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  1. I disagree with your thoughts about the Trump 757. I think I understand your overall point though. There are a lot of comments, opinions and lots of blame being laid on Trump. Folks are talking about what Trump would have done in the last few weeks. I think it’s bigger than that. Literally everything leading up to these last few weeks would have been different. Planning and decisions would have been different, generals and senior staff would have been different, there wouldn’t be a huge focus on woke shit and Trump wouldn’t read from a teleprompter and walk off without answering questions. The enemy recognizes weakness. And right now we are projecting weakness.
  2. This administration is in real trouble. Rightly so and very predictable. Biden was a terrible politician, known for dishonesty and unpopular prior to the election. But, he wasn’t Trump. That’s why he won. Harris is absolutely awful on every level. My question is, how does this play out if Biden doesn’t survive this Afghanistan debacle? I would argue that this is one of the worst, self inflicted, embarrassing and unforgivable situations that our country has ever been through. It’s been handled with complete dishonesty and lies. There has been zero empathy and ownership. And it’s going to get worse. Much much worse. I’ve never seen anything like this. My community has been heavily involved in Afghanistan. We’ve got multiple guys in the squadron who have done the air advisor thing. They were embedded with the Afghans for 6 months at a time. I’ve never received as many late night calls from guys in my squadron as I have over this. We’ve had emails from the VA, counselors in the squadron, talks with commanders etc. And today, for the first time, I legitimately asked a buddy if he thought he was going to hurt himself. This stress is cumulative and we all have unique stories. It started in February 2020 with COVID and it’s culminated in this Afghanistan disaster. So, again, how does this play out? Do we see a resignation like Nixon? Do we watch this come and eventually go with Americans and their short memories? What are your thoughts and how do we handle it?
  3. We are learning the hard way what happens when you elect modern democrat politicians. I hope and pray that America wakes up and votes these people out of office starting with the next midterms.
  4. Speaking as a fellow enlisted aviator with years of OGV experience, I can say I’m glad I don’t work in a OGV section that would require me to write up the CDD Form 8 on a SQ/CC. My boss would handle that one. The AF can do all the investigating they want on that C-17 crew. They were put in a terrible situation and did the best they could with the information they had. They made heartbreaking decisions that they will live with for the rest of their lives. They will not be found at fault, nor should they, with all of the international attention on the incident. Commanders know what will happen next if they hit that button. It involves Congress and the media. I’ll tell you who is more scared than the crew. The commanders that put them there. A basic rule I learned as a young instructor and then evaluator some 16 years ago was to always ask yourself what the follow on training is if you hook someone. What is the follow on training for this? Are you going to take them out to the airplane to perform a exterior inspection or stowaway check???? They know their jobs and they did it well. They got the jet home without injuring another American. Let the decorations start rolling in. They deserve it.
  5. That’s gonna happen when someone dies. Hopefully, leadership has the crew’s back and understands their situation as the investigation plays out.
  6. We now have to ask the enemy we’ve been fighting for 20 years to secure the airfield so that we can evacuate our forces. If they don’t, it’s going to turn into an absolutely awful situation. More than it already is.
  7. I’m sure Bagram is still a defendable fortress. I wonder how much thought is being given to retaking it. I bet the 82nd brought their chutes to Kuwait when they showed up there a couple days ago. Bagram is roughly 35 miles from Kabul. I’ve made the hop in 7 to 10 minutes in the Herk. There’s going to have to be a safer place to operate/refuel/organize from other than the Kabul airport. You bring 5,000 troops into Kabul, you are going to have to get them out….
  8. In just a couple days we are going to see endless footage of an American embassy overrun by militant terrorists. Just about the worst optics we can have on the international stage.
  9. That’s the funniest thing I’ll see all year.
  10. Why do people on the left/Democrat party think they have the market cornered on accusing people of being conspiracy theorists??? That’s ALL that went on leading up to Trump’s election, during his Presidency and even now. Russia, Russia, Russia!!!!!!!
  11. Politics today. A governor getting recalled, another one about to get legitimately impeached, state legislators on the run, a shell president who is losing his mental capacities, trillions and trillions of dollars being spent, inflation at a 13 year high, open borders, unnecessary lockdowns, people getting paid more to stay home, etc. I’d say things are going really well!
