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  1. TreeA10

    We’re doomed

    "You are here to learn to kill people and break their stuff! You will become experts in the application of precision high explosives that can obliterate a 4 story building and its occupants! But, if that's too scary or too hard and sends you running to your safe space, pet this puppy.". Yep, we are hosed. Westies... Stupid but cute. We've got one.
  2. TreeA10

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    Since I live in the boonies, I have a wireless internet provider. I just changed providers and the dude is checking the router in my "I love me" study. He looks at the aircraft prints, plagues, etc. and asks if I had been in the military. When I answered yes, he says he is taking 50% off the $100 install fee. Should i have said "No thanks."?
  3. TreeA10

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    The medal plate free registration only applies to one vehicle. I've got 2 cars with medal plates. When I found out that I would no longer have to park in the hail storm bullseye DFW employee parking lot, ride the employee bus, and endure the pain in the ass 20 minute ride to or from the terminal squashed in a mass of humans with questionable hygiene habits during our tremendously enjoyable summer heat waves and I could utilize covered parking at the terminal for free, HELL YES I got a medal plate.
  4. TreeA10

    The Next President is...

    It's hard not to form opinions regarding behavior. What is a rational person to think when classified information is found on a home brew server and nothing comes of it? Was that server subpoenaed and searched by the FBI? No. Did the FBI conduct a dawn no-knock raid of the home to search for documents/computers/etc. that contained classified information? No. Did legal advisors, also under investigation, to the person who concocted the home brew server have their home(s) raided and searched? No. Those persons were also given legal immunity. Did the FBI record any interviews with the people connected with the improper handling of classified information? No. Again, the legal counsel that was under investigation that was given legal immunity also served as legal counsel to another person under investigation. Were any indictments brought about after requested phones and computers were destroyed by those that were under investigation? No. Lastly, does the legal statute governing the prosecution for improper handling of classified information contain the word "intent" anywhere within it? No. A common thread through this process and the lack of prosecutorial interest happens to be a couple of names who happen to be investigators with the power to drive the scope and direction of the investigation. I'm sure that it's just coincidence. If you have any doubt of this, I would suggest you duplicate the home brew server in your house and store some classified information on it. Tip off the FBI and let us know how that works out.
  5. TreeA10

    The new airline thread

    Widebody flying depends on Short Call vs Long Call. As I've successfully clawed my way to a relatively more junior position, despite wanting and bidding Short Call, I've been stuck with Long Call for the last two months. I did 3 trips in January and I've done 2 so far this month. Compare and contrast that with Short Call where I might fly once per month. My personal "they don't need me so my phone didn't ring" best was 95 days last year and 105 the year before. I was wondering if I could find the airport again.
  6. TreeA10

    Future T-38 replacement?

    The 787 has a cursor control like a touchpad on a laptop but it has a hand rest so your hand isn't bouncing around excessively. Some are touch sensitive and therefore very quick and skittish and you can find yourself zipping over 4 screens quickly. If they could dampen that out, it would be more user friendly, particularly in rough air. Screen displays are nice. If you don't need it, you don't see it. For instance, once the gear is up, no more gear indicator, same for flaps. Cabin pressure, etc. not displayed unless abnormal. I think a touch screen would be a pain in the ass.
  7. TreeA10

    The new airline thread

    If you ever decide to walk into the Passport office to do a one day update, you will have an unpleasant flashback. Some "security" guy yelling "PLEASE SILENCE YOUR CELL PHONES. NO PHONE CALLS WHILE IN LINE. DO NOT SIT ON THE FLOOR (this is in the hallway before being allowed entrance into the hallowed waiting room with seats). DO NOT BLOCK THE HALLWAY. HAVE YOUR PAPERWORK OUT READY TO REVIEW" and then you get into the inner sanctum and you encounter the federal employees of which you have such fond memories. It did bring back such unpleasant memories of endless BS.
  8. TreeA10

    F-35 Lightning info

  9. TreeA10

    The Next President is...

    I think Trump's whole statement was "....like people from Norway AND ASIA." The media conveniently leaves the last two words off his statement because it does not fit the liberal narrative and hampers their ability to stir up shit. Having been involved in Operation Support Democracy (also known as Operation Support Democrats, The Haitian Invasion, and/or Operation Rum Punch by those of us that ended up in Puerto Rico), the pre-attack briefing given by the Intel folks pretty much painted a shithole picture of a country. We were only going to shoot TP ammo so we would decrease the odds of setting the slums on fire which could not be put out once burning. Our only "armored" targets were thin skinned V-150s and the 30mm TP ammo will punch through 4 inches of armor so no big deal but you lose the HEI effectiveness on area targets that have no armor such as people. I flew into Haiti after the latest earthquake with a 767 full of relief cargo and aid workers. Looked and smelled like a shithole. Last but not least, liberals will say we can't send illegals back to their home countries BECAUSE????...their countries are shitholes. The liberal "scream at the sky" emotional meltdown continues. For those who haven't read it, author Jared Diamond (also wrote Guns, Germs, and Steel) wrote Collapse. The book covers failed cultures from the past that are no more other than what we find via artifacts. He also does a great job describing FAILING cultures and compares Haiti to the Dominican Republic where the former is failing and the latter is doing okay despite being neighbors on a small island. Both books are good reads.
  10. TreeA10

    Overseas PCS and your cars

    Moving back to the lower 48 from Alaska, we drove one car and shipped one car, a 7 year old Mazda 626. A couple months later, we drive from Shaw to Charleston to pick it up and actually walk right past it. Didn't even recognize it. The hood, trunk, and roof had numerous dents, crush areas, and lots of rust. Fortunately, no glass was broken so water inside the car wasn't a issue. I can only guess they threw chains OVER the car and tightened them to chain it down. Insurance paid to have it fixed.
  11. TreeA10

    Syrian Su-22 Shot Down by US Aircraft

    Not the ideal post location but it is Syria related. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/17493/russia-says-january-5th-attack-on-its-syrian-air-base-was-by-a-swarm-of-drones
  12. TreeA10

    Latest Movies

    I'm not sure how "The Disaster Artist" would stand on its own without having seen "The Room." Last week, my son cued up "The Room" with Rifftraxx (snarky commentary from the same guys that did Mystery Science Theater 3000) and it was both painful and funny watching this train wreck of a movie. The thoughts of A) who paid for this crap to be made? and B) who thought it was good or a good idea? kept running through my head. We saw "The Disaster Artist" yesterday. "The Disaster Artist" answers some of those questions and it's funnier having watched "The Room." "The Disaster Artist" is the faithful recreation of the story of making that movie and a damn near exact recreation of some of the scenes from the movie (Just before the credits roll, they do a split screen showing clips from the original and "The Disaster Artist") so you get a taste of how truly bad the original movie was. So, funny movie but funnier if you see both and I don't think it matters which you see first.
  13. TreeA10

    F-22 Pilot's comments after flying the F-4

    Nothing was more amusing than a Blk 42 F16 dude complaining about being thrust limited to a Hawg driver.
  14. TreeA10

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    They need to make this about "a cause." For example, wear a vagina hat and you are sending a message and applauded. These guys need to say they were showing solidarity with prostate or testicular cancer victims or something along those lines.
  15. There are power outlets by each seat.