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  1. how are rates looking @Jon - Trident Home Loans? I'm at 3.25% on a 25 yr loan, just hit the 45 day window to 210 days since first payment (5 Mar 20) on previous refi.
  2. Actually forcing agile processes in lumbering SPO machinework. DevSecOps. Figuring out a way to identify early on where a given program is worth the squeeze; nothing is "too big to fail" these days. It's definitely forced a mindshift change throughout AFLCMC. As an operator now working at a SPO, It was eye-opening to see the lumbering machine, and then witness the beginning of the transformation to something better. He's forcing folks to think outside the box, and not rest on "that's the way it's always been done". Some of those things are less tangible to the warfighter right now, but will pay dividends over time. ETA: Also, he appears well-respected in the Acquisition community. So even though he's effecting change, it's been executed in an effective manner.
  3. Too bad, because from my vantage point as a contractor at a SPO, he's done some great things in this world. Would love to see him stay in the position longer. Dude's 41 years old. https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Biographies/Display/Article/1467795/dr-will-roper/
  4. I've used them both and liked them both! Where in ABQ are you looking to buy? You'll get more bang for your buck out on the west mesa or Rio Rancho, but have a much shorter commute in the NE Heights. I lived on the west mesa, Paseo/Unser area.
  5. reach out to @PilotWife2, I'm pretty sure NBKC services NV.
  6. just checked, first payment was 5 Mar, so I got a ways to go to meet those criteria.
  7. well I fit that category, last refi with y'all closed at the end of Jan, though, so here's hoping that good news holds out another 2 months!
  8. Reminds me of the time I let my copilot fly the ILS in IMC into Gimhae, only for him to try to take a sucker hole when we still had clouds in front of us and were inside the final approach fix. I got his attention refocused on the instruments and we landed safely. Turns out that was his first ever ILS in IMC conditions, ever. He was a former Apache driver, and IMC/IFR is an emergency procedure for them. This was after I had to declare an emergency to force the controller to let us land. Which is a whole nuther story best told over beers.
  9. Deal with what? What sort of reaction would you want here? Do you have an issue with Sikhs?
  10. Trident doesn't service their own loans. See Marty's response there. Caliber is one of their servicers.
  11. I got the letters (same deal, NBKC sold my mortgage to Freedom), and also found it odd that my auto payments didn't transfer. Was a bit of a pain to get it set up with Freedom and make sure it was working correctly within the 2 month grace period. Freedom seemed a bit shady, so I pinged @Jon - Trident Home Loans and got a refi done through Trident. Shaved 2 years and half a percent. Trident sold my loan to Caliber Mortgage about a week after closing on the refi (which was expected, clearly stated in the paperwork they won't be the loan servicer). So far so good...
  12. I lived IVO Tanque Verde/Sabino Canyon, just north of the Tanque Verde wash and drive to work was 15-20 min depending on gate traffic. It was 20 minutes to pretty much everywhere in tucson. Loved the area! In general, I'd recommend living north of the river.
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