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  1. I have no problem paying people what they are worth. I have a problem paying people more than they are worth. 130,000 federal employees make more than the governor of Pennsylvania who makes @ $196K per year. I'm sure some of those federal jobs require skills and knowledge above and beyond what is required of 1 of 50 state governors. Let's say we need 30,000 people smarter and more knowledgeable than 50 state governors. Why do we need the other 100,000? @42 of 50 of the highest paid state employees are football or basketball coaches. The other are heads of medical or law schools.
  2. In a similar vein, the book "The Billion Dollar Spy" is a great read regarding the gathering of data on Soviet radars, etc. from an Engineer in Moscow. Describes some amazing spy work and how they did it.
  3. He is the top paid Federal Employee in the government and I have no idea why. Seriously, you could pay me half of what he makes, which would be half of $416,000, and I'll make stupid decisions and save the government money.
  4. That intake forward of the nasty sheet metal damage is the pack inlet but not sure how far inboard the ducting goes once you pass the inlet. I've been wondering what all was damaged by that flying debris and I thought the cowlings were designed to contain fan blade failures. We'll see what the investigators find.
  5. Did the T-38 IP thing for a few years and performance varied with the guys with flying experience. One of my better students had @1500 hours with a Commercial Instrument rating and did great. Formation flying was the only thing he had not seen but adapted quickly. Other guys with flying time who thought they knew it all with their 200 hours in a 172 and would not adapt got hammered. Air under your butt in anything is always great training, just know you MUST do it the AF way because they care nothing about where you came from.
  6. TreeA10

    Gun Talk

    I'm looking for Iron sights for concealed carry. Trijicon or Ameriglo seem to be fairly popular.
  7. TreeA10

    Gun Talk

    Any recommendations for handgun sight upgrades?
  8. We can play "whatabout" tennis all day long and just keeping knocking that ball back and forth over the net. Lord knows both sides have enough material to volley. Some polls are showing 36% overall of the population and 70% of Republicans lacking confidence in our voting system which translates to @ 50 million people. Do you have any suggestions that might solve problems with faith in the election system going forward? Or, do we accept the lack of confidence and let it fester?
  9. Yes, there were folks way out at the end of the spectrum that said some stupid $hit so true statement. But that has been true ON BOTH SIDES for some time. Nothing surprising. Also, the media has always had a left leaning bent but that veneer was taken off in the sheer hatred of Trump. The long list of "mis-reported", some might call lies, allegations over the last 4 years is quite lengthy. Trump said some stupid crap but the errors in reporting from anonymous sources lean one way and press credibility is in the dumpster. Trump engaged the press while BIden hid. Trump was asked and he an
  10. The left already did this when they lost and spent the next four years denigrating the election process attributing collusion, Russian interference, Russian hacking, etc as causal factors to their candidate losing. We have swapped positions with the right now expressing doubts to the legitimacy of the system the left spent tearing down. Media consistency would go a long way towards repairing faith in the system but their blatant left leaning bias isn't going to let that happen.
  11. Worse was the bike test years ago. The intent was to get your heart rate up to some benchmark and hold it there. I was a long distance runner with a very low resting heart rate. I'd get on that stupid bike and start pedalling. Heart rate barely increases. The dude doing the test increases the resistance. Heart rate increases just a little. This sequence repeats itself for a while and by the time I get my heart rate up my legs are tired but I pass. The squadron bacon powered pudgy guy gets in there and his heart immediately increases, hits his target heart rate, and he is done. Made no sense a
  12. "If I see one more aircraft picture, I'm going to scream/throw a hissy fit/get triggered/collapse into the fetal position" said no one ever on this site.
  13. I can't remember what all is required to bring this up in the HUD on the 787 but on a visual or instrument approach a dashed line at 2.5 or 3 degrees ( don't remember that either) is displayed. If your flight path marker isn't near that line, it is very easy to see you, or the other guy, are screwing up the approach. With all that being said, the runway and approach are always loaded in the FMS for backup and confirmation .
  14. Anybody with access to the appropriate search engine to find out how many landing mishaps there have been in the last couple years?
  15. The "Let's mail ballots to every one on our DMV/voter rolls/residents" technique has not improved the confidence in the outcome. Perception is reality to some people so why not remove the perception of fraud by implementing a voting system that does exactly that. The argument, "Well, voter fraud exists but in such small numbers it doesn't matter" gets shaky when win/loss margins are very narrow and, once again, there are enough documented accounts of fraudulent voting or ballot irregularities to challenge the election results or stir up hate and discontent. Every LEGAL vote should count and
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