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  1. jazzdude

    Navy Pilots on Strike over OBOGS Issues

    Where do we draw the line on who pays for the repairs? Say Boeing found a fix: who pays to retrofit the fleet? If the contractor pays, well, every future contract just got more expensive since them have to build in a pad for unplanned engineering fixes. If they think the problem is mx and not a design flaw, then yeah, it makes no sense for them to spend money on something that will have no return on investment, unless the gov asks for (and funds) help.
  2. jazzdude

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    Regular Joe can buy priority boarding if they want it. Or get priority boarding through credit card or frequent flyer programs. The airline chooses to give you, as AD military, an item that is accessible to any one willing to pay for it. So it's the same as taking a any other discount.
  3. jazzdude

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    Nah, the public brought this on itself, fueled by sites like expedia and kayak. Most will buy the cheapest ticket, and one way to get the cheapest ticket is to charge for the extras (checked bag, overhead space, food, drinks, etc). You pay for it, one way or the other.
  4. jazzdude

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    Eh, I used to be upset about this, but really what they did was buy advertising. Just like buying a tv commercial, maybe better (never once heard "launch avoidance maneuver" at a pro sports event). All part of recruiting. Airshows and flyovers aren't cheap either, and kind of in the same vein. No one seemed to get outraged at military flyovers at events either, because, hey, they're free, just minus the cost to operate that multi-million dollar jet(s) turning dinosaurs into noise as a patriotic act, while coming out of the training fence. I'm sure the pilots/crew were consummate professionals, and never accepted sideline seats at the event they did the flyover for after landing. How about the blue angels or the thunderbirds? Pure recruiting and advertisement for the services.
  5. jazzdude

    Military appreciation has jumped the shark

    TLDR: Who cares? So long as they aren't harassing a company to give them a discount. I'm sure no one here got the Amex platinum or other premium credit card, then got the fee waived for their active duty service. Or used the admirals lounge while flying on American on orders. Or used an USO lounge at the airport. Or put your frequent flyer or hotel points number while traveling in official business. How about taking advantage of reduced or free hunting/fishing/parks permits? How about booking a hotel at the gov rate when not on orders? What this attitude boils down to is: "Service itself should be its own reward." Where have I heard that before? Hmm... I remember my dad telling me about the days when he'd go out in the field (army), and BAS was reduced since meals/MREs were provided. Imagine if every day in the Deid that you'd pay a portion of your BAS for chow hall food. Outraged? Get over your sense of entitlement, BAS is so you can eat, and you had government meals provided. Dumb 2LT wearing a flightsuit while traveling commercially? Teaching moment. Airman wearing ripped jeans and looking like a slob? Maybe there's a reason some units have their jr enlisted travel in uniform. My point is, if a business is offering a perk, who are we to judge other people that take advantage of that perk? (Obviously there's a limit...you can't sign the AF up to lease tankers in return for a job with the contractor) I'm pleasantly surprised if a business has a military discount, but I'm by no means upset if they don't. Tip the waitstaff based on full price before the discount, and maybe a bit extra, especially if they give me a discount unsolicited. I'm just a guy doing my job, and sometimes that job involves going some pretty cool things that most can only dream of doing. It's their way of saying thank you. I'd rather they said thank you by supporting and voting for politicians that use military force judiciously, and holds the services and president accountable for use of the military.
  6. Yeah, I'm sure it happens unofficially. I'm trying to make it happen. But in the end I'll still have 2 operational tours. But I can't recat into 11K and be owned by AETC, I'll still have 11M as my core AFSC.
  7. jazzdude

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Well, this puts another point in the "get out" column for me. Bust my butt as a young single dude to get a short tour so when I'm ready to start a family I won't have the threat of a 365, only to have that taken away. Follow that with an AETC assignment and an attached flyer assignment, and now I'm hot for a 365. Only so I can probably go to staff next assignment. Time to start updating my airline apps again...
  8. If nothing else, start a civilian logbook and have your instructor do the sign off on each entry. Then, if you can't finish (or choose not to) your ppl right after IFS, you can take your logbook to another CFI elsewhere to finish up.
  9. I stayed in a pit pad for a couple months, then moved to an extended stay hotel for 2 months. Pit pad was okay until they rented out a fifth room, making it too crowded. I then moved to the Hawthorne Suites, which came in under the on base rate and had hot breakfast everyday and no fighting for a bathroom in the morning.
  10. I'd rather just see either the bonus or flight pay go up, and not be indexed to the economy. Times are good now, but there's no guarantee how long that'll last.
  11. So what are they going to use for industry standard compensation? Include regional pay scales? ACMI pay scales? Pt 135? Different pays for crew qual? I can just see it now- your (AMC pilot) pay is similar to Atlas Air, but you have a tax advantage with tax free months/BAH, and per diem, and a retirement plan, and medical, and you both pretty much do on demand cargo to pretty much the same places, soooo...
  12. Someone's got to do it (FAIP), and I don't care what their reasoning is if they are volunteering as long as their qualified. I'd rather see volunteers fill the positions because maybe they'll be happy with their assignment, and that should make for better quality work. Plus, there's no professional trainer pilot track anymore, so they'll get their operational time in eventually. Maybe they want to check the boxes early so when they hit the line they can focus on the mission. Or not. Who cares? Choosing to FAIP to build time for the airlines is no worse than the MWS guy wanting to teach UPT T-1 to build multi instructor/PIC time. Same thing, different timing. Weird how guys (at least from what I've seen in the MAF) generally don't want to go fly the T-6, but will jump on a T-1. It's also no different than an Airmen enlisting for a 4 year commitment to get college paid for, or someone going through ROTC to pay for their college, or a doctor going through USUHS to pay for med school and intending to only serve their initial commitment and then go into private practice. They are no less patriotic then someone who signs up to go to war: they are all serving their country, and as long as they are doing their jobs, who cares what their reasoning behind serving is? It's the idealist "everyone should have joined because we're at war and they should want to go to war" that eventually leads to "here's your crappy deployment, it's necessary because we're at war, you volunteered for this when you took your oath, blah blah blah service before self." Plus, who can blame the students for thinking ahead to the airlines when their IPs, their role models for what it means to be military aviators, are openly discussing airline hiring, how they got abused in their operational units, and can't wait to hit their commitment to punch? Edit to add: I will concede that I don't consider it a no-breaker to FAIP to build time for the airlines, at least for what I wanted to accomplish with my military service.
  13. Who cares? If you joined to build time for the airlines, more power to you. Just do your job while you're in, and be the best military aviator you can be until it's time to punch, whether it's 10 years, 20 years, or more. As for wanting to stay in AETC to dodge deployments, I don't really see a line for people looking to volunteer for deployments. Maybe if there weren't so many worthless deployments out there, people wouldn't try so hard to avoid deployments. For every dude that tries to hide it in AETC, there's probably a dude that would rather stay out in an ops assignment. That's a win-win-win: the AF keeps 2 guys on the books filling positions that need to be filled, and each guy is happy with their assignment. And maybe, just maybe, if they're happy with what they are doing, maybe they'll stay in past their commitment, improving retention. Letting each of those guys do what they want is better than forcing the guy who wants to stay in ops to AETC and vice versa. But no, let's go with one size fits all for everyone's careers, and everyone should have the same goals and desires as me, and those that don't aren't mission hackers. Because that's worked so well in the past.
  14. Still an option after FAIPing...