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  1. Because they think they can win in the long term. Sure, we can cause them a lot of pain in the near term, but short of conquering and occupying Iran, they probably feel they can retain power over whatever is left after we're too tired to keep fighting. Basically like the Taliban in Afghanistan-we can't stay forever, and they know that. Plus it gives them negotiating capital for easing sanctions.
  2. I think a couple years ago they were looking for cross flows from heavies to BUFFs. Thought about it for a few days but decided against it. Why not? Minot...and PRP/nukes. Edit to add: usually there's also a message looking for crossflow to B-2s every year or so
  3. Or is trying to fill a quota on non rated positions...
  4. I think the frustration is that that the stratification happens when you're a senior captain, and if you're slightly below average or a late bloomer, well, you're fate has already been written and you just don't know it. On the flip side, if someone is on the golden path, they're pretty much set unless they are a complete piece of crap, and even then they may get to wreck havoc as a sq/cc before the AF figures out they are toxic
  5. Just depends on what you want out of life. The drive is best case 1hr from Seattle to McChord. If you hit the rush hours (northbound 530-0830/southbound 1530-1800) it's going to be much longer, closer to 1.5hrs. Flying locals, typically mission plan day prior, then fly the next day. Plus the 4-5 sims a quarter as a copilot. Flying missions, on the road for a few days to a few weeks at a time. Some trips will have hefty per diem checks, done not so much. If you're going to live up in Seattle, probably worth getting a roommate. I'm an AD C-17 pilot who used to live up in that area, so hopefully a C-17 reservist can talk to how often you'll be flying locals or expected to be in the office, especially as a traditional.
  6. I don't believe In-Res IDE in of itself means a thing-big blue doesn't give a crap about what you learn at whatever IDE program (unless maybe you do a fellowship at the White House/Congress/Pentagon). All big blue cares about is that you were identified as the top 25% of your year group. The AF doesn't consider my masters degree from AFIT as IDE in res because I wasn't identified as a school select when I completed it. If I was a school select, I could have received deliberate development credit for the degree. It's not about learning the information, but about a stratification. In res IDE credit used to be a way to quickly identify that strat, but it sounds like with more programs that give that credit (remember when AFPAK hands were supposed to be the top 10%, get IDE credit, and fast track to promotion...), there's another decoder ring floating around with how to ID that strat.
  7. DD1801 is the military version of the ICAO flight plan; I'd use that if that's the format you like.
  8. IIRC, the AFI referenced applies only to the static callsign list (ex: AF1, RCH, EVAC, etc, i.e. callsigns good pretty much anywhere or for a specific purpose). For locals, it doesn't really matter what callsign you use, so long as there aren't duplicate callsigns flying in the same center at the same time. An LOA with the ARTCC helps deconflict all of the units flying locals within that center. That's what I did when I worked callsigns at UPT-added a bunch of local callsigns through coordination with centers and the other squadrons within the centers, and added a couple cross country callsigns to the static list following AFI guidance. It's a bit of a pain, but much less so than checking in with ATC only to discover a different unit/aircraft shares that callsign and if already on freq.
  9. If it's for locals only, you can do an LOA between the wing, local AF ATC, and the ARTCC. just can't duplicate anything on the master call sign list or being used within the ARTCC already. That also allows you to use abbreviations in your callsign.
  10. It looks like they screwed up the turn and got closer to the ridge than planned. We don't necessarily have the thrust or energy to pop over a ridge if the turn goes bad, so that leaves bank. The jet keeps flying, and if they did overbank, they brought it back pretty quickly. Better to overbank than be a smoking hole in the side of a mountain. Keep positive g and everything stays where it's supposed to on the back. 60 degrees of bank at 300AGL is routine in the -17. I don't see a straight line correlation to the Alaska crash, unless the overbank was intentionally planned/flown and the crew was hotdogging for the camera. Funny how the opinion of this event (OMG overbank Q3 the crew and ground them) is so different than the KC-46 landing halfway down the runway way off centerline (eh just a debrief item, stabilized approach is for dummies).
  11. Altitudes look fine. Does look like they overbanked, but not sure if they misjudged the turn and got spooked by the mountain, or if they caught a gust that pushed them past 60 AOB. No solid horizon to definitely say how far they banked, but it'll show in the MFOQA data, so I guess we'll see if that's really non-punitive data.
  12. Lots of bad assumptions in the article. Not saying a smaller aircraft is bad (remember all those C-27s that flew straight to the boneyard?) Need a widget? One first has to be in the supply system. If the cargo needs dip clearances, doesn't matter how big the plane is. The haz cargo for the ejection seat would've been delayed whether it was on a C-17 or a Piper Cub. Why not throw the part on a travel pod on a fighter if you need fast dedicated lift for a small part? With distributed ops, smaller cargo airlift would be worse than with larger airlift. Don't have to just replace a small widget now, but now full on resupply of a distributed base-ammunition, ordinance, fuel all has to come from somewhere. Lastly, who will fly there smaller aircraft? Last I heard there was already a pilot shortage, so I don't know where you'd find the pilots to fill the seats on smaller airlift. I guess we could bring back liaison pilots, but they'd still need to get somehow in overall end strength numbers, as well as their maintainers and the rest of the personnel footprint that comes with standing up a sq.
  13. If it's so vital to their interests, maybe they should step up and defend their interests... Or press the UN to do something if it's a global interest.
  14. Used to be easy to find on Google... But no luck when I just searched. You can get it from an official source though. I believe if you search for the medical KX site on air Force portal, you can sign up for an account an get to the waiver guide that way. Shoot me a PM with your email and I'll send you the copy I have (Sep 2018)
  15. Used to be easy to find on Google... But no luck when I just searched. You can get it from an official source though. I believe if you search for the medical KX site on air Force portal, you can sign up for an account an get to the waiver guide that way. Shoot me a PM with your email and I'll send you the copy I have (Sep 2018)
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