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  1. They still pcs you, if it was your first fail, at least that was the case of a lt in my unit. The fail would just be remediate at your next base. To note: you would be required to take a test at your current base if your test expired within 30 days after you pcs as well to accomodate for climate acclimation issues etc.
  2. Hollysood movie met the CAF down day diversity pillar, the 4th and invisible usaf pillar
  3. Just like Facebook, gotta look cool in front of all these cool guys lol
  4. Imagine the faip dudes seeing their buddies get these drops..
  5. Sigh i feel ya....i bet everyone who applied feels the same as you, even the guys who were picked up. Onto figuring out what i need to do to improve for next year...
  6. Study both afoqt and tbas and retake. Gpa is on the low side with your degree, but they say the time is now to apply if you were ever going to apply. Active duty ots upt is very competitive and you'll need as high of afoqt and tbas scores as possible to disconflict what is shown with your gpa. Good luck.
  7. If youre still eligible next year and pilot is your #1 goal id chase that pilot dream again next year or consoder guard/reserve
  8. anyone's senior rater notified them yet today?
  9. That's the general format that I've always used as well. For specifics in describing qualities, use examples of work you've done or volunteering you've done to back up those qualities. My 0.02
  10. Yea...i didnt get picked up in 2016, so i applied to guard and got a slot but my palace chase got denied due to a pending pcs that i couldnt turn off. So here i am again...if it doesnt work out hopefully i can try that guard unit again. Good luck to everyone.
  11. My assumption is that because the board is held by an O6 and other O5s, once they make their choices, it takes 1.5 weeks to staff for general officer level approval. Then AFPC is able to start the process of preparing the release, memos, etc (that's another 1.5 weeks). Then commanders and senior raters are notified first, and then a week after that the public release is announced, taking altogether ~4 weeks.
  12. I think the edge with the captain would be he just has more responsibility in his day-to-day duties so his strat would be stronger with 1/X CGO, whereas the new Lt wouldn't get that 1/X CGO strat, unless they are that good. the rest of the push note would differ from a normal OPR (no school/assignment push), but would be pretty similar to the Lt push note for the 215 though I think, 1/X CGO, great officer etc. etc., select this board! I don't think they look at year groups, everyone applying to that board would just compete against each other.
  13. the 1/1 strat stems from the Form 215 Aircrew Data Summary Sheet where they have a specific block (apart from the comments) that shows rater's strat of everyone applying for the board. If you're the only one applying; you're forced to put 1/1 on that block. The 1/X CGO strat is in the push-line in the comments block, much like in an OPR.
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