money/assets, not to mention our time/morale. 6 months later, we dumped that place faster that your crazy ex-gf that keyed your car. Many who hadn't thought much of going to the airlines decided to make that jump because of that trip. The end.
  3. Don't do the math on how much money we spent killing a dude in a mud hut in the middle of nowhere Afghanistan.
  4. Ah ok, didn't realize there was a difference with the medical exemption guys as we just have religious exemption guys. Here's hoping you have plenty of time before your next "year" to get a good year now. Even more so, I hope they just go back and give you credit for that year.
  5. Wait, were the people who didn't get the shot NOT supposed to be working over the last few years? You know, asking for a friend... Fuse, were you not allowed to drill/work? I know of one squadron would have had to cease operations if all their pilots who didn't vax weren't allowed to work. Either way, I hope you get your 50 points/good year. Best of luck! In other news...if these fucksticks would have just used the least bit of common sense and let my dude fly 6-9 more rides, I'd have full up wingman about to enter the FLUG. I guess we can't underestimate the zeal in which some commanders will take to persecute anyone who dared question this bullshit. Now that 6-9 rides is costing them an entire B-Course lol. It's in the job description!
  6. Do they get Berets? That alone would allow me to live my best life!
  7. Not to my knowledge, as that's exactly what I'm doing this year. Yes it would limit what you can put in your 401k with another employer this year because your 402(g) limit ($22,500 this year), which encompasses 401k and TSP. Your 401k contributions and TSP contributions combined, can not exceed the 402(g) limit. So if you maxed it out, it would keep you from putting into your 401k at a new employer, but it does not stop the company from putting in their contributions since their contributions are subject to the 415(c) limit of $66,000. Depending on who you go to work for, you may still have the option to contribution to your retirement plan up to the $66,000 limit. As an example, at DAL we have an "after-tax" option, which would allow me to contribute more to my Delta Pilot Savings Plan if I wanted.
  8. Do yourself a favor and stop pondering...
  9. I feel this so much right now. In the last week, I've probably spent 9+ hours just trying to get a single PRF through the wickets for a promotion board. The DOD about lost a .gov laptop through the window (yeetus computus!). I could write a page or two on how all the issues in this process are great metaphor for how we're doing. Small example, I call the phone number that the rejection e-mail told me to call for help. They say, "oh sorry, we can't help you with that issue and we can't transfer you to the people who can, you must go through mypers (which means you can't talk to a human)." WTF, why even list the number!? In other news, anyone know a fix date so our e-mail doesn't lock up/shut down every time I accidentally mouse over the persons name? Or a fix date on when my flight pay will actually pay out correctly...in 2018, I was told it would be 2020, so we got that going for us! Don't you mean... -Flew 330 cbt hrs w/excptnl prof; gurnt'd success in high-prof msns & tgt neutr'ztion; 100% CMDREUCOM obj met!
  10. I bet every time he speaks on live TV, his Chief of Staff/Staffers hold their breath with their fingers crossed.
  11. This has been a pretty common misconception by many of my squadron mates. The only ones who come back on orders, are the guys who are within 5 years of their 20. The rest have gotten a taste of the QOL and are now DSGs for life. It's funny is seeing the "I'm never going to the airline" types, especially the ones who gave airline guys shit, who are now DSG for life because of how good the QOL is for them. Unfortunately, I had to go on orders in early December and I forgot how bad being full time sucks. I've worked more in the last two months than I did in the last 5 months of 2022 at Delta...never mind the massive pay hit. I guess if all I did was show up, fly and go home, it wouldn't be terrible. But I don't think people realize how much of life in the military is fighting one self-imposed (by the AF) roadblock after another. It's completely maddening and what makes me dread getting up and going to work almost every day right now. It's something you don't grasp until you have a job where all you have to do is fly and you're not constantly fighting just to get basic shit done. Then the huge added benefit is that you don't take work home with you! The end of these orders can't get here fast enough! I'm nothing close to a weapons officer, but "it depends..." My recommendation to all our young guys is that if you even think you may to the airlines at some point, I'd get hired ASAP because seniority is everything. If you're within 5 years of a 20 year retirement, depending on how far you'll go for orders, then I'd imagine it wouldn't be all that hard to get to 20 while out on MLOA. Lots of orders floating around the system...ask Brabus
  12. Every time this thread resurfaces, I quickly check it to see if I get to retire a few months early! Guess I'll keep going to work a little while longer...
  13. You had me until you said "tech that sits alert." Woof!
  14. To busy enjoy the nice little sidebar going on lol. Ya, had the makings of a Tenerife type disaster. Lots of blame to go around between the controllers and the AAL flight. JFK is shitshow on good days and I'm so glad my plane doesn't go to NYC anymore. That's actually one of the many reasons I stay put.
