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  1. Even in the desert. 0,1,1,1.
  2. *Note - I have never read this book and can't vouch for how good it is.
  3. I don't have the reg to back it, but I know a UPT classmate of mine (guard guy), that lived in the dorms and received BAH for his house back home (the wifey lived there). Goodluck! UPT is a PCS.
  4. Whoever said, "if you're not 5 minutes early, you're late," is a fu%king moron!
  5. More importantly...I was born in the wrong era. I've heard great things about that bar!
  6. Same here. Valid! Ya, I fully agree with your challenge. I just thought this was a great time to insert a plane as bada$$ as the Skyraider! It scares me that people (ie...leadership/politicians) think the 35 is going to take over the mission of the A-10! That thing won't take anywhere near the BD that the Hog can...
  7. Reopen the production line!!!! GET SOME!!!
  8. SocialD

    Gun Talk

    I agree with this 100%. If you do decide to carry, you had better be prepared to pay the consequences if you f&ck up. But I'm more worried about being sent to jail, by the tape "graders" in the AOR! Ahhh BDUs and bullets....can't wait until we actually get to shoot/drop those again. I have done neither since the B-Course. But I digress... The Remington 870 is a classic, like the red rider BB gun. I have one, as should all red blooded all American bada$$es! It is a great gun, very dependable, comfortable, cheap and built well enough that you don't have to worry it hurting it. A buddy of mine piked one of these up for home defense, it was a blast to shoot. Not to mention that bad johnny attached to the barrel, that's enough to mess up your day.
  9. SocialD

    Gun Talk

    There was a guy carrying, he chose not to pull his weapon, probably the right choice. A fine example of exercising good judgement in a tense situation. But if he would have had a clear field of fire, he may have saved a few lives, and we would have one less POS in this world. You just described every gang-banger/Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold/etc... They can try to restrict it guns all they want, guns will still find their way into the wrong hands. Now I have no ability to defend myself when confronted with a possible situation. I am not comfortable with that... So cliche, but so true..."when seconds count, the police are minutes away!"
  10. SocialD

    Gun Talk

    Say they do restrict the magazine limit to 15. You really want to have 30 bullets to spray at a crowd. Get another gun with a 15 round mag...problem solved, law useless!
  11. SocialD

    Gun Talk

    GET SOME! trying to take our guns from us!
  12. Defense.gov release Disregard....should have read the next paragragh before posting!
  13. Hah....good luck with that! Don't you know that EVERYONE is a Warrior!
  14. WOW...Copy, break out the kneepads to get the good assignment! Sounds like a bro that wanted Helos so bad he could taste it. He was a great bro, helped everyone, was an all around great dude. He busts his a$$ and finishes #1 in T-6's, only to be forced into 38's. WTF, I guess hard work DOESN'T always pay off. Of course he's the dude that dusts himself off and kicks a$$ in 38's, but still kinda a crappy deal when the helo spot goes to a guy that finished well below him...
  15. That's what I was going for Huggy...seems so senseless.
  16. Somebody needs to tell the half-wing that it's his job to provide you the report, if you want it! That's weird, because our squadron safety shop gave us the briefing, with the actual footage and the animation. This is in a pointy nose squadron...so yes, it applies to everyone who flies. But if he will not show that, take a look at the ever famous BUFF crash. Having seen that so many times in training, that's all I could think about as I watched the videos. All for an airshow...
  17. WOW, somebody thinks highly of themselves! When I fly with my OG, I usually go ask him what he wants loaded in the cans and what mission planning materials he would like. His usual response is, it's already done...we brief at XX, see ya then! He just likes to do all the mission planning himself. Never would have guessed an O-6 would be doing the mission planning for of a LT!
  18. I'm surprised they put "fly" in the motto. It seems that half of the Air Force doesn't realize that that's what we do...
  19. Wait, you guys have people that drive you to your planes! WTF...I'm going to have to talk to the union rep on this one!
  20. I don't see why this group doesn't git hit by one or two of these...
  21. It was still the same when I went through (prior to collocation). Why even go there when you can drive 4 miles down the road and be at West Gate. The beer is the same price and there are hot girls everywhere!
  22. Ok so they had one....haha! No Korea, and no remote, sounds like a pretty good deal. Let's not even talk about the cush TDY's they get (pure jealousy, well minus the whole not ever going to combat part). I really have no dog in this fight, it's just funny to see the disparity. Ya, well eventually the government is going to have to say tough $hit. You bought a house near an Air Force base, guess what, it's going to be a little noisy from time to time!!! If your house was there before Luke, then you have a valid argument, in not, Fu@k off! If we shut down every base that had these issues we wouldn't have any left, besides Holloman, Cannon and Creech. Hell doesn't Nellis have that issue. The bigger issue here is losing access to a great training range down in the BMGR. What was even more amazing was that one of the biggest b!tches out there was some retired AF MSgt. He would call up and start off with how he was in the AF for 25 years and he knew how our operations were, and those planes are "hotdogging." Turns out it was just a transient 2 ship, not familiar with the local pattern. They flew over a town there we tried to avoid as part of our pattern procedures. But it's all a pipe dream the military will continue to kiss the locals a$$. Eventually, some politician will decide to take up the issue to further his career and eventually get it closed. Can't even imagine the fallout, if we ever put another jet into a neighborhood again.
  23. I am well aware of d-bags around the base trying to shut it down. Heard about it all the time going through the B-Course, they are not happy about the 35 being based there. I am very glad Luke picked up the F-35 mission, that base would be a terrible loss...great ranges, great airspace and a great town! My comments were more about the fact that it didn't surprise me that the 22 is leaving Holloman, you can't have 22's (of 15s) in a $hitty location. No that is a forward thinker. That's good to hear!
  24. Wow, that didn't take long. Everyone knows you can't put the F-15 or the F-22 in a $hitty location! Sucks for the future 16 bubbas, Phoenix is a great town. Not sure about what kind for ranges they have out at Holloman but it's hard to beat the BMGR.
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