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  1. Is this the claims department at TMM Jacksonville? I’ve heard recently about claims taking a while, but that is ridiculous. We already had to pay to fix our washing machine that was broken during the move and come spring time I have to buy my kids a new trampoline because they trashed it. We shouldn’t have to fight for years to get compensated for losses. Reason 2,469,569 dudes are tripping over each other on the way out the door.
  2. The Next President is...

    Give HeShe a TS/SCI and put HimHer on the Senate Intelligence Committee! What’s the worst that could happen?
  3. It’s just another data point of the Air Force showing us what we are truly worth.
  4. The Next President is...

    Watch a few of the videos by Numbers USA about our current immigration policies and what it will do to our population in the future. At the current rate of 1 million legal immigrants per year, our population will be almost unsustainable in 50 to 100 years. It’s like a lifeboat floating away from the Titanic, we can either let everyone swarm us and drag us to the bottom of the ocean, or we can teach them to build their own damn boat to float in.
  5. I would like luggage tags as well, I’ve been looking for the ones that have double snaps so they won’t fall off.
  6. Blended Retirement System Puzzle

    Tricare also advertises a Retired Reserve plan if you are under 60. Premiums for a family are about $1,000 a month, but it has a low deductible. It states you are eligible as long as you aren’t eligible for Federal Employee Health Benefits due to some other government employment. Might be a better option than employer coverage. https://tricare.mil/Plans/HealthPlans/TRR
  7. The Next President is...

    My 59 year old mom hasn’t had healthcare for a year. The premiums doubled last Jan and they couldn’t afford them along with the high out of pocket costs. So now she is uninsured and just pays the fine because it is less than the cost of one month of premiums. Now she is playing the odds that nothing serious will happen to her until she’s eligible for Medicare at 65 or something corrects the healthcare market.
  8. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    If I was a Sq/Grp/Wg CC here’s what I would do: Once outdated regs or processes are identified in my organization, I would draft a policy letter identifying that additional duty or process that my people will no longer execute and give the CSAF guidance as justification. If Congress or someone else wanted to then investigate why we weren’t executing some program that was mandated, I think the CSAF is pretty good top cover. But who the hell knows, they’d probably try to throw me in jail anyway for not having a unit voting assistance monitor. That’s why I’ll never be a CC in this organization.
  9. Promotion and PRF Information

    Oh yeah, I forgot that part. Who knows what they did and/or are doing.
  10. Promotion and PRF Information

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they went through the whole scoring exercise just to get the O-6’s some training on the process. Instead of streamlining it to save time and effort...
  11. Civilian T-6 IPs?

    You weren’t afraid of the USEM? Are they really that nice these days?
  12. New BAH rates are out.

    Is it McCain we have to thank for that?
  13. Dream Sheet Advice

    I had many memorable days in the Reaper that were more exciting than this, probably will never make live leak.
  14. The new airline thread

    We need a new one, I need the motivation of the guys who were posting their monthly gross pay over the summer.
  15. Border crisis

    Two things: 1. The gun was a Sig P226 or similar. From what I’ve read, these are double action only trigger weapons with a trigger pull of around 15 pounds. It was a stolen Fed BLM agent’s weapon which means it would have been inherently a safe weapon unless the thief paid for gunsmithing or modified it himself. How could the prosecution not call in an expert to demonstrate how difficult it is to “accidentally” fire a weapon like this? These jurors are from SAN FRANCISCO and more than likely know exactly dick about firearms, how they operate, and have been conditioned for years to fear them. 2. Sanctuary city/state policies are modern day nullification and interestingly enough are being pushed by the same democrat party that believed in nullification that led to secession and the Civil War. We cannot have a sovereign country without having defined borders and the rule of law respected by all of our states, cities, municipalities, and even the wacko federal judges that love to legislate from the bench. Immigration law is specifically a granted power of the US Congress in the Constitution. But I guess you’d need to give a shit about the Constitution in the first place and San Francisco, California, New York and soon the be New Jersey don’t.
  16. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    I remember in UPT being taught that people were more important than airplanes. However, many of the jets we fly today cannot be replaced. We already have a significantly reduced fleet, so what is their plan when we start planting lawn darts on a regular basis? Or we go off the end of the runway multiple times in a C-17? Production lines are closed and we can’t buy more of most of the jets we fly.
  17. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    Looks like we found our first 19 year old F-35 wingman.
  18. I wondered about that. When I saw the show at Altus, there was something that occurred that made me think it looked more dangerous than previous shows. I thought it was because the few I saw before were at Nellis and they have terrain to deal with. The solos here seemed ridiculously low, and if I remember correctly on one pass the diamond came across pretty close after a solo pass which I hadn’t seen before.
  19. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Should have bought this instead: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairchild_T-46# What was the Laughlin maintenance issue?
  20. I’m shocked they released any info about the retention payment prior to the opt in cutoff date. I figured they would just make career minded folks gamble.
  21. Since this payment is at the discretion of the secretary, you’d think they’d at least put some thought into it to target stressed career fields. Pilots, enlisted aviators, senior operators, RPA pilots, and maintainers should be at a much higher multiplier than SSgt Snuffy finance or services guy.
  22. Future T-38 replacement?

    I think the point with the Scorpion is the positive economics for UPT. In a single track UPT we are just training pilots, let an expanded IFF course in a more advanced afterburning trainer like the T-50 teach high performance maneuvering. I’m just a heavy guy, what do I know, but we are broke. We’ve been trying to buy a new tanker for decades and still don’t have a single tail, and if our trainers suffer similar delays we will break our ability to produce pilots which the Air Force is apparently betting the farm on. It makes sense to me to find an economical advanced trainer and to simplify UPT back to a single phase III jet.
  23. T-38 Down @ DLF

    No, it was some local. Hopefully they don’t know what’s going on and it was just one pilot.
  24. T-38 Down @ DLF

    Saw something on FB that only one pilot made it out, here’s hoping and praying that is inaccurate.