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  1. Trump will "allow" for the peaceful transition of power... That is out right funny considering members of the democrat party are openly calling for violence and mayhem before, during and after the election. Along with all of the other temper tantrum tactics like impeachment, stacking the SCOTUS, adding States, mail in voting shenanigans, false narratives when it comes to race relations, etc. And the defund the police bullshit coming from democrats in democrat run cities is part of the plan too. Let's make sure the police departments are in a really bad spot when it comes to dealing with democrats "burning it all down" when Trump runs the tables on November 3rd. At least Bloomberg isn't out there violating election laws by paying off criminal's fees in Florida so they can vote. Oh wait. Yes he is... And the alternative??? Biden? That dude is the literal architect of the 1994 crime bill. He sniffs and rubs up on women and children. His son is a train wreck who made millions off of the very countries that Democrats accuse Trump of being in bed with. I used to be a middle of the road guy when it comes to politics. I have always just wanted left alone. I am a simple Texan. But this is fast becoming right vs wrong IRT policies and politics. I would so much rather have the loud mouthed New Yorker who gets shit done and protects the country instead of someone in the Democrat party who has been in DC for almost 50 fucking years. The republicans don't owe the democrats shit when it comes to a SCOTUS pick after the Kavanaugh debacle. Trump is the President and there is a republican senate. There will be a 3rd Trump SCOTUS justice.
  2. McConnell's play was a hell of a gamble. Hillary was a shoe in at that point.
  3. Why do we assume that Garland would have been confirmed by a Republican senate even if McConnell had allowed the vote? And does anyone really think that the Dems would not be nominating RBG's replaced right now if they controlled the Oval Office and Senate? They would have already started the process.
  4. Looks like Sim joined on Sept 19, 2007 and Prozac joined a little later on December 10, 2008. FWIW, I joined in early 2005 and I still jerk off to the Sears catalog. Don't hate.
  5. I think it is safe to say that judging politicians based on their morality is a mistake.
  6. Excellent. We are both strict law and order guys when it comes to voting.
  7. What is your definition of "legally entitled" to vote?
  8. This. The federal government will not relinquish control over the entire election process once they have it. Add it to the list of programs that the federal government mishandles on scales that are hard to measure. Like the USPS... The Dems will get what they want on this one. But, it is going to bite them. It will be a complete clusterfuck just like Trump has said. We will not know the results for months and the mistakes, miscounts, lost ballets, fraud and the rest will end up in the court system being litigated for years. Trump will then be accused of not wanting to leave office. I can't wrap my mind around smart people here actually advocating for the federal government to take control over our voting rights. IT IS THE PROCESS THAT PROTECTS US FROM THE GOVERNMENT. How can anyone seriously think they can pull this off regardless of your political leanings? There are endless threads on this very website detailing many of the things that the federal government mishandles. They won't get this one right either. It will be a disaster of epic proportions.
  9. The "how did we get here" question IRT our criminal justice system, policing and systemic racism is being asked and will continue to be asked throughout this election cycle. Biden and Harris have a lot of explaining to do. That was my point with the moderates. I believe moderates will lean towards law and order and they will stay away from politicians who contributed to shaping our current criminal justice system. Rioting and looting only cements peoples belief in law and order policies. Folks on the right certainly will not be plucked away from voting Republican even if they aren't Trump fans. So where does that leave the Dems? As you said above, "even if their “tough on crime” stances from, say, the 90s, put them at odds with where the Democratic Party in particular is today". Again, not a good look in my opinion. I think Americans are even more sick of career politicians today than they were in 2016. Career politicians created all of these problems but now are running on fixing them. Same old same old. I don't think people are interested in hearing any more of that.
  10. You are pretty strong supporter of Dems and their policies. If the most you can say about Biden/Harris is "I don't think they were particularly bad" what do you think moderates are saying?
  11. Maybe people aren't jealous. Maybe you're being a douchebag about it. Keep your head down and do the work. Silent warriors are the greatest warriors.
  12. Any truth to rumor that all missions in the AOR are now combat missions? No more combat support. Heard this from someone who just got back from the Deid.
