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    Long range or performance? Thinking about getting a Y myself after driving one.
  2. The dude said a slur that’s directed at Asian people, Chinese or otherwise. Period. I’m Asian. Its fu*king racist. Calling someone that isn’t your run of the mill shit talk. If someone said that slur to me while sitting at the Sq bar, I’d punch them in the mouth.
  3. I suppose the Koch brothers don't count as big money donors. Cool.
  4. +1 for Jon and Trident. Closed a few days ago on a new VA loan at 2.875% (locked right at the beginning of everything going haywire) and he was consistently responsive to any questions I had and always kept my SA up with how the process was moving along.
  5. Really? Because the AF helo community pretty much loves our two pieces.
  6. This has less to do with CSAR than with the iron AFSOC wants I think. AFSOC doesn't really seem to want to do anything with helicopters anymore, CSAR or otherwise. They've proven that with 53s and the 6th SOS. AFSOC wants HC-130Js and more CV-22s.
  7. Pretty much this. I don't really relish the idea of living in Laredo TX or Deming NM after I get out of the military. Yeah maybe down the road you can transfer to San Diego or Tucson but who knows when or if that will ever happen.
  8. The HH-60 community still has an active exchange with USMC and USN flyers. I believe there used to be an exchange with the 160th but that's no longer a thing.
  9. In an age when the bonus is supposed to be getting better, it's somehow gotten worse for 11Hs. From 25K over 9 years to 28K over 5 years. Fck this shit.
  10. The law is the law, but 28K as an 11H sucks when others are getting 34/35K. I get it. We have the highest take rate out of the pilots in the Air Force. But all this does is just reinforce that we always have been, and will always be the Air Force's red headed step children.
  11. Soooo... Any further words on increasing the bonus to 35K a year?
  12. There's a legit pub called Beerrize in the Chatan area. Lots of localish brews and also hoegaarden on draft. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Japan,+%E3%80%92904-0113+Okinawa-ken,+Nakagami-gun,+Chatan-ch%C5%8D,+Miyagi,+1%E2%88%92464+%EF%BC%A2%EF%BD%85%EF%BD%85%EF%BD%92%EF%BC%B2%EF%BD%89%EF%BD%9A%EF%BD%85/@26.3270458,127.7471643,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x34e5130a857c2251:0xa65f05083586b4a7
  13. Yeah not so much. If you think all Sandy 1 provides is Rescort you're wrong. As much as I'd like to see a new CSAR helo, I sure as shit don't want to execute in a contested environment without Sandys.
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