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  1. I'm fluent with fighter pilot bar songs but what is this AF song you speak of?
  2. My .02 cents as a former T-38 and A/OA-10 IP. If you are interested in working hard and improving, your IPs are interested in working as hard or harder for your improvement. If you don't care or give up, they will care for a little while then they will give up. So, stay in the fight and keep busting your butt, asking questions, asking for help. I was always impressed by the hard working students that didn't quit so I didn't quit them. What happened yesterday or 6.9 seconds ago is history. Easier to say than execute but don't let past mistakes create future mistakes. You have a jet to fly NOW and a mission to complete. You can discuss errors/corrections in the debrief. Never walk away from a debrief without a thorough understanding of what went wrong and how to fix it AND, as importantly, what went right to reinforce that knowledge/skill set.
  3. Watching the video of people yelling at a fellow shopper reminded me of this https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/games-primates-play/201203/what-monkeys-can-teach-us-about-human-behavior-facts-fiction
  4. A couple aspects of this whole debacle that still needs some daylight. I'm not a lawyer nor have I stayed at a Holiday Inn express but A) a form is required to request unmasking and on that form a reason must be stated. Samatha Power, US Ambassador to the UN testified under oath that she knew nothing of unmasking is shown to have made 7 unmasking requests. Why did she lie and why did she make the requests? Why did Biden make a request 8 days prior to leaving office? B) 2 FBI agents conduct interviews. One agent asks questions and the other FBI agent makes notes during interviews and those notes are documented in something called a 302. Only the note taking agent, normally, making the notes edits the 302. However, in Flynns case, other agents, inluding Strzok, and his paramour, the Lawyer Page, apparently made edits. Where is the original stating they didn't think Flynn was lying and who made edits?
  5. Best compliment I've received regarding instructing was a former A-10 IPUGer telling me he learned a lot from most of his IPs but I was the only one that taught him how to teach. And that was after attending Weapons school.
  6. If you can find the video, in an interview, Comey admits to taking advantage of the confusion in the new administration to send agents over to interview Flynn without the usual requirement of going through the White House counsel. Interesting.
  7. If the Captain received a pardon, did the FO and the FE also get a pardon? I know the FE Was hired at American. (He wrote a very nice tribute on the union website to Cecil Ewell, the Chief Pilot that recently passed away that hired him, after Cecil gave him the second chance most people never get.)
  8. Levels of weirdness displayed by my fellow man continue to surprise me. https://news.yahoo.com/french-mayor-defends-smurf-rally-outcry-over-virus-001955753.html
  9. Well, I think I set myself up for that one. Important safety tip: Never edit while sleep deprived.
  10. Many years back (i.e. the good 'ol days) during Friday night fighter pilot bar Olympics, a dude trying to be funny came behind my wife and was inappropriate. Being the confident woman she is, she turned and delivered a nicely executed elbow to the face knocking the dude to the ground and leaving an impressive black eye as a reminder not to mess with her. No attorneys were required.
  11. I'm not in the hiring business and have no idea what the airlines might want to know. I had numerous events (worse week was a T-38 engine fire, rapid decompression, and major electrical failure over three days) and didn't list any since nothing required an investigation. They made good topics for a lot of interview questions, however. I would guess if you were personally listed as the cause of the event due to neglect, error, etc., you might want to mention it. The person I mentioned was directly responsible for the incident, actually multiple incidents, through his actions showing wanton disregard for rules and the safe operation of his aircraft. Very blatant and hard to overlook or justify by any measure by any rational aviator.
  12. I know of a guy who made himself persona non grata at his Reserve unit and got hired by a major airline. Most assumed he failed to "List any accident/incident you have been involved in" on his application and someone dropped a dime on him. Sure enough, he had failed to list an incident..or two.. and was shown the door. So, be a douche nozzle and piss people off might be one way to not get hired.
  13. I second the low calculation. As a AA wide body FO, that calculation is @5-6K off.
  14. Black magic. I forgot the part where you light candles (it's a Boeing so the candle auto-lights after selecting the FMC approach page) and throw some crew meal chicken bones onto the center console. This conjures up the ghost of C.R. Smith (founder of AA, other airlines have different ghost options) and once his ghost appears and "Descent Checklist" is selected, the V speeds appear on the flight display.
  15. FMC calculates approach speed just line select from a list of landing flap settings, enter it into the landing settings line and your V speeds for all your flap limits and approach speed appear on your display.
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