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  1. Alarming. He’s right on the money. 78 Suicides so far this year 😡
  2. There is a huge difference between “charged” and “convicted” of a DUI or anything else. Are you saying if someone was pulled over for DUI, went to jail for the night but was later acquitted for lack of evidence, faulty equipment or improper procedure, that you still consider it a crime? What about a pilot who does a flyby at 800’ instead of 1000’? He knowingly broke the “law”...so it’s a crime, not a mistake, right?
  3. You’re damn right they should be “reinstated”. They are innocent until proven guilty. That’s how it works around here. A “technicality” may be blind ass luck or a poorly trained officer or whatever, but if the proof of guilt doesn’t meet the standard of law...that person is innocent. Period. “For the law holds, that it is better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent suffer.”
  4. The new norm these days...guilty until proven innocent. Total bullshit.
  5. So much WTF. How does one, “activate a Fun Run”???? Is there a big red button to activate it? Who gets to press the button?
  6. Not a B-2 guy, but if You never deploy and fly T-38s as a side chick...how bad can it be? Plus it’s fun to say you live in Knob Noster, MO. I imagine having B-2 time on your airline resume wouldn’t hurt either.
  7. Or better yet, when it happened!! According to her statement, he got his special general sauce on her yoga pants somehow. Guessing that would have been irrefutable evidence.
  8. See RSD’s reply above. i don’t believe everyone should get promoted just because they are a pilot, but it speaks volumes that pilots aren’t getting promoted at the highest rate if they so desperately need them, especially experienced pilots.
  9. Must be getting just run-down enough the Saudis need us to come in and fix it up again. 🙄 If we hadn’t bailed from PSAB, we wouldn’t have wasted another couple billion on infrastructure at Al Udeid.
  10. Exactly correct. Big Blue can talk about their efforts to solve the retention crisis all they want, but those percentages show they don’t really care. If they did, the pilot numbers would be much higher.
  11. I think I got to 7 or 8 in the T-37 before realizing I was 20 degrees nose low and sailing thru 300 knots (275 was the limit I believe). Idle, boards and max G pull saved the day. Soooo dumb. Hahah
  12. This about covers it: “Job dissatisfaction, career dissatisfaction, frequent and long deployments, poor quality of life, non-competitive pay and lack of personal and professional development are among the reasons cited for why many experienced military pilots separate from military service,” the DoD study states. Pilots aren’t happy in the military and the packages the Air Force has to offer aren’t cutting it.” Pretty simple yet not much is being done.
  13. So weird that she was CEO of Textron prior to being appointed. I’m sure there is no conflict of interest there.
  14. Yeah, they sure did. Really well done. Maybe there is hope after all.
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