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  1. Anyone else see the viper crash at shaw or know the deets? Looks like a landing gear problem (like the kunsan one) Still not sure on the status of the pilot. Gambler jet
  2. Fingers came and talked to us at Misawa. We asked him that direct question. He actually said he wanted to lessen it to 8 years active duty..and 6 years in the reserves. So yes, more years total in commitment. Allow AF pilots to fly for the Airlines but still hold on to that experience an extra 4 years.. Let me know if I'm completely out of line, but having an inherent dangerous job, working 14+ hour days, and flying a jet that requires more skill that working at a desk=should equal more pay. I'm making as much money as a COMM officer (who works half that)? Doesn't seem
  3. So is the B course really being shortened? That's a shame. Last base I left had 1 IP assigned to the Sq that wasn't either the SQ/CC-DO-or Patch. No way the CAF is going to be able to do MQT upgrades requiring the standard + SEAD + sh** that the B-course cuts out. Not enough IP's for that....
  4. Looks like I'm going to be out of the CAF (Viper) after my next assignment. Going to have to go to white jets to make room for all of these viper babies. In addition..the CAF sends my buddy-only 2 years in the viper-to white jets to make room for newbies (while he was still an inexperienced 4-FL). makes no sense...
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