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  1. That’s exactly right. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are as pure as the driven snow.
  2. Thank you for being honest. #orangemanbad
  3. Here’s a good commentary on why it matters. He brings this Lil Naz X character into the discussion.
  4. I wonder if he responds to questions in high level meetings like he did at that press conference. I doubt he’s a different person in those type of environments vs a press conference. Scary scary stuff to me.
  5. Are we automatically assuming this hypothetical racist is white? When presented with the hypothetical scenario I bet the other assumption immediately made is that the racist is a male.
  6. That’s exactly the point. The Commander in Chief shouldn’t be commenting on this. Uniforms designed for a fraction of the total force shouldn’t rise to his level. I’d like to hear more about strategy, procurement, budgets, technology, manning, etc from the boss.
  7. The “nothing to see here” argument may work if it were not for the cumulative amount of hypocrisy and deceit being displayed today by the media and in politics. It is everywhere and people either willingly ignore it, are part of it or are misinformed by those who willingly ignore it or are part of it. I believe it’s also why Biden doesn’t take questions. His handlers know he’s not up to the task of answering for any of it without exposing the blatant hypocrisy. Transparency and the truth will send this house of cards crashing down. And that will be good for the majority of American citizens regardless of which side of the aisle you’re on.
  8. Been doing this long enough now to see the slide from something I dreamed of doing all my life to something that is absolutely unbearable at times. Dad flew for 28 years before me and both of my grandfathers lived into their mid 90s. Both were WW2 vets and I knew them both well. I listened and learned from them and their stories. There’s a reason BO.net has seemingly endless threads with countless pages devoted to the self induced shenanigans of the military/AF. Truthfully, I wasn’t even sure which thread to post my response in. But, it’s the Tucker issue that has my attention so I’m posting here. Ben Shapiro has a really good take on the situation. Once again, he’s spot on. His point, as well as Tucker’s, is that the military has lost focus. The simple question is, what makes the military more lethal and more effective? There’s a reason we have standards. Those standards start at the very beginning of service. It actually starts in the selection process for service in the military and continues on through basic training. Those selection processes are designed to weed out people who are not fit for service. Am I saying that pregnant women should not serve? Of course not. But, I do agree with Tucker and Shapiro when they speak of this loss of focus - or misguided focus of our current military leadership. There’s a shitload of energy that is fired in the wrong direction by military leadership right now. I returned from my 6th deployment to the Middle East exactly 8 days ago. It was another 120 day deployment which is standard for my community. It was my 11th deployment if you consider other parts of the world. This time was much different though. I’m Guard so entitlements and pay matter. We didn’t get our tricare 6 months out. We didn’t get paid on time. We didn’t get hostile fire pay as we should have. The AF had NO consistent plan for dealing with COVID and how that related to getting to the theatre. There was a major battle between our home unit and the deployed wing commander as to who is responsible for the health of our folks and where they quarantine. We ended up quarantined for 2 weeks at an Army base. Other units didn’t have to. I could go on and on. And this was not on our local wing’s level of responsibility. This was absolutely the fault of big AF. Things were no better in theatre. Every mission we flew included issues with flight plans, local services (water, power), local pax services, local aerial port, local trans and the same could be said at EVERY stop we made around the theatre. It was a complete shit show from start to finish. Day after day after day. My point of all of this is not to sport bitch. It’s this. About a month into our deployment, the AF Chief of Staff, CMSgt of the AF and the Sec of the AF came to our base for a visit. I was one of the lucky ones who was invited to hear them speak. I couldn’t wait. I had many questions to ask based on the shit we’d been through leading up to the deployment and in the first month that we’d been there. There were about 5 questions asked that were pre screened. That was it. They spoke for about an hour. Only about 10 minutes of it were them talking about issues related to the theatre, procurement, budgets, manning etc. Nearly their entire speeches consisted of social justice issues. I was struck by the feeling of being preached to by two women and a black four star general about being held back. I really struggled. Everyone did. After a quiet ride back to the squadron we talked about it. I don’t see and have never seen issues that they spoke of. And their success proves we get it right as a whole. I get it. My view from a flying squadron isn’t the end all be all regarding issues in the military. I’m sure my squadron is very different than a ship in the Navy or a barracks full of 19 year old paratroopers in the Army. But, I am getting really tired of fixing big picture problems at the point of execution while being bitched at about things I don’t see my military having problems with. There is a lot of mis-directed energy in the military and our society. I think that was Tucker’s point. And I agree with him.
