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  1. Not necessarily a movie, but a pretty entertaining 5-part series of nothing but firefights and gun battles is “Escape from Tarkov.” Its in Russian with English subtitles.
  2. Have there been any updates as to the cause of this? As a prior T6 IP I’m curious to read what the root cause was.
  3. Here’s a Q for the masses. We are currently on a 30 year Va at 3.375. We are looking at refinancing to a 15 but was told if we refinance to a 30 we can save a ton in fees, but just ask for a 15 year amortization schedule so we don’t have to pay the fees. Should we refi to a 15 or refi to a 30 and pay 15 year payments?
  4. Yuuuuup. Nothing better than getting a multi-day GS for double pay. Especially when these trips are usually cake one leg, 5 hr days if that.
  5. http://cademartin.com/overwar/ Pretty impressive stories and backgrounds of the dudes with brass balls flying the F-105 in Vietnam. 🇺🇸
  6. And these are the same asshats that take their big ass bags when evacuating aircraft.
  7. Any Delta bubbas need any widget desert morale tabs? Got a buddy who had some made.
  8. Touché. Used to be the best kept secret. A lot of work from home/on a layover. Can't beat that.
  9. Selective Service Reserve Force Officer. Best kept secret out there. Paid IMA and TRS. However If you live and want to work in Region II (TX MS AL NC SC GA LA FL TN) the line/waiting list is out the door so good luck. Maybe other regions will have openings.
  10. Yes, but the flash in the video looks strikingly similar to the muzzle flash below and orangeish. Not white like cameras.
  11. Had to be multiple shooters. I just watched this video over and over. There is clearly a second muzzle flash above the automatic fire at the :31 mark. Maybe it's the conspiracy theory in me but I don't know what else it could be https://mobile.twitter.com/TIME/status/914847463424507904/video/1
  12. Unless you're an airline sim instructor. That can be a great deal if you live in base. Home every night, six hour days, good pay. Heard a rumor highest paid airline guy is a WB sim IP.
  13. https://www.sss.gov/About/Agency-Structure/Reserve-Forces-Officers I've heard its a pretty flexible gig. I was just seeing if anyone has recent experience.
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