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  1. stract

    That Cyber Thread

    I haven't had this yet because Hill hasn't migrated yet to the new cloud thing. But, when I had this issue last year after getting my new Win 10 machine (invalid certificate, no more choice to continue to the website anyway), Edge worked like a champ. So, try Edge if you haven't. Way better than IE for 90% of the things I need a browser for.
  2. sounds like a HIPAA violation - did you give someone permission to view your kids' medical records? Especially after you answered in the negative on the screener, they would have no "need to know" justification to review the records. I would fight it.
  3. stract

    VA Loans

    Marty, how are 30 yr and 15 yr refi rates looking right now on VA loans?
  4. stract

    What's your favorite mission?

  5. damn. That was a tough read.
  6. stract

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    good on em. wear the flag on the right sleeve will be...odd... I'm sure a lot of the uninformed public will wonder why the flag is "backward". Also, coyote tan boots will look ridiculous with the green flight suit. Hope they bring back black boots...
  7. stract

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    You'd think there'd be some sort of failure indication in the cockpit (aural/light) in the case of engine failure...
  8. stract

    Overseas PCS and your cars

    pretty sure there's still a rule that you can't bring a car to Japan unless it was built in 1976 or earlier (though the cutoff year might have changed)...
  9. Hi. I am that civilian. Diligently polishing the turd... You'd be surprised regarding paper checklists. When ACC sees the bill for this year's checklist revision for each of the 4 groups of F-16 pubs, they are going to want to get rid of paper as soon as each unit gets their EFBs up and running (which, I guess whatever is going on with Acronis needs to get resolved first). I expect I'll get buy-in from the MAJCOMs to start slashing paper ID from ETIMS for checklists, and then, once all users have their EFBS, I can rescind the paper. I'm hoping that day isn't more than 2 years in the future,
  10. That decision is above my pay grade. But, adding links to a PDF is definitely polishing a turd. USAF needs to throw $$ at developing better ways for aircrew to interact with their checklist in parallel so that the day paper dies we're ready with a suitable replacement.
  11. Not true. ADS-B out is coming to the F-16, SPO has been working if for a while.
  12. Plugging into the jet or to something else (per, stratus Puck, etc) is Phase 2. Right now it's a matter of risk acceptance for both maneuvering (will the knee board holding the projectile do its job) and ejection (same). And the baseline question of - can the pilot do his or her job safely without paper. There's a whole Airworthiness process and human factors evaluation that each new widget on an aircraft has to go through before getting approved. Now that I work at a SPO I am slowly starting to understand this side of the effort to keep the aircraft in the air and mission effective. I'm unsure about the status of Acronis, I hadn't heard anything definite, but I have been out of the office for most of Nov so maybe it did get shut down.
  13. ACC bought 9,000 ipad minis, to issue two per pilot. I know the F-16 checklists are now EFB-friendly, but still waiting on the SPO to issue the safe to fly MFR to ACC. That should happen before the end of the year. The 1067 mentioned that NGA a as planning to stop producing paper FLIP in the FY19 timeframe. So if your community isn't paperless yet, it'll be forced that way before long. Better to be prepared than keep heads in the sand.
  14. There are several Army Os who have come over to Rescue and made O-5. If you don't want to go through all of UPT, then you'll come to helos. I am unsure if you'd even be considered for FW if you aren't hired by a Guard or Reserve unit. There's another thread in the General Discussion board where some former Army Bubbas are known to frequent and can provide better words.