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  1. Leadership at the 'Deid

    I'm headed over there soon. Have been told that the Sq/CC is a typical clown act more interested in making O6 than actually taking care of the crews. Anecdotal evidence verifies....Was forwarded a lengthy email directly from said clown concerning approved patches and hat wear. Focusing on the important stuff apparently. SMH. edit to add: have been told they are using 8 hour show-time windows for crews now. Apparently the way we've done it for 15 years wasn't good enough for this guy so they're re-inventing the wheel.
  2. AFPC functionals and leadership

    Meh, fuck 'em. If he's pissed enough, maybe they'll kick you out and you'll be happier at the airlines 5 years sooner. An OG getting butt hurt about something like this, and the fact you're fearful of reprisal, is messed up. Totally believable, but just plain wrong. SMH. We need better O-6s and above.
  3. RIP Doc

    Where Are the Heroes
  4. RIP Doc

    Possibly flying a SU-27
  5. Flight Pay increases

    Crazy talk, indeed. Just doing my part to help solve this retention crisis...
  6. Flight Pay increases

    Truth. Air Force circa 1985-1990 sounds about right for starters. All airline talk aside, if the AF was serious about using money to aid retention, they would have doubled the previous aviator bonuses. $1000/mo increase would at least get people's attention. Edit to add: OBTW, give ARC guys the full flight pay whether they fly or not that month, just like AD. End this pro-rating the flight pay to a daily rate bullshit.
  7. Flight Pay increases

    I've met a few guys who are making that kind of money, but if we are being honest they are very, very senior in their category and also work their asses off. I'm a commuter that only works 12-15 days a month at the airline due to ANG commitments (I know, I know...I need to retire already), and I don't do any short-notice premium pay flying, so that's where my $200k number came from. The captain I flew with last week mentioned he made $180k/year working 8 days a month. Buys his own first class tickets to get to/from work and doesn't have a care in the world. I want to be like that guy!
  8. Flight Pay increases

    Hell yeah, a $160/month raise?!?! Screw that $200,000/year airline job now!! All sarcasm aside, its a step in the right direction but honestly a drop in the bucket, and likely the wrong bucket at that. Let's work on decent leadership and looking out for your people.
  9. Oh wow. This will end well, I'm sure. Guys who are topped out at O-5 with over 20, with an outside airline gig, who are just staying around (losing money!) to fly the mission and teach the young guys, are going to bail in droves. Probably 20% of my squadron fits this demographic, and I promise you none of us will do a 6 month deployment.
  10. North Korea at it again

    Tell your brother to get his shit together and start pulling his weight for the family!
  11. Finance Problems

    Shack. I've used this many times and it works. Stay polite (don't give up the moral high ground!) but don't leave until you get some concrete answers from someone who knows WTF they are talking about.
  12. Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity by finishing the quote.
  13. joining ANG

    Echo what Evil said. Will add that yes, you can apply to any ANG/AFRES unit you want. Most people send apps to several units, if not every single unit. It helps to have local ties or a logical reason why you are applying at that unit, as most units have been burned by the guy who applies, gets hired, then bolts for his hometown unit 6.9 months after finishing training. Not sure that a huge amount of flight time beyond PPL is all that big a factor, at least at my unit. Soloing and having a license show aptitude. The AF can teach the rest. More important is not being a dick. The AD boards are all about scores and GPA but in my experience the ANG is much more concerned with personality and fit.