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  1. @Danger41Well said. I am in a similar boat to you. I am also a guy who was denied VSP in 2014 and had a reserve job and separation date in March 2020 and the rest is history. I hit submit on my apps the first week of March only to be told the second week everything was freezing for who knows how long. My wife came clean and said she liked the stability of the AF, I wasn’t thrilled about working two jobs (reserve and airlines), so we decided to stay in. I took the three year bonus, this is my last year so this interests me to see what the AF does. In my opinion, if they do this “revamping” of the bonus right they can keep some fringe guys and start with a clean slate. Big IF though, the AF has fooled me way more than once. All that being said, I’m happy as well for the guys getting out. I hope their careers have no turmoil, and I’ll most likely be calling them in 5.5 years for some recommendations. But for me, that will all be with the peace of mind of an O-5 retirement.
  2. Yep, sure did. And I didn’t even have to post it twice. Guys have been saying to “vote with your feet” since at least 2014. How’s that working out for us? Congress controls the purse strings, they just don’t think we have a problem because that’s what the senior leaders are telling them. They aren’t in the weeds everyday like we are, so they believe them. I also don’t believe it’s going to happen, but instead of bitching about it I’m at least saying something to somebody that in theory should be able to change it.
  3. I took @Standby advice and reached out to my congressman as well. Fool me 1,000 times, shame on me but at least I’m going to say something.
  4. Sad news for the air show circuit. Prayers for all involved. Shockwave Accident
  5. Same here. I know of a few others that happened as well with nothing being said from the AF. I have nothing to add either, just a curious observation.
  6. I’ve noticed the AF has been a little more hush hush the last few years in regards to firings.
  7. Yep. There’s uncovered storage space n base, and covered storage on the way to the lake if your boat is nicer. That’s what your Saturdays are going to be for, hanging on the lake with your classmates to blow off steam.
  8. So tired of this. This week sucks for the Red Bulls, and that was true prior to today. Prayers for all involved. But let’s keep cutting training and delaying acquisitions of new stuff…seems to be working.
  9. That’s not how it’s paid out. At least mine was paid the first day of the contract for the year ahead.
  10. Haha, I’m teasing myself. I’m one of the guys who was getting out (hit submit on my apps Mar 15, Aug separation date). I took the 3 year to see how things play out. That would be my best case scenario. That being said, I know better. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me a million times…
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