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    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    This thread has devolved into the AF I vaguely remember joining. Unabashed name-calling and and generalized assholery. Nice work, fags.

    AFPAK Hands- Opportunity Beckons

    I miss Butters. Where'd that guy go? #pilotshortage

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    It would send the message that we don't fuck around when it comes to this kind of shit. Had this happened on 9/12/2001, he would have had about as much time to joyride as it took the 15's to get there.

    Pilot retention in your neck of the woods?

    “Sinking ship” was the term recently used (more than once) regarding our manning by one of the chief pilots in my ANG unit. We’re seeing more and more young guys (AC’s and Co’s) choose to hump it out at a regional rather than try to build hours in a heavy jet that is increasingly NMC more often than not. Meanwhile our experienced traditionals can’t maintain basic currencies to save their lives, and it’s not for a lack of trying. After 6-9 tanker cancellations in a row it becomes impossible to maintain qualification, let alone basic currency. AA/DL/SW/UA only ask for 3 landings in 90 days and a 3-day trip to the sim once a year. You do the math. Sinking ship indeed.

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Worth it. Mustaches will grow back in a week or two. SNCO will still be fat in a week or two.

    Centerline thrust restriction removal

    I was a CFII with the ME-only in a prior life too. I simply had to go down to the FSDO with my C-17 IP forms 8 and it took all of 10 minutes to get the temp Instructor certificate with the ME add-on. No mil comp test required. I plan to renew that way this fall as well. Not sure if that's works with a fighter, but I would think with the new CL thrust guidance, you should be able to do the same and avoid the test. Give the FSDO a call. It's hit or miss, but they are generally pretty good about helping out mil guys and answering those types of questions. The guys at the Herndon, VA office are great.

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    But it was in a galaxy far, far away, so the flightsuit is obviously the "universally" superior option. Much like black boots were.

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Their Heffeweizen comes with a tube of Monistat.

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    What’s a good age to start the weezing on lap 4? Asking for a friend....

    The new airline thread

    Well, an hour after saying this, I was able to turn the 4-day I had at the end of August into a 3-day thanks to a text from a software system SWAPA recently brought back. LineTuner lets us put in a set of criteria for a trip we are looking for (days, pay, overnights, show/release...). If a trip becomes available in any of our trip-trade systems, it shoots a text to you letting you know... but you gotta be quick. Fortunately, I was fast enough to get on and take advantage of a positive "net zero" in our company trade system (ELITT) and it made my 4-day a 3-day. The net zero thing sounds a lot like the American green/red/redder thing discussed earlier and is another alert option LineTuner gives us. I always hear people say we have the best flexibility, and I believe that's true IF you're ready to spend some time behind the keyboard. When our ELITT (Enhanced Line Improvement Trip Trade) opens up on the 25th, it is a literal feeding frenzy for the first 10 minutes before all that is left is min-paying scraps. After that, stuff will pop up here and there as folks go in and make trades. That worked out for me thanks to LineTuner. Do your research. If you're looking to not work like icohftb was asking about... stay away from SWA. I've never "worked my ass off" like you'll see over at APC, but it's not WB reserve at AA/DAL/UAL. You'll get to fly a 737 for 3 days at a time, and when things start getting squirrelly in the system, you'll be duly compensated for your inconveniences.

    TSgt John Chapman MoH saga

    Good to hear. I had a chance to meet the wife of the author of the Newsweek article posted above. I had already read the article when we spoke, but to hear just how bad the red tape truly was is amazing. The complete ineptitude of the system that would allow this to take so long is beyond belief. It's a solid piece of writing and, as mentioned above, a must read.

    The new airline thread

    From what I hear tell, SWA has it pretty good in this regard. Maybe cause all their trips seem to be 3 days it makes it easier to plug and play, dunno. The last part is true. 3-days are the easiest currency to work with in our trip-trading systems and are the majority of what scheduling builds. One of the recent articles from SWAPA had the 2018 breakdown as 9.5% turns, 11.5% 2-days, 64.9% 3-days and 14.1% 4-days (rounded). The 3-day number is actually down a bit, but the 1- and 2-day numbers are up. I've found the 4-day trips to be the hardest to manipulate when tweaking my schedule. However, completely dropping trips (you giving back to the company) is impossible except for mil leave, and vacation drops. Giving away trips (someone else taking a trip from you) is a bit easier, but is highly dependent on the quality of the schedule you were able to bid (weekdays, 3-days, start time, commutability, etc). A lot of guys try to maximize their schedules by "clearing their board" and picking up stuff that pays better and/or playing the premium game - which hasn't been too great lately. But again, success with that is highly dependent on seniority. Just my perspective three years in and coming up on 50% seniority in seat/base.

    “Red is the new Green”

    Every now and then I start to feel guilty about being non-current and/or NMR and think about going in to the unit to fly a local. Then I read shit like this and decide it’s just easier to go fly a Caribbean turn. From what I’ve heard, this new C-17 Vol 1 is going to be an abortion on the Guard/Reserve side of the house.