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  1. TreeA10

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    If Wikipedia can be believed, 328 girls have been named Abcde between 1990 and 2014. She can change her name but her parent(s) is/are stupid and you can't fix stupid.
  2. Ah yes, the convertible mod. Perfect for those VFR sunny days whilst out sending jihadists VFR direct to Allah. Just make everything is strapped down before releasing the brakes.
  3. TreeA10

    The Next President is...

    Justice Ginsberg is back in the hospital. Democrats are powering up the defibrillator, the machine that goes "bing" and whatever else they think they might need to keep her from flat lining. If she kicks the bucket, can the Democrats kick up the toddler tantrum a notch or are they out of notches?
  4. TreeA10

    Russian Dry Dock Sinks

    Это смешно прямо там, мне все равно, кто ты.
  5. TreeA10

    Hurricane Michael

    Put them on a stick or train type round table out in the open and let them weathervane. Might need a screen for airborne debris. Not perfect but might minimize damage.
  6. TreeA10

    Hurricane Michael

    The Tyndall forecast is for @ 130mph winds. Ba-reezy.
  7. TreeA10

    The Next President is...

    Imagine the wailing that is going to occur when Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg is replaced. I'm sure Democrats have a "Weekend at Buzzy's" type plan to maintain her seat as long as possible.
  8. TreeA10

    RFI on aircraft systems

    T-38/A-10/727/737/757/767/787 and MD80. (I'm starting training on the 777 in November which is a less sophisticated version of the 787. Seems I can't keep a steady job.) Flight Controls were all cable actuated 3000 psi hydraulic controls except the 787 which is electrically actuated 5000 psi hydraulic controls. A-10 and MD-80 have manual reversion flight controls with loss of all hydraulics. IIRC, the MD-80 flys that way all the time. The 737 ,757, 767, and 787 have triple hydraulic systems. 2 engine/electric powered and one electrically powered with RAM turbine backup. Engine out all have some min controllable airspeed. MD-80/767-200 is a single engine pig under most circumstances. I've done 727 single engine work and it requires some excellent energy management and configuration timing to get it on the ground. 767-300 at max gross weight takes a boot full of rudder to keep straight after a Vr engine cut. 787 is extremely easy to fly with almost no noticeable change in handling with an engine out although it does have a small rudder for the size of the aircraft. To assist, there is an auto thrust reduction on the good engine if you start getting the thing slow and approaching the min control airspeed. The jet will auto trim the rudder the moment is senses an engine failure but requires a couple seconds to catch up so the pilot needs to put in some rudder until HAL catches up. If you keep the autopilot on during the approach, the jet will go into the autoland mode and add rudder/aileron to align the jet for landing. If you put your feet and hands and the controls and just hold the controls in place as you click off the autopilot, the jet is trimmed up and set for landing but it will autoland single engine if you want to. Historical risks: T-38 was students. A-10 was hitting the ground. There's that whole battery thing with the 787 that I have not experienced but most problems can be solved doing a reboot or CTRL/ALT/DEL. No other major trend issues with the others.
  9. TreeA10

    The Next President is...

    This is such a load of horse crap. The Democrats have flung this crap at the wall and are hoping something sticks. If K is innocent, he goes on the Supreme Court. If he is guilty, he not only no longer goes onto the Supreme Court and he loses he DC Circuit Court job which would be like be convicted. So, let's treat this like a criminal case because everyone is innocent until proven guilty under our system of justice. Okay, the FBI isn't a player since it would not be a federal case since it was not on federal property and nobody was a federal employee. The FBI investigated the Anita Hill accusations because of it was federal jurisdiction. They found nothing but Democrats still accuse and call Clarence Thomas a sexual predator. Anything that might have happened would be under the jurisdiction of the Maryland police. Well, the statute of limitations has expired, so they won't take it. Well, since the accusation was made by a woman and therefore must be heard no matter how sparse of facts, let's throw this in front of the circus that the Senate has become. The idiot Ford can't remember where, when, or who and nobody will back up here story. Doesn't matter, she is a woman sparse of facts and must be heard. She has demanded that K can't be in the room. Fine. She has demanded that she can't be questioned by K's lawyers. Well, that will get us nowhere since the Democrat Senate morons will just do more grandstanding in search of a Spartacus moment. Whatever happened to confront your accuser as guaranteed by our system of justice? She has demanded that K must testify first. How in the hell do you defend yourself if you have no idea what "facts" your accuser is going to use and thus be able to refute them. In no court is this miscarriage of justice allowed. Democrats are trying to run out the clock hoping to take the Senate in November. Screw them. Treat this like a grand jury hearing but the accused is allowed to give testimony in his defense. Give her the opportunity to testify under oath, K is already under oath, and if more information is brought forward that lends credence to further investigation that would torpedo K's career, investigate that information or dump K. If all Ford has is the current load of BS, vote K out of committee and put it on the Senate floor.
  10. TreeA10

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I think the managed diversity thing has been tried before. "Special consideration should be given to women and minorities for possible past discrimination" is a direct quote of a directive given to promotion boards in the mid-90s. The subsequent lawsuits signaled it was a bad idea.
  11. TreeA10

    The Next President is...

    Liberals have only advanced their ideas through the courts. They lost state referendums along with 1000+ seats in state legislatures during the last administration. Losing the Supreme Court balance dooms their agenda and they know it and will do absolutely anything to stop this nomination.
  12. TreeA10

    Reno Air Races

    There was a Reservist who flew #4 as Slot. They got the new F-16 allowing a loop immediately after takeoff using AB to get over the top. He tucked into the slot after takeoff as usual and got his vertical tail cooked by leads burner plume causing all sorts of damage. He didn't know this until after the show. I can't recall him saying where this occurred.
  13. TreeA10

    Reno Air Races

    Do they maintain ejection seats on those things?
  14. TreeA10

    IPhone to Galaxy S9+

    Does Apple maps allow you to download maps? I do that with Google Maps when I'm going somewhere I think coverage will be iffy and it works nicely.
  15. TreeA10

    IPhone to Galaxy S9+

    I had an android but switched to an iPhone a couple years ago and recently just went back to an Samsung S9. Very easy to swap data as the phone came with a converter plug for the iPhone so data transferred easily plus I was mostly using Google apps. I hated the limited apple world. I've got Sprint and have been pretty happy with coverage, unlimited data domestically and internationally although the international data speeds can suck.