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  1. When officers who have never been a UPT IP are assigned senior leadership roles at UPT bases, dumb shit will happen and morale will suffer.
  2. Surprised that no one has pointed out to this crowd that in addition to getting an USAFA appointment, UPT slot, T-38 track, Raptor assignment, and admission to Harvard, his wife is a smoking hot fitness model/actress/influencer or some shit from Australia. I'm sympathetic to his concerns, but yeah.....hard to feel sorry for this guy.
  3. Not for track select - no. I'm a current T-6 IP at CBM and I was a Phase 2 IP years ago. The current system bears little semblance to the traditional one where a class started together, advanced to Phase 2 and 3 together, graduated together, and were always racked/stacked against only each other. Wing/Group/STUS leadership may be saying we are back to the way we used to operate, but that's not reality.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTEYUFgLveY
  5. This is exactly how it has been done at Columbus for the last 3 years at least. The MASS is run as a student approaches syllabus completion, and they are tracked based on how they stack up against a running historical MASS. When they finish their last ride, they pack up their shit and head over to their Phase 3 squadron, they don't wait for the rest of their class anymore. Their class number is administrative only. My main concern with a return to single track is the aging of the T-6 fleet. If we're going to move all T-1 training to the T-6, we're going to be putting a shit-ton of hours on a jet that's already showing its age. The USAF acquisition process doesn't instill a lot of confidence in me that we could field a replacement (or even get Textron to build us more) before we fly these things into scrap. The answer from 19th AF of course, will be to preserve flying hours by expanding simulator and video game hours. Not a fan of that, personally. The T-6 is also a piss-poor aircraft in which to teach CRM. Agree that it's not rocket science and most of that training could be pushed on to the MWS world, or perhaps some sort of sim-only program where everyone about to enter the dual-cockpit world gets a wek or two advanced CRM course in a T-1 sim or something. But if we want guys to get wings after only ever flying the Tex2, they are going to be craptastic at CRM when they get their wings.
  6. The GOP contingent in the House is now largely ballless Betas afraid of their own shadows. For proof look no further than this weekend's Hunter S. Thompson fever-dream that is CPAC. I have tons of respect for Rep. Kinzinger for sticking to his principles, ignoring the conspiracy theories, and fighting for the soul of conservatism. The GOP needs as many Adam Kinzingers as they can find.
  7. The CGI was pathetic. Jurassic Park, which came out in 1993, has substantially more convincing CGI. It was like 30 minutes too long due to irrelevant subplots & filming locations (the entire Egypt setting could have been eliminates with zero effect on the story). The invisible airplane scene was embarrassing. The boss fight at the end made absolutely no sense, and piss-poor CGI Kristen Wiig is the supervillain? Really? Minor spoiler alert: Wonder Woman learns how to fly and lasso lightning......but somehow loses that ability 30 years later when Justice League takes place. Uh, OK........ 2/10. That movie sucks. Watch the first one again, because it's actually a good movie. Hell, just watch Linda Carter in the 1970s TV show - the CGI is about the same.
  8. What is a vote-by-mail letter? Something reminding him to vote? Unless it's a ballot, what the hell does it matter? If your deceased father was mailed a ballot and voted, you can find evidence of that here: https://www.dos.myflorida.com/elections/for-voters/check-your-voter-status-and-polling-place/ballot-information-and-status-lookup/ If you return negative results, this argument is non-existent. "Whether you call it Vote by Mail or Absentee Voting, in Florida the election system is Safe and Secure, Tried and True." --Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States
  9. He fucking lost guys. Get over it. Your tin foil hat schtick is embarrassing and, frankly, worrisome in that you guys probably hold security clearances. The GOP held the Senate. President Trump outperformed himself with virtually all minority groups compared to 2016. The Democrats lost a dozen House seats when they were supposed to gain a dozen. The squad scared off a lot of independents. From a strictly partisan point of view there is much to be satisfied with if you are a Republican. But the President got his ass handed to him by a larger margin than he won 4 years ago. The networks called it, as they do every year, when the states report a sufficient number of ballots. IT IS OVER. This would be a great time for the POTUS to show some grace, class, humility, integrity, and leadership. While we are waiting for that, here is a textbook example:
  10. When Andrew Yang showed up as Wong, I f*cking pissed my pants. 😆
  11. Where is the evidence of this? I'm open to believing this, but I just haven't seen any of it in practice. The Democrats had an open socialist in the primaries, Elizabeth Warren who is pretty damn close, and several other fringe candidates. They picked.......Joe Biden? The dude who was absolutely the most milquetoast generic centrist out of the 20-odd candidates? What *evidence* is there that a President Biden will be powerless to stand up to a junior congresswoman from New York?
  12. A brief discussion on why NFL ratings (along with every other sport) are down this year: https://www.si.com/extra-mustard/2020/10/14/sports-cable-news-ratings-2020 Reader's Digest version - it's an election year and there is a pandemic, so people are watching FoxNews, CNN, and MSNBC instead of sports. If you, personally, watched any of those channels instead of the World Series, punch yourself in the dick.
  13. He is mentioned in the memoirs of several POWs, including Leo Thorsness (MoH recipient who at one point shared a cell with McCain) , Bud Day, and James Stockdale (also both MoH recipients). They did not speak ill of him then, nor when he ran for President in 2000 or 2008. I'm personally going to take the word of three MoH recipients over "some guy my dad knows whose uncle was a POW", or some swiftboat conspiracy theory website that looks like it was designed for free on geocites in 1997. Throwing spears at the mans grave is pretty classless, imho.
  14. Sure. 4 years. 2024 election will be between Harris and Nikki Halley. Mark the tapes.
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