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  1. Sad, I hoped maybe the OG was booted due to upper management finally figuring out one of the many reasons pilots are bailing in droves is jackass management. The WG/CC is married to an airline pilot. She knows life is better on the outside world. I though it refreshing to see a tool get the boot. But, she may be a tool too. Sad.
  2. And rumor is the 14OG/CC is a total jackass. He is not liked.
  3. I am surprised management at your detachment is so detached from reality. I just heard that CBM is going to send some T-38 students to Sheppard. CBMs maintenance problems have crushed their ability to train T-38 students. So, yes, I think big blue will reduce UPT slots. And please, while working for big blue falcon, always, ALWAYS “prepare for disappointment.”
  4. Sir, If your grandson wants to pursue the USAF pilot life, PLEASE help him find a fighter guard unit. Great resource.... https://bogidope.com/ There are a bunch of students in SUPT right now that are “off the street” guard and reserve members. In the good old days, you had to enlist in the guard or reserve and maybe, eventually, post bachelors degree, your guard or reserve unit would send you to a commissioning source and then UPT. Not any more. SUPT has numerous newly minted guard or reserve 2LTs. All of these kids I have spoken with had at least a private pilot certificate (many had their private and instrument rating) before they applied to several guard units. Bottom line, active-duty is a clown show. Go Guard.
  5. I’m deployed right now. Layover in Munich. 😂 I hope all of you escape. AA and UAL each hiring 1,000 between now and the end of 2020. DAL claims they are gonna hire 1,200 between now and the end of 2020. FedEx, SWA, Alaska, who knows? 🍺🍺🍺
  6. BS or not, this pullback in rated pilot slots rumor makes sense. A few months ago I heard that AETC needed 250ish new IPs in FY 19. Well, they only got 150ish because everyone is jumping ship. And, CBM has yuge aircraft maintenance problems that will take the new maintenance contractor at least a year to fix. Didn’t one of you guys also mention PIT had/has maintenance problems too? You cant train pilots with broken aircraft and a lack of IPs.
  7. Isn’t there some AFI that says AF members should be given time during the duty day for PT? I have never seen that actually happen in a fighter squadron or in a UPT squadron. Maybe this will lead to folks actually given time, during the duty day, for PT? BWAHAHAHA! Yeah right, I know, fat chance (get it, FAT chance)! I crack me up.
  8. Ha! Every thread on here turns into sport bitching. My intent in starting the thread was to see if these things are happening at every SUPT base: 1) Degradation of student phase 3 performance. 2) No more daily morning briefs and or standup. 3) Low IP manning. 4) Lack of civilian sim IPs.
  9. An MEB is NOT a bad deal. Chances of a medical retirement are great in your case. Are you a fighter pilot or a Buff/B-1 pilot? Your injuries are very common in G pullers. Write down every possible question you can think of for the neurologist. Get on a PT test exemption ASAP (no running, no crunches, no pushups, no timed super speed walk). I and many fighter pilots hold a class 1 FAA medical with spine problems. DO NOT let flying for the AF, nor doing the PT test, screw up your long term health.
  10. How many doctors have 4 to 10 million dollars in training costs? Zero. He is an idiot. https://www.rand.org/content/dam/rand/pubs/research_reports/RR2400/RR2415/RAND_RR2415.pdf
  11. Folks, there are never school lists here, only high morale, joy, and time off... https://careers.fedex.com/pilot http://deltajobs.net/pilots.htm https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/company/career/pilot.html
  12. Any IFF IPs? How are IFF washout rates these days?
  13. 2nd to last line, “running shoes & a reflective belt.” BWHAHAHAHAH!!!
  14. Hello friends. 6 to 9 month ago, I retired as a T-38 IP reservist. Talking to friends that are still hacking the mish (cool pilot talk 🙂 ), they are seeing numerous problems in T-38 land. 1st, the reduction in T-6 syllabus flying time is noticeable in newbie skill level and SA. 2nd, flight room daily morning briefs and daily stand-up are a thing of the past due to.... 3rd, IP manning is terrible. Supposedly AETC needed 249 IPs in FY 2019, they got 150 - everyone is separating. 4th, there are not enough civilian simulator instructors. Anyone else seeing the same stuff? I am drinking Belgian beer in Belgium right now. I hope you all find your way off the sinking ship. Merle
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