  9. Commentator Matt Walsh recently pointed out that Fauci is now very famous and will soon be rich, if not already. He is in the spotlight and has millions of people listening to him. Nobody knew his name a year ago. That all happened to him overnight. He’s not going to willingly give any of that up now that he has it. He’s done the second he declares COVID a thing of the past. It’s in his best interest to keep this going as long as he can.
  10. Just got around to reading that article. Lengthy for sure but well worth the read. I’ve never agreed with the folks out there who claim widespread voter fraud, voting machine manipulation and the other various conspiracy theories. I voted for Trump and I recognize that he lost but not for those reasons. I do believe there was a calculated effort to defeat him using a combination of the main stream media, big tech, social media, Hollywood, unions, big business and the dem party. This article details those coordinated efforts. They held nothing back and they won. The playbook they used in the election is really no different at all in their everyday push to move progressive issues forward. It’s exactly what frustrates and disenfranchises conservatives every single day. You have to give the dems credit. They never take their foot off the gas.
  11. You have to be the biggest condescending asshole on here dude. For fucks sake, please stop.
  12. Good article. I recently watched this video which hits on some similar points related to unifying the country. I certainly don’t agree with all of Hedges views, but he has some very interesting observations. He is critical of the right and the left in this piece as well as the media/big tech. It’s definitely worth the watch if have an hour or so.
  13. The ONLY thing the left did for the last 4 years was sow distrust in the Trump administration. I agree with everything else you said.
  14. I know there is a Tulsi thread on BO.net but I think it’s more relevant to the many conversations going on here. She touches on a lot of topics in this interview and speaks of her personal experiences in DC. I also applaud her courage to speak like she does. It can’t be easy.
  15. No other post on this thread better highlights what is wrong with politics today. This type of response and thought process is exactly why our nation will continue to drift farther and farther apart. People would rather be intellectually dishonest than give an ounce of credit where credit is due.
  16. https://www.axios.com/congress-gender-identity-pronouns-rules-40a4ab56-9d5c-4dfc-ada3-4a683882967a.html
  17. That’s exactly right and its a great point. I am always suspicious when the language used to describe a topic changes. Like global warming/climate change or gun control/gun safety.
  18. Does that apply to the homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, sexist, racist and bigoted Nazis on the right as well?
  19. Chief Traficante was not only a crew chief, he’s been a FE on E model Hercs and a load on E’s, H’s and J’s. He was the load functional at the Guard Bureau and did OGV stuff at AMC. If I’m not mistaken he was a fire fighter in a major dept as well.
  20. Here you guys go. You now have your very own spot to argue. It’s your spot and yours alone. Have it here so the rest of us can enjoy what baseops is supposed to be about. Lloyd
  21. This is an example of why I have a problem with the LGBTQA+ movement. When DOMA was challenged in 2013/2015, we were told that this was about two loving monogamous people just trying to have equal rights under the law IRT marriage. I have said all along that this was not the case. This is not, never was and never will be simply about "rights". It is about taking a wrecking ball to our society and its views on the traditional family and traditional norms. We are seeing it play out every day now with the war on pronouns, the transgender movement, etc. And this all comes after DOMA was ruled unconstitutional. This is why I have a huge issue with the left. The left is never honest about what they are REALLY after. You see it in every movement on the left whether it is gay rights, the climate, gun control, economics, health care, etc. All that to say that I do not personally have a problem with gay people. Our 19 year old daughter is in the process of coming to terms with her sexuality. My wife and I have known since she was probably 10 that this was going to be something she would struggle with. As Christians, we have struggled with navigating this mightily. We support her and love more than anything else in life. Our message and guidance to her has been to not let her sexuality define her. More than anything, I want her to be a honest, productive, educated, hard working member of society who loves who she loves. We don't support things like rainbow stickers, flags or shirts that promote sexuality one way or the other. And she gets it. She doesn't throw anything related to her sexuality around. She just is who she is.
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