  13. Any reason we couldn't mail everyone with a SSN above 18 a code of some sort that can be used online instead of by mail?
  14. A prediction. There are undercover federal agents in the crowds in Portland and Seattle. They are running intel and building cases on 50 - 100 people. In a few weeks, you will see raids on where these 50 - 100 people live. They will be arrested and charged with serious federal crimes such as domestic terrorism, assault on federal officers, arson etc. They will be denied bail and will face decades in federal prison. That is how these protests will end. The rest of these criminals will wonder if they are next and start to rethink their decisions.
  15. Excellent insight TurnHer4 There is a narrative out there that suggests our country is overtly racist, run by racists, founded on racism and policed by racist officers who are enforcing racist laws. What I see in each of those instances is more complicated than the narrative suggests. The narrative is also given no context whatsoever and the starting point is never the truth. There is more to the story and there are different sides to each story. We must do our best to understand the truth and see things as they truly are. Here is what bothers me. Because of my political beliefs and conservative views, I am labeled a racist, sexist, xenophobic bigot. I have even been called a Nazi to my face. In reality, I am living the best life I know how to while trying to be the best father, husband, son, uncle, coworker and neighbor that I can be. I feel like I am being punished for sins that I did not commit. We are headed in the wrong direction. The answer to our society's injustices towards minorities will not and can not be fixed by applying the same type mind set towards whites. Equality goes both ways. It is very hard for folks like me that just want left alone to see what is going on in politics, sports, hollywood and academia. I do not want to see BLM painted on our city streets or on a pitcher's mound during a baseball game. I do not want to see looting, rioting, arson, assault or vandalism in our streets in the name of an issue that is not discussed honestly. Our society has it's issues, that is for sure. But, we can't fix hate with hate.
  16. Big baseball fan here. Just about as big as they come. I was counting down the days until opening night. I made it .69 seconds into the first game. BLM is emblazoned on the back of the pitchers mound and players were kneeling. Our country is in for some serious changes post COVID and civil unrest. One of the casualties will probably be sports as we know it. People have gotten used to living life without sports. On top of that, I think that professional sports executives are grossly underestimating how tired the average american is of these social justice issues. I just want to watch sports. That's it.
  17. Are you saying you are opposed to the police using unmarked vehicles? I may have missed it, but I don't see any evidence of the feds "hiding their identities" other than riding around in unmarked cars. It seems pretty obvious who they are when they are dressed head to toe in tactical gear. And I can guarantee you they are announcing who they are as they approach a subject. This may have been said before, but it seems logical to arrest someone when they are away from the crowd. That protects the perp, the officers and would not escalate things. It certainly is better than having the feds roll down main street Portland completely overwhelming these rioters. Either way, you can't destroy property for over 50 days with no consequences. There are law abiding citizens of Portland who deserve to have their lives and property protected. Enough is enough.
  18. It is going to get much worse. Just wait until the police officers in Atlanta are acquitted.
  19. I read an article recently that the AD accepted its final slick J model. It'll be interesting to see which 3 of the 8 candidates in the guard get the J. Should hear something official in the next few months. Have consistently heard Ft Worth and Kentucky but no idea who the third would be now that Baltimore is out of the running.
  20. Since this is a C-130 thread and we are now talking about how the ANG "historically" gets hand me downs... The AD received one squadron worth of new slick C-130H3s back in the day (50th at Little Rock 1992-1993 tails). Every other slick H2 or H3 went to the Guard/Reserves brand new from the factory. The H2/H3 line lasted from 1978ish to 1996. I don't know of any other airframe that tells so much by their serial number. For instance, 89-1182 was delivered to the 118 Airlift Wing in Nashville, 93-1459 was delivered to the 145th AW in Charlotte, 86-1396 was delivered new to the 139th AW at St. Joe, 85-1365 was delivered to the 136th AW in Fort Worth, etc. You can tell where just about every H2 or H3 was delivered by that serial number. I expect the same when the 3 ANG guard units that are getting new Js are announced later this summer. Most folks also don't know that all 100 series squadron/wing numbers are dedicated to the ANG.
  21. This will never end if our starting point is not the truth.
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