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  1. Just read an article claiming the port authority had been asking for YEARS to have the ammonium nitrate either moved or sold. Hope the guy(s) trying time do the right thing weren’t there when it finally went bad.
  2. Ha! I have every single one of those songs on my Spotify running playlist. Damn we are old.
  3. Okay, so I am bored and sick of the coronavirus bullshit. Decided to see what topics were on the first page of the forum, ya know...13 years ago. Not sure this thread title aged well. 😂
  4. Damn, I’d say shit got real... ”Whatever the trio’s intentions, it was later established in court that by the end of the night Prouse’s crewmates had ordered seven pitchers, and he’d had 17 rum and cokes.” Good read overall.
  5. Don’t sell Rat that short. His shit still stunk just in different ways.
  6. Shit happens. Set or review your long term goals and get moving. Be good at your current job. Don’t give up. I was an EWO for over 6 years and went to UPT. 17 years as a pilot. It can be done.
  7. Damn. So very sad. Blue skies and tailwinds. 🍻
  8. The mighty MD-88 has speed cards in a holder on the dash. Flip to the one with your gross weight listed, fly the printed speeds. Like any true cave man. 😂
  9. This sucks on every level. If it can can happen to the most experienced B-17 pilot in the country, it can happen to you (or me). Stay safe out there fellas.
  10. Yup. Best trips ever. We’d work the schedule to have one crew fly the first week and the other fly the second, effectively giving you a week paid vacation. The diving is the best I’ve ever done. Amazing how one good-deal trip like that made up for a lot of time in the sandbox. Now almost all of the good deals are gone, including Curaçao.
  11. Alarming. He’s right on the money. 78 Suicides so far this year 😡
  12. There is a huge difference between “charged” and “convicted” of a DUI or anything else. Are you saying if someone was pulled over for DUI, went to jail for the night but was later acquitted for lack of evidence, faulty equipment or improper procedure, that you still consider it a crime? What about a pilot who does a flyby at 800’ instead of 1000’? He knowingly broke the “law”...so it’s a crime, not a mistake, right?
  13. You’re damn right they should be “reinstated”. They are innocent until proven guilty. That’s how it works around here. A “technicality” may be blind ass luck or a poorly trained officer or whatever, but if the proof of guilt doesn’t meet the standard of law...that person is innocent. Period. “For the law holds, that it is better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent suffer.”
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