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  1. iPhone app inop

    The team that builds the app will be randomly tinkering with the plugin and the site over the next 24 hours or so. Hopefully they can get it resolved soon.
  2. iPhone app inop

    Finally got pushed up to a higher level of support. Still no results though.
  3. Flight Pay increases

    Shack. It's more insulting than helpful.
  4. iPhone app inop

    I've got a ticket in with the group that maintains the app...
  5. Site certifcate expired

    Fixed. Sorry for the delay.
  6. iPhone app inop

    I'm looking into it. Apparently something is wrong on the Tapatalk end of things.
  7. iPhone app inop

    Do you have Two Factor Authentication enabled?
  8. iPhone app inop

    Update: I've installed an older version of the back end software that the app needs to access the forum. It should work for the near rocks. Of note, if you ever have issues with the app, logging out and logging back in should help. Also if there's something wrong on the server end the app won't let you back in, which will save you battery life from your app constantly trying to access something that isn't there.
  9. iPhone app inop

    Everybody else is having this issue. I didn't start a different thread about it, but I mentioned it in the Reputation thread. The app will be out of service UFN.
  10. Positive/Negative Reputation Gone?

    Are you still having issues with the Unread Content feature?
  11. Can't read posts

    Nerd words... Nerd words... Nerd words -Should be fixed within an hour or two.
  12. Positive/Negative Reputation Gone?

    Also, I recognize there is now a heart button. I'm working on it, had no idea this update was going to change so much of the theme.
  13. Positive/Negative Reputation Gone?

    Reputation should be back meow. Forum App still MIA.
  14. Positive/Negative Reputation Gone?

    I'm working on it. Stby. Additionally, the Baseops Forum App may not work for the next hour or so.
  15. Squadron Bar Daily Pic & Video Thread NSFW

    Dudes, sorry for the delay on this. The hosting agreement for the server that houses the forum is very clear about nudity, no matter how tasteful and wonderful that particular video might be. You'd be surprised at the number of times I've had to respond to automated e-mails that say we're under threat of being shut off, just for the borderline content that survives. I don't know what commie bastard keeps reporting it, but fuck that person! Obligatory post that meets the guidelines:
  16. Cranium's up, if you're considering the Platinum from Amex, you can hook a bro up by using my link: http://refer.amex.us/DOUGLMPUP8?xl=cp01-137 You get 60k points when you spend $5k in three months. I get 15k points for you using my link. It's a win/win. They're still waiving the $550 fee for active duty military. Tons of benefits, as mentioned in this thread.
  17. All, Google Authenticator - two factor authentication is now available for BODN. To enable it, click your name in the top right corner, click "Account Settings" and then do this:
  18. Google Authenticator now available

    Negative. The App is the point... I can look into added other TFA options like e-mailed codes.
  19. Future Pilot Wife

    I literally have no clue. But there's no way I was that creative, must be fake news.
  20. Future Pilot Wife

    Damn... I wish I remembered wtf I wrote. And yeah, I remember specifically getting a special welcome in a certain prison like environment from a guy who I think knew Slap.
  21. Future Pilot Wife

    Wait... What? Which story?
  22. Gun Talk

    Exactly why I'm leaning towards a petition. You want to man the table? Sent from my SM-G930F using Baseops Network Forums mobile app
  23. Gun Talk

    Bro's, BLUF: Is it legal/advisable to set up a petition in the BX to allow personally owned firearms to be in personally owned vehicles while on base? This has probably been discussed before in the over 200 pages of this thread or one of the 1000's of threads in this forum, but I can't find it exactly.... I recently PCS'd and during the welcome brief I asked the installation commander (and my wing commander, two different people) about the ability to carry concealed onto base and then leave my POF locked in the car. The wing commander deferred to the installation commander. The installation commander said a "threat working group" decided there is no reason to concealed carry on base (not what I'm asking for), and "nobody wants to carry anyways"... I took an informal poll (so to speak) of the audience and they strongly disagreed with him. That said, one of the guys in my squadron was talking about the potential to set up a table and collect signatures of individuals that would like to have their 2nd amendment right while traveling through the ghetto that surrounds the base (I personally have no desire to carry on base). I was wondering your collective thoughts? Another way to go about this is to talk to congress, but I don't know how far that would get me. Standing by for spears and/or snide remarks (and hopefully some good input in the mix too). Sent from my SM-G930F using Baseops Network Forums mobile app
  24. It happened. Please keep your discussions unclassified.