  12. This brings up something I’ve noticed for years. In today’s day and age, nearly all demographics or groups of people are protected. You know the whole social justice warrior culture. We’ve got racism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc. There are words used to describe malice towards religious people as well like islamophobia and anti-Semitic. Christians are fair game though. Nobody blinks an eye when someone like @TheNewGazmo overtly denigrates Christians. It certainly shows what kind of person you are dealing with.
  13. This article doesn’t give death rates. Most articles don’t…. So, I poked around the CDC website and looked at the number of daily deaths due to COVID. In January there were days where upwards of 4000 deaths occurred. We are currently seeing 100 to 400 per day across the country. In the last 7 days the CDC website says 1999 people died due to COVID. It also says the death rate per 100,000 is roughly half of a percent. I’m glad I’m a Texan and I’m glad Gov Abbott is standing firm against lockdowns.
  14. I’ve pointed it out before…. Deny, deny, counter accuse. It’s a classic technique used by the left.
  15. Meh. Add him to the long list of sell outs. And it’s not a Trump thing for me. It’s that he’s the latest in modern politics to do what’s best for him. Modern politics 101. These people don’t work for us. They work for themselves. He’s been tactful in the way he got the spotlight and he’s found a way to stay in it. Tears and all.
  16. This is exactly what I would like to see. A conservative that can highlight all the BS going on, bring us together and articulate a vision for the future but do it in a professional, mature and presidential manner. The unfortunate reality is, the only type person that can highlight the BS, fight back and fight hard against the system, deep state, media, big tech, etc is a disruptor. That type of person would have all the character flaws that Trump has. It’s how a billionaire real estate tycoon from NYC who is a ego maniac got elected. He was the only one willing to walk into the room slinging elbows and throwing punches. It was hard to watch at times but again, that’s the only personality type that has the balls to do it. Anyone and everyone else just gets run over. Nobody had ever looked at Hillary Clinton and said “you’d be in jail” on national tv. She’d never been talked to like that in her entire life. Some squeaky clean conservative damn sure would never have done it.
  17. I realize this was in Iraq. Similar situation though.
  18. You are seeing the classic deny, deny, counter-accuse tactic used on this thread by some on the left. They’ve denied CRT exists. They’ve denied CRT is being taught in schools. And they’ve followed up with a irrelevant creationism argument. Teaching creationism or personal finance has absolutely nothing to do with CRT. It’s all about the pivot when you know you can’t defend your side’s position. CRT is the next step in the process of demonizing straight white men. It’s designed to create division and resentment for future generations. I’ve said in previous comments that we’ve gone from Nazi’s to white supremacists to now the entire country and system is based on oppression and racism. As some have pointed out, CRT isn’t about simply teaching history - the good and the bad. It’s about creating a narrative that our country is fundamentally flawed and must be changed. And it was exposed because of COVID. Parents were able to listen to what their kids teachers were saying while on classroom zoom calls. I’m glad parents are standing up to this garbage. I think we are going to see a lot more people pushing back, in many different arenas and over many different topics. The progressive left is absolutely out of control. This is all becoming an argument of right vs wrong or good vs evil and not just differing political views.
  19. https://www.westernjournal.com/nations-largest-teachers-union-goes-critical-race-theory-vows-fight-anyone-opposed/
  20. This article was written in March. It’s only gotten worse from there. https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/biden-immigration-policies-cause-predictable-border-crisis-why-didn-t-ncna1260992
  21. Yep. I live in the DFW metroplex. I see it all the time. Libs have ruined literally everything they’ve touched. Please don’t California my Texas.
  22. It sure is interesting listening to politicians in DC talk about the increase in violent crime going on across the country. Biden’s tired and confused presser on the issue was really hard to watch. We are going after rogue gun dealers…. I had no idea that the ATF or FBI had never gone after rogue gun dealers before. It certainly isn’t hard to understand or to predict this if you’re willing to be honest about it. When Democrat politicians create a culture of crime via a defund the police movement, demonize law enforcement officers, do away with cash bail, incentivize single parenthood, decline to prosecute criminals, create martyrs/heroes out of life long violent thugs, etc you are going to see a sharp increase in crime. And innocent people will suffer. And our country will continue to fall apart. I can’t imagine pairing the message and behavior of Democrat politicians with policies that would make it harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves. Scary stuff.
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