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  1. Seems like fighters have it good after UPT. I’m heavies (C-17) and really hope to be a full-timer after seasoning.
  2. Hello all, I searched through the threads but couldn’t find any recent information. Now that I received TFOT dates, I’m trying to give my current employer an estimated timeline of my absence. Can anyone give recent info on how long seasoning is based on experience or through the grapevine? Thanks in advance!
  3. Finally an update! Hired: Jun 2019 FC1: Jan 2020 (rescheduled) FC1: Jun 2020 FC1 Approved: Jul 2020 NGB Sent: Aug 2020 NGB Approved: Feb 2021 TFOT: Aug 2021 UPT: ???
  4. For bros waiting on UPT dates and trying to “prepare”, PM me. I have a passed down 5-page guide from a soon-to-be- fighter pilot that recently graduated UPT.
  5. Age 21 you are in an awesome position with your current credentials. I would retake the AFOQT and raise your Pilot and Navs into the 90s. 30-40s for the other sections is pretty low and those numbers stick out like a sore thumb. Raise them to the 70s at least. Last but not least, if getting into a local guard unit is at the top of your list, I would highly recommend enlisting in a AFSC that works closely with pilots. I enlisted at 22 and got my pilot slot at 27 (completed my degree at 25). You’re young, you are steps ahead of many. Put yourself even further.
  6. Wow, thank you for your insight! Absolutely, anything can happen, good or bad, and it would be smart to put myself in the best position possible.
  7. How many of you went back to your civilian jobs (prior to UPT) after completing seasoning? As a current ANG enlisted member, I have a stable corporate job that offers 3 weeks of military leave every year that refreshes on January 1st. Would it be unethical to ask my HR department to utilize it and get paid for 3 weeks every year during the duration of my entire 3 year-ish absence? Note: I am currently waiting for TFOT and UPT dates (should be coming up soon since it’s been almost 2 years since I got hired) but am having severe “senioritis” symptoms at my current job.. Thank you for your responses in advance!
  8. Everything above is true. My last board, I was hired along with 2 civilian applicants. 3 current members interviewed but I could tell they did not take it “seriously” (mediocre scores, not prepping for the interview, etc.) The point I want to make is that if everyone had the equal scores, killed the interview equally, same great attitude, but the only difference was enlisted vs not enlisted? The enlisted will get picked up.
  9. Agreed with O-Face. Before, I know some suggestions said to not waste time enlisting with the unit. But even before the pandemic, guys that are “familiar faces” and have trusted work ethic and attitudes ALWAYS have the upper advantage over some dude from the street. During interviews they are able to provide examples related to a deployment or TDY experience, know the environment of the unit, etc. I can not stress how much enlisting makes a difference. If you are young (18-23) I highly recommend joining your local air guard unit while taking advantage of the free college benefits.
  10. Hired: Jun 2019 FC1: Jan 2020 (rescheduled) FC1: Jun 2020 FC1 Approved: Jul 2020 NGB Sent: Aug 2020 NGB Approved: Feb 2021 Can anyone give any info/experience on how long it takes to get TFOT and UPT dates once your packet is approved by NGB?
  11. Has anyone here interviewed for HIANG? What was it like?
  12. I could not find any waiver reference to surgical or traumatic pneumothorax. Would it follow the same waiver steps as a spontaneous pneumothorax?
  13. Not entering, but providing my two cents for those that are. The interview prep was a game changer. And i highly recommend if you win the giveaway, that you start off with the Application Prep as well. The bogidope guys can really get to know you from the feet up because it really is tailored to your attributes and qualities.
  14. As a new hire visiting the squadron this drill weekend, any recommendations on what to bring as a token of gratitude?
  15. Hey guys. Just wanted to update that I got picked up from a guard unit recently. This was my third board and I am stoked for this journey. I HIGHLY recommend the consulting package from Bogidope. I really think they played the major factor in making my resume and cover letter stand out and preparing me for the interview. They really teach you how to tailor your strengths into killing the interview.
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