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  1. Where's that form I fill out to help the AF save money?


    Great... now I suddenly hate my wife. Thanks, asshole!


    Jesus, dude. After all the great news this year... ouch.
  4. One civilian job? Guess we haven’t met yet.
  5. Point made... Don't choose a company based on the current labor relations (Pilots, FAs, AMTs, etc). That shit is so cyclical you'll never be able to keep up even when you work for the company. Look back at the overarching theme of this thread.... go with the first company that puts you in class and do your best to avoid a commute.
  6. Do you work for Southwest? Honest question only because I can't say I've ever "worked hard" at SWA.
  7. I went with SWA. Would do it again. I'd explain why, but you said bases can't be a consideration. 😏 Reference your upgrade question - speculation is that number could drop to 6-7 years in the future. SWA had a hiring lull starting around 2009. It really didn't pick back up until 2014. The theory is that 2014 and beyond hires may see the 10 year upgrade figure decrease as they work through guys hired between those years. Additionally they are really ramping up upgrade training this year which will also play a big factor if that continues. Congrats if this is your situation. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  8. Probably preaching to the choir here, but 2-3 years out is also a good timeframe to start "tightening the belt" on your finances if you're considering separating for the airlines. Pay off the car loans, eliminate credit card debt, start building up the rainy day cash account.... Everyone talks about how much first year pay sucks, but it doesn't instantly get better when second year pay kicks in. While YMMV, and having heeded my advice above, it wasn't until about year three at the airline that I could finally start to "loosen the belt." While I love hearing the stories of folks going to indoc while on terminal leave, it seems to be the exception to the rule. Plan accordingly.
  9. ...said no recruiter about a pilot candidate EVER.
  10. SWA bidding closes at 1200 central on the 9th. We can see the awarded line a few hours later.
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