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  1. stract

    F1 Thread

    the track surface at COTA looked atrocious on TV. Hopefully they started the resurfacing effort about an hour after the F1 race ended... Hamilton's my boy, I think Ferrari are idiots with how the run their drivers and suck at strategy, I hope Albon does well at Red Bull, I feel sorry for Ricciardo and hope Renault make a good show next year, and WTF happened to Williams in the last few years? Oh, and I don't think Nico Rosberg is a great driver - he only won because of the superior Merc equipment and some unluckiness on Lewis' part. I also think Haas made a mistake in keeping Grosjean in a seat. He needs to go.
  2. It was only for 24 hrs. Yawn.
  3. @Skitzo, don't cross train to helos, it'll make the back and neck issues worse due to the poor ergonomics + NVGs + body armor.
  4. can confirm. Had numbness in little and ring finger of left hand for about 6 weeks after dislocating my left elbow. I don't recommend dislocating your elbow.
  5. @PilotWife2 how are refi rates looking on 15 yr VA loans? I'm currently 2.7 yrs into a 30 yr VA loan from you at 3.75%. Wondering if it makes more sense to refi on a 15 yr vs sell back the 2.7 yrs I'm already into the 30 yr.
  6. I have KIO and RTB at least four times in my career due to environmental conditions, during training. So our ORM went high, and we decided it wasn't worth the squeeze. One time it was about 3 minutes after takeoff, with the SQ/DO sitting in the other seat. In combat, I've definitely upchanneled things due to High ORM to get approval to launch, or in one case, approval to continue after launching.
  7. As the F-16 FMM and TOMA, the answer is no. 😉
  8. check out Cevians, their VKK filter is bonded to the screen (but it's pricey).
  9. I also had a great experience 2 years ago with Amy at NBKC. No hiccups at all moving to Utah.
  10. I'm sure the entire Fighter/Bomber Directorate is being told to evaluate it. I can't speak to trainers, but yes, that reasoning would make sense, since the MAF pilots would theoretically PCS in without bags.
  11. I can report that it's being evaluated for airworthiness in at least one ejection seat MDS.
  12. Dothan is the biggest town in the area, but it's a half hour away. Most folks live in Enterprise. I've lived in both Ozark and Enterprise, and would put Enterprise above any other nearby surrounding towns.
  13. according to this article, all their remaining Block 15s are MLU (except for the Jordanian once they recently acquired). http://www.f-16.net/f-16_users_article14.html
  14. what defines a "certified" sim? Certified in the eyes of the FAA? Level D only? ? ? ? In my MDS, our sims were not Level D, not certified by the FAA, even though two of the three have motion.
  15. vis only down to 1/4 mi here. cough...cough...
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