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  1. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Pretty sure that's the whole point of stop loss...
  2. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Other way around for the bonus: AF wanted more, congress authorized less. Flight pay: congress authorized more, AF gave less than authorized.
  3. 40% + Tricare for making it to 20 under BRS still might make enough people reconsider getting out at 17 years. On the other hand, BRS might convince more people to get out at the end of their UPT commitment because they can take their matched TSP with them, making this discussion a moot point.
  4. I think that's probably why they're proposing to delay IPZ for fly only track: IPZ @16 years, 1 ABZ @ 17years. By delaying the board, fly-only majors don't get passed over until later. They're making the bet that people won't bail at 17.5 years when retirement is just one assignment away. You can't be passed over twice if you never go to the promotion board...
  5. Raise Taxes, Fire up the Draft.

    Let's cut funding/programs, as long as my program doesn't get cut.
  6. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    Vance was similar, base open Monday through Friday, 0.1 hr hop over to KWDG Friday afternoon, and fly sorties out at KWDG over the weekend. MOAs & MTRs available on the weekend as well.
  7. Raise Taxes, Fire up the Draft.

    Actually funding the war and overseas contingencies by raising taxes, whether individual, corporate, or both. This avoids the problems with mandatory service or a draft, while making everyone have some ownership of what our country is doing overseas (through their pocketbook). Don't like paying more taxes? Well, better start writing your congressman or senator and let them know that you don't believe what we are doing is worth the cost. What if the president exercises his power to do short term engagements? Well, he'd better start talking to congress to fund the long term sustainment of the fight. Added benefit, if OCO funding wasn't bottomless, maybe we won't have stupid deployments updating PowerPoints and making coffee.
  8. Safety School (Albuquerque, AMIC)

    Follow up question, how is a 365 an ITDY (Indeterminate length TDY) when the tour length is known (365 days)? Pretty sure there's a system in place for that...It's a remote, short tour, PCS.
  9. AF was authorized to give the dfas amounts, but chose not to.
  10. Taxes, the Deficit/Debt, and the Fiscal Cliff

    AETC guidance memo closes down SOS during the shutdown
  11. Need T-6 Static Display

    Each OG sets their own bubble-750nm seems pretty standard because it's one travel day each way for mx if they need to repair the jet.
  12. New BAH rates are out.

    This. I think this often gets forgotten.
  13. New BAH rates are out.

    It's one thing as a single guy to volunteer to take bad deals so married people can be home for life events, it's another thing when the scheduler puts you on the bad deal without asking because "it doesn't matter if you miss Thanksgiving/Christmas/holiday/weekends because you're single, so you're on the trip/deployment/alert"
  14. T-6s Grounded; More OBOGS Issues

    I think it was up to 95% in MAX (no 100% position on the regulator)
  15. The new airline thread

    No worries, like you said, I don't think we're that far apart on opinion, just looking at the issue from different viewpoints. :cheers: