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  1. contraildash

    Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    And the pendulum swings again....nothing new here.
  2. contraildash

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    The irony of that award was not lost upon some of us. Sure made for a good laugh. If they only knew... In other news, was stuck at the Deid for a few days last month while in transit back home. It was as if Oprah was there distributing shooter hats....you get a shooter hat....and you get a shooter hat....and you get a shooter hat... I guess that is what matters...
  3. Meh, it was just a thought, kinda expected those replies. FWIW (and not to justify my random thought) I've flown as a co-pilot on an ATP check in a Lear. Honestly thought it was a fairly benign event. Even more so compared to checks I've had in the AF. Only reason I didn't do my ATP then was I had less than 1500 hours and the ATP-R wasn't in effect yet. Poor timing/luck. ...off to find somewhere with an opening...
  4. Throwing out a random idea here... I am thinking about going to the local FBO, renting their twin for a few hours of instruction (aka practice practical / get familiar with aircraft) and then scheduling with the local ATPE. From everything I've read, it seems this is pretty much the basis the places a lot of you are flying with albeit more focused (aka gouge and such). Thoughts?
  5. Some rather obvious images here: http://mashable.com/2014/07/21/mh17-shrapnel-damage-missile-strike/
  6. contraildash

    Does Flight in CZTE Area = AFTO 781 Combat Time?

    It depends on who/what your mission was supporting. We had this issue in Europe, in particular with the Kosovo QHDA. Crews would claim tax free because their flight plan would take them through the airspace over the Adriatic even though their mission had nothing to do with that AOR. According to the IRS (http://www.irs.gov/publications/p3/ar02.html): Nonqualifying Presence in Combat Zone None of the following types of military service qualify as service in a combat zone. Presence in a combat zone while on leave from a duty station located outside the combat zone. Passage over or through a combat zone during a trip between two points that are outside a combat zone. Presence in a combat zone solely for your personal convenience. That said, DoDI 1340.25 states that if you qualify for HFP/IDP then you can claim it. Also, the HFP/IDP entitlement must be directly related to military operations in the CZ or QHDA. For the past few years you no longer get a months worth of tax free, only the days served within the CZ or QHDA. This cut down on lots of units taking missions that started at the end of one month and finished at the beginning of the next (two months tax free for 2 days work).
  7. contraildash

    Classic Thread - Security Forces (SFS) Tales

    Buddy just told me that his wife and car full of kids was stopped at the gate after they had thier ID's checked in order to act as a block to the car behind them. Great idea, let's use a car full of kids as a roadblock at the gate....
  8. This is dumb. They may catch a few stupid folks, but the smart ones that are gaming the system will just bring in the certificate and that will be that. It's not like your marriage certificate gets shredded when you get divorced, or birth certificates destroyed when one dies. I bet less than 1% of the Air Force is cheating on BAH? What do y'all think?
  9. contraildash

    SOS/ACSC information

    Just as long as he doesn't go the route of a female LtCol guest speaker we had....she actually drove to SOS without orders (verbal or written) because she "thought she was supposed to go" or something to that effect. In any case, she came across as a total idiot and made us wonder how the hell she was selected to talk to us, let alone make it to O-5. Insert your own theories on that one....
  10. contraildash

    Flyover/flyby Q&A

    So nosed around at work, airshows are back on. We have a few requests for our aircraft from other AF bases. Saw the F-22 demo team is doing shows, anyone know if the other demo teams are back up and running?
  11. contraildash

    Flyover/flyby Q&A

    So does it mean that folks can support military airshows? That is what the website leads me to understand. As far as flying demos at military air shows, not sure.
  12. contraildash

    Return of Friday shirts / patches

    Always found that funny considering: they cut the fingers off their gloves, roll sleeves up, zippers down, and have been known to fly around naked. But FOD...watch out boys.
  13. contraildash

    Webmail (home Outlook email) issues

    I think people are getting too wrapped around the axle over what Cap said. If there is something so important that it needs to get done overnight, my boss has either told me to stay and work on it, or come in on a Sunday. This has been the exception in my short career and in each case warranted. Other than that, I'm not working on shit at home.
  14. contraildash

    Webmail (home Outlook email) issues

    This. My old man said the same thing as well, great advice to heed. The wheels aren't going to fall off the train if you don't read emails overnight.
  15. contraildash

    Return of Friday shirts / patches

    Meant masters...but yeah that won't go either.