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  1. This about covers it: “Job dissatisfaction, career dissatisfaction, frequent and long deployments, poor quality of life, non-competitive pay and lack of personal and professional development are among the reasons cited for why many experienced military pilots separate from military service,” the DoD study states. Pilots aren’t happy in the military and the packages the Air Force has to offer aren’t cutting it.” Pretty simple yet not much is being done.
  2. So weird that she was CEO of Textron prior to being appointed. I’m sure there is no conflict of interest there.
  3. Yeah, they sure did. Really well done. Maybe there is hope after all.
  4. HA! I’ve never heard it put so well. Bravo, good sir.
  5. Correct. A call to the chief Pilot’s office to amend your mil duty to end early. At DAL at least, once mil leave is on your schedule, the system locks you out of doing anything with it.
  6. While the policy is for no concurrent duty, that is going to be changed (per the military liaison/manager). Implementation is pending the outcome of said USERRA lawsuit, which has more to do with a few pilots covering their asses for gaming the system than anything Delta has done IMHO. My understanding is that policy was put in place many years ago and was meant to prohibit concurrent flying duty specifically, back in the day when ARC pilots just flew airplanes. I know several CC types who routinely go to their ANG bases on 30hr layovers to do admin and the company doesn’t go after them (aka enforce the current policy). Having said that, Delta was definitely putting the squeeze on military members in the 2014-2016 time frame. The manager and CPO guys doing it have been removed. My experience with the new guys has been as good as possible.
  7. Anyone else a little worried that a former Boeing exec has been nominated to be the SecDef? Beware the military-industrial complex! Trump Nominated Shanahan
  8. I don’t think you can go wrong with either. My point of view as a biased career tanker guy: The KC-135 is truly from a different era when it comes to hand flying it. It’s 1950s vintage through-and-through, so you actually have to FLY THE AIRPLANE. Or it will fly you, I promise. Perhaps not the most exciting missions some days, but flying a 60 year old airplane that has trim tabs, cable flight controls, and a shitload of power takes skill and constant attention. Not much fancy automation, hydraulic flight controls, auto-trim and HUDs to make everyone look like a hero. Never boring to flying that jet.
  9. I know one of the plaintiffs from the lawsuit, and he is possibly the biggest A-hole I’ve ever met. He was deliberately abusing the USERRA rules to his own benefit and got caught. He also go fired as an ART in not only the ANG but also AFRC, several years apart, as a point of reference about his character.
  10. I love giving people grief but Rhat was an entire extra level of petty and vindictive. The old adage “we only make fun of people we like” is pretty true with him IMHO.
  11. We need Azimuth to pipe up here, as he was actually stationed there. I remember drinking beers at Manas and the Deid with Fairchild crews, listening to the stories, and being utterly amazed. Things like openly threatening to cancel join spouse assignments if someone didn’t cover a TDY. Then he turned up at OTBH as the OG a couple years later when I was on staff and it was as bad as his reputation.
  12. He Q-3d a crew for flying a night visual despite having signed the FCIF saying they weren’t allowed any more, one of 69 they signed off during theater Indoc? Also decertified the tower controllers who cleared them as well as the SOF. Their home guard base just shredded the paperwork; never made it to their FEFs (airline guys). There was also the time he called a crew on the carpet for safety cancelling a Deid sortie, after stepping to their 4th un-airconditioned KC-135 in August heat over a span of nearly 5 hours. Bonus coward points for the Sq/CC who refused to go with the guys to defend them. Also, there’s this: https://www.jqpublicblog.com/another-one-bites-dust-amateur-hour-continues-amc-continuous-unexplained-firings/ and this saga: https://www.jqpublicblog.com/raging-white-jettisoning-lt-col-blair-kaiser-air-forces-ethics-problem/ The stories are endless and each more sad than the previous. What a terrible commander.
  13. Other airline bubba: “Oh damn dude, you must have only worked 16-19 days last month!”
  14. I would start with AFI 11-402. A glance on my phone didn’t yield a quick answer, but I suspect if you dig deep enough you will find verbiage about the priority of aeronautical orders. For example, I stopped earning credit toward my Senior Navigator rating the month I entered UPT, even though I was still a rated, current and qualified EWO.
  15. That unit has been a clown show for many, many years. About time someone got them back on track. Alert Double-Dipping
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