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  1. The new airline thread

    This. Never got confirmation of who the "real" gearpig was. Disabled the offending account and combed the logs to make sure there wasn't any other funny business going on.
  2. The new airline thread

    Because in the admin logs I can see that Gearpig was merged with another account and then both were deleted. Either the individual that is Gearpig had decided to create a fake account and then merge both and delete all previous content, or somebody was able to gain access to his BO account and then performed the merge and delete operation. The reason I'm trying to get a hold of Gearpig is to warn him that if somebody was able to get into his BO account, there's a high likelihood that it's because they already had access to his e-mail account. Or to see if he had some kind of reason for doing such a strange thing and then leaving BO.
  3. Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Please remove your tin foil hat. An individual's account was compromised. His content was then deleted.
  4. Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Apparently all started by Gearpig, whose account was potentially compromised and the individual that stole it deleted all his stuff. Or he did.
  5. The new airline thread

    Folks - I've gotten to the bottom of the missing threads. As the big announcement on the front page reads, if you know who GEARPIG is, please PM me so I can get his/her contact info. Thanks!
  6. https://drive.google.com/open?id=13x9FOw_xloY6EndhYYjyDLejN1_5WyAl https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z4wGspANxXD2G1r-9uIx8PmMKni1Z8Re https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pHjcGmUelPa93N74V3iFdPGWG44cOdNy
  7. Lightly used Garmin D2 Aviation Watch. Has a tiny nick on the face, barely noticeable. Comes with USB cable for charging and data sync. Works for fitness tracking as well as flight tracking. Fighter playback ranges from unusable to slightly worse than ACMI. I imagine it would be awesome in a heavy aircraft. Has WAAS, can interface via Bluetooth to your EFB. My favorite feature is the customize-able cabin pressure altitude warning, works for ascent and descent. The nice thing about this watch vs the D2 Bravo or D2 Charlie is that it can operate completely stand-alone (ie without your phone).
  8. Thunderbird F-16 flips at KDAY

    Aviano specifically carried extra gas to account for it when I left there a year or so ago. Or maybe that was to drive the gas requirements so high we would have to cancel and go drink espressos until we switched to wine.
  9. Thunderbird F-16 flips at KDAY

  10. iPhone app inop

    Yeah, lemme look into that.
  11. iPhone app inop

    Should be fixed now!
  12. iPhone app inop

    They have not. I'm e-mailing them now.
  13. iPhone app inop

    The team that builds the app will be randomly tinkering with the plugin and the site over the next 24 hours or so. Hopefully they can get it resolved soon.
  14. iPhone app inop

    Finally got pushed up to a higher level of support. Still no results though.
  15. Flight Pay increases

    Shack. It's more insulting than helpful.
  16. iPhone app inop

    I've got a ticket in with the group that maintains the app...
  17. Site certifcate expired

    Fixed. Sorry for the delay.
  18. iPhone app inop

    I'm looking into it. Apparently something is wrong on the Tapatalk end of things.
  19. iPhone app inop

    Do you have Two Factor Authentication enabled?
  20. iPhone app inop

    Update: I've installed an older version of the back end software that the app needs to access the forum. It should work for the near rocks. Of note, if you ever have issues with the app, logging out and logging back in should help. Also if there's something wrong on the server end the app won't let you back in, which will save you battery life from your app constantly trying to access something that isn't there.
  21. iPhone app inop

    Everybody else is having this issue. I didn't start a different thread about it, but I mentioned it in the Reputation thread. The app will be out of service UFN.
  22. Positive/Negative Reputation Gone?

    Are you still having issues with the Unread Content feature?
  23. Can't read posts

    Nerd words... Nerd words... Nerd words -Should be fixed within an hour or two.
  24. Positive/Negative Reputation Gone?

    Also, I recognize there is now a heart button. I'm working on it, had no idea this update was going to change so much of the theme.