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  1. A toast 🍺🍺
  2. Garuda was great. 14 hr flight between AMS and Jakarta, and hour flights between Jakarta and Pekanbaru/Surabaya. Funnily enough, *I* got spatial D'd on takeoff from Surabaya just looking out the window because it was pitch black and immediately feet wet. All cultural lighting was behind us. I had to close the shade, lol. Lion Air was fine, but the flight attendents were wearing flip flops basically. Not great in an emergency egress situ, I wouldn't think. We had to have our POC in country purchase our tix for this flight (Pekanbaru to Surabaya), because the corporate travel company
  3. I've flown Garuda and Lion Air (in 2019) and lived... Kinda hard to avoid when you have to fly between multiple islands for work.
  4. stract

    F1 Thread

    Same with Monaco (gasp, I said it). George made Lewis' car fly, and that's a monumental achievement considering it wasn't built to his proportions.
  5. And the F-16. All Lockheed products πŸ˜‰.
  6. Yup, this happened to me, in the BX food court, by the Wing Command Chief, lol. I also has my sleeves pushed up. It was amazing!
  7. stract

    F1 Thread

    Ya, and Toto's gonna get a fine for telling the world it was a royal "fuck up" on TV lol. But he's not wrong.
  8. stract

    F1 Thread

    Did you guys see Grosjean's interview they aired before the race. Pretty much a must-watch, hopefully it's on YouTube somewhere. From a resiliency standpoint if nothing else! Gutted for Russell. I'm kinda hoping he gets a second crack at it next weekend. Also, Vallteri has got some resilience after all his bad luck this year! I feel sorry for him, especially since it looks like he'll be team-hopping after 2021. Checo better get a ride, too. I'm happy for Ocon but with Sainz had been able to find his way to the podium. Is anyone else annoyed by Stroll? Just me? https://yo
  9. stract

    F1 Thread

    How the fuck did Grosejean survive?!?!? Holy hell. The footage of him struggling to exit engulfed in the fireball was craaazy, even though I already knew the outcome by then.
  10. how are rates looking @Jon - Trident Home Loans? I'm at 3.25% on a 25 yr loan, just hit the 45 day window to 210 days since first payment (5 Mar 20) on previous refi.
  11. Actually forcing agile processes in lumbering SPO machinework. DevSecOps. Figuring out a way to identify early on where a given program is worth the squeeze; nothing is "too big to fail" these days. It's definitely forced a mindshift change throughout AFLCMC. As an operator now working at a SPO, It was eye-opening to see the lumbering machine, and then witness the beginning of the transformation to something better. He's forcing folks to think outside the box, and not rest on "that's the way it's always been done". Some of those things are less tangible to the warfighter right now, bu
  12. Too bad, because from my vantage point as a contractor at a SPO, he's done some great things in this world. Would love to see him stay in the position longer. Dude's 41 years old. https://www.af.mil/About-Us/Biographies/Display/Article/1467795/dr-will-roper/
  13. I've used them both and liked them both! Where in ABQ are you looking to buy? You'll get more bang for your buck out on the west mesa or Rio Rancho, but have a much shorter commute in the NE Heights. I lived on the west mesa, Paseo/Unser area.
  14. reach out to @PilotWife2, I'm pretty sure NBKC services NV.
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