  15. These were made up a while back based on the 18/5/4/4. MEC is being briefed on the TA today and will release TA information later tonight.
  16. Well well well, how the turn tables!
  17. Who among us doesn't have some TS/SCI laying around in their zipped up leg pocket? I mean, it's zipped up, which practically makes it's a SCIF.
  18. Some of these psychos are on this very forum. They were cheering/hoping all those against covid shots would have their careers ruined and/or booted from the military. I hope I can get our guy back to training in time to give a big fuck you to any of his former CCs who treated him like a piece of shit when they pulled him from the B-Course with a few rides to go. I'm also hoping the government is force to back pay him, though I'm not holding my breath. I have absolutely zero confidence that there will be much accountability for the stupid decisions made over the last few years. Fuck, even the memo states it only protects those "currently in the military." I'd imagine that some lawsuits will follow and some may get back in (though I'm not sure why they'd want to) or at least get some form of payout. This is my shocked face... But holy hell, a few years ago, you didn't want to be the guy who even hinted at this. "You clearly don't follow the science!" "...why do you want to kill my kids/parents?!?!!??!?" How many people did we kill via depression because of the lockdowns? Maybe it didn't make blimp on the chart, but it might be an interesting stat to see.
  19. Just hope it happens on AD and they don't catch you until you're in the Guard... The story is too convoluted and hard to explain in full detail, but I'll do my best to paraphrase. Bottom line, AD finance jacked up big time and paid taxes to DFAS when they shouldn't have (overseas pay from a tax free zone). By the time they figured it out their mistake, my squadron mate had transferred to the Guard. Apparently, the AD system can't talk to the Guard system, so they couldn't simply garnish his wages. The AD finally reached him and tried to tell him he had to pay them 10k and that he'd get it back in his taxes. He told the AD to pound sand and fix their own up. They threatened him more and he told them to pound more sand. Somewhere in there, he got his State Senator father involved. He won! Sent from my SM-S908U using Tapatalk
  20. Circa brand new Major SocialD days...I'm the flight lead on an AOS from the states to Eastern Europe. I have 2 very young wingman (1 fairly weak swimmer) and a solid flight lead (generally) as my number 3. The AOS rep (a Nav...foreshadowing!) briefs the notams as "no big show stoppers," and hands me the printout of notams. I hand them to my number 3 and ask him to take a peak and make sure we're good, then go about my other duties. Fast forward to the middle of the Atlantic as we prep for another AR...bad news, boom won't unstow. Only real options for an MRB is either Keflavik or Lossiemouth (is that even a real place?). Lossiemouth is OVC003, +RA and direct cross at 20kts and we have just enough gas to make it there with IFR reserves. KEF is winds calm and CAVOK and we'll be burners and boards to burn some gas for landing...obvious choice is KEF. Check in with KEF approach and the conversation goes as follows; Approach: Confirm you have the notam for the shortened runway? Me: (on AUX)....ummm 3, WTF?!?! #3: Standby... Approach: Runway is shortened to 2,100 meters.... Me: *pondering what that is in real units of measurement* #2: (nerd type)...that's like 6,900 feet. Me: STFU #2...3 isn't that like 6,900 feet? Me: You awake 3? #3: Ya sorry dude, the runway notam was in the middle of page 2 of the KEF notams. On the plus side, we got to do an epic VFR tour of Iceland at like 4,000 ft while we burned gas. FYSA, we can only go below 8k with an OG waiver. Or...6,900 feet with a 4-ship flight lead, we ain't got anywhere else to go waiver. Bottom line...never trust a fucking NAV!
  21. Man I hope this is legit! The dumb fucks a Luke stopped one of my guys less that was aweek or two from finishing the B-Course. Now, "saving those 6-9 rides," will cost the AF an entire B-Course, and then some. Instead of spending the last 2 years honing his skills as a fighter pilot, he's been languishing...waiting on our "leaders" to stop making the wrong decision.
  22. Unfortunate, I know...but I like your style Duck, you can never go wrong by doing what you can to take care of your people.
  23. So best I can tell you can not go back and get the bonus now that the year is over. However, you can sign a bonus under the assumption you will get a years worth of orders (small bonus only I think) in the future. So once you get a years worth of orders (after signing the bonus at the beginning of that year) you then just submit the orders as proof. As always read up on the bonus paperwork and talk with your AvB SME.
  24. The only time off I've ever gotten after a deployment is the from taking the leave I earned on the deployment (they extend the order for this) and the "reconstitution leave" (not sure of the proper term) of 7 or 14 days depending on the length of the deployment. If you need more time than that, I'd recommend a candid conversation with your SQ/CC.
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