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  1. Best of luck to Van's, they've done more to advance GA than most. I have a buddy building a 12 right now who works for Van's remotely, will be interesting to see how it's going for him. Thankfully, I think he has the entire kit already.
  2. This! I was all about helping someone move on, I'd make phone calls, write recs and happily help you on your way. However, you're still gonna have to keep pulling your weight until you 1288 yourself off my books.
  3. Ya, that never made sense to me. When I was there way back when, we worked in the SOF compound and I was surprised to hear they had this rule. On the flip side, the Navy O-5 exec (Hornet driver), would blanket approve our memo anytime we asked to pick up the entire squadrons beer allotment at one time. Do that enough times and you have a nice setup, especially when there were non-drinkers in the mix. To your last comment, we all know damn well that the bosses we're doing that. If you're not in the Col club to drink their booze, make friends with the Guard squadron on base...
  4. I've flown both, well the 330, not the 320. Bus all day, every day. I'd even take the bus over the 757, which I've also flown (I've been through way too many initials). The only way I'd even consider going back to the 737, is if my seniority is just so much better that it would allow me to fly high time day turns all the time.
  5. Nice thanks for the point out. I have the Libby app, but was unaware of the DOD ID thing. Just logged in with my retiree ID, glad we still have access!
  6. Well, that ought to take of any morale that was left! If the public only knew how much Jack Daniels has helped forged their steely eyed killers...
  7. Sounds great! I'd also recommend To Kingdom Come, another good book on the bomber air war over Europe. Amazing what those young men went through. The Wrong Stuff, is another good/funny read about that time. Those numbers are probably close. I think the 8th AF alone lost ~26,000 men. To put that into perspective, we lost ~24,500 Marines in WW2.
  8. Meh, even the best job in the world becomes a job at some point. I'm glad I'm no longer installing/removing septic systems, laying water main and digging graves like I did after high school, but that doesn't mean I want to go to work all the time with a nice gig. I have a friend who is a trust fund baby, he's got it pretty damn good. I guess I was really meant to be a trust fund baby...is that too much to ask? Come on powerball! 不 Break break After a nice 19 day break, it's time to head back to work tomorrow. First real snow events of the year...lame! Stay safe out there ladies/gents.
  9. I get it dude, as a chronic reserve bidder, the worst thing the company can do to me is force me to actually go to work. Even worse when it's not for overtime pay. My GF rolls her eyes at my buddies and I when we opine (usually over coffee at my house while we're on call) about having to go to work "for free," when we get called out on reserve. 不
  10. McDonald Douglas built my jet to be EMP/JAM proof on accident lol. I was bored on my flight the other day because I had more than 50 minutes at cruise (the worst!), so I checked out the airways based on VORs. Maybe it was because I was on the east coast, but I was surprised at how many VORs are still online. I know they're closing more but I think I could easily go back to flying airways with an RMI. We already fly approaches where we just get cleared a common navaid and told cleared for approach (whatever approach we want) in places like AVL. Might be fun for a bit, but that would get annoying. I like my airline flying like I like my women....easy!
  11. Hey! This is the airline thread, take your bullshit Air Force promotion acronyms down the hall to the what is wrong with the AF thread. Soooo...anything good on the airline front? I was able to dump my entire schedule next month, so that's good. 不
  12. And that demo was probably flown by a Boeing test pilot. F-15 Demo
  13. Most of the ANG SQ/CCs already have a seniority number and are close enough to a 20 yr retirement, they're not that worried 不.
  14. Right! Are we sure this doesn't belong in the WTF thread?
  15. This victory parade is hilarious but tak'er easy bud, you're gonna tear a rotator cuff slapping your own back! 不
  16. Is AFSOC handing out some kind of cool berets or something? *I know cool beret is an oxymoron.
  17. True story. On a Nellis trip, a new OG (from off station) was standing in the lobby of the casino/hotel, when two girls walk past with lots of skin showing. He says to the D.O., "Oh look, the working girls are out already." D.O. says, uh sir, that's two of your 1CO's... 不.
  18. This is why I loved the fact that my boss for a lot of my career (SQ/CC to OG/CC to WG/CC) married a 1CO from his squadron when he was on AD. There's no top cover like a fellow player of the sport of kings. That said, you got to be smart enough to keep it out of their face so you don't force their hand. Maybe I should write a book for the 2Lt single guys...could save a career lol.
  19. I know they love my 670 cubic inches of radial powah as I loudly fly over their telsa and solar powered homes. I just wish global warming would kick in a bit more. My latitude needs just about 5-10 degrees higher temps in the winter to make it more manageable.
  20. https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/money-losing-spirit-stops-hiring-flight-crew/ Saw that Spirit stopped hiring, which got me wondering about FDX/UPS. Any of you cargo bros hearing anything about hiring starting up? I had a few friends ask but I haven't kept up with the cargo hiring situation.
  21. IDK man, but that's no bueno! Sounds like they're cash strapped big time, here's hoping they pull through! Shit, they need to pass around a collection hat to the Vans AF to keep it afloat.
  22. This! Someone should get ahold of the most gruesome of pictures/videos from Israel, I'm talking headless grandma's, burned children, grenades exploding in shelters full of innocent civilians, girls being raped by the Hamas militants and run them on a loop on a mobile billboard. Then drive them around college campuses with pictures of signatories interlaced in the loop saying these people support the people who did this. If you support them so much, own it.
  23. And quite a few Alaska pilots got to move up a number.
  24. I mean, I'd be pretty pissed if I had a daily commute of 1.5 hours on the front/back end of work. I'd be equally as pissed if I had to work a 9-5 office job. It's one of the reasons I disliked being full time in the military, though ours was 0645-1730 (4 days/week). Groundhog day every day, to the same dingy building built in the early 50s as a fallout shelter (painted cinder block walls and no windows). In the winter it's drive to work in the dark and drive home in the dark. I genuinely disliked the repetitive nature of the work, even if the flying was a nice break from my office duties. This is one of the big reasons I've been a part timer nearly my entire career. Rona has really reshaped people's view on work/life balance. For some it's all they know now and going back to work in office is a shock. Many are opting to move along than go back to the office, and there are remote jobs for the taking if you have the skills. I know my gf will never go back...her job has already tried. They keep granting her "waivers" because she valuable (as SME in her field) and they know she isn't bluffing. Going into the office isn't an option because her employer is located 3 hours away. Of course this is her second career and not starting out like this broad. Anyway, all her friends are probably remote and living it up (according to their SM accounts anyway...another big issue) while she slogs it out with the rest of the suckers. I also don't envy the shitty economics situation (pay vs cost of living today) many of these kids find themselves in, especially anyone who works in the city. That said, after she finishes her little breakdown, she needs to do something about it, get a new skill, find work closer or get roommates and move into the city. And yes, I get it, all previous generations had to walk up hill, while fighting off manbearpig with one arm and starting a business with the other arm. Before college, I worked a construction job that started work a 0630 and often didn't finish the day until well after sundown. It sucked, I thought to myself this sucks, I was pissed about it, I just didn't have SM to vent about it lol. Of course I also actually did something about it. I wonder what she'll do.
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