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  1. Go fuck yourself. I have no underlying health concerns and it nearly KILLED me and I can assure you prior I was not already prone to dying. Idiots like you make me want to vomit...truly a clueless fuckwit. Two of my immediate family members were thankfully released from the hospital yesterday after receiving all possible therapeutics and one being given last rites. I am all for keeping things open and using mitigation measures to protect those at great risk but saying this is a nuisance is fucking ignorant. There is a lot we simply don't understand especially as it related to cer
  2. He was a complete raging asshole...but one hell of a pilot and an American hero. RIP
  3. One would think...but that is NOT the law in the United States....Jacobson v Massachusetts I am certainly not a lawyer but I believe the very narrow intent of this decision which is now Stare Decisis overrides personal choice during a pandemic. The rational for COVID would apply because many people can have the virus, be asymptomatic and pass it on to someone more vulnerable without knowing. And then there is this FAA reviewing if pilots can take COVID-19 Vaccine.
  4. You do realize the government CAN FORCE EVERYONE to get the vaccine, there is clear and established case law (Supreme Court ruling in Jacobson v Massachusetts), should they choose to enforce it. I was SHOCKED to hear this was true....what about the 14th amendment? I was even more shocked given the the circles that were discussing so I went to two outside judges I personally know and both confirmed and referred me to the SCOTUS ruling which has not be revisited and is now viewed as stare decisis....again, I was shocked. At very high levels the discussion has been had and I know under Tr
  5. I think it was NY Times and I am out of free views...I certainly won't support that paper. I do have an older story from the NY Times saying the same thing (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/23/health/coronavirus-patients-risk.html)
  6. 100% correct...oddly I was just talking to my bud who is a VP at Monsanto...I guess my brain is old.
  7. Understand your concern but that math doesn't follow your logic.I read an interesting study yesterday...short version = of the 238,000 U.S. deaths 9300 were normal healthy people that had no underlying health issues. The two most common causes of death due to a flu shot are anaphylaxis and Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and from the information given by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) it is possible to work out an approximate number. The CDC reports 1.31 cases of anaphylaxis per million flu shots given, so that would be about 183 cases per year in the US (on average,
  8. Flying at HRT the Navy pogues from Pcola and Whiting would always trash our pattern, sometimes four or five at a time. After the three times being told to extend my base while doing two engine training in order to accommodate a T-34, I cleaned up my Gunship and departed VFR to the west. A few minutes later I checked in with PCola and reported initial Runway 25...it was a fucking bomb burst of white jets trying to get out of the way. After a low approach I requested closed and the tower was fuming (do they have a SOF?) I then requested to go tower to tower at Whiting. They initially cleare
  9. That's because the MQ-9 fleet is not big enough to support that accident rate.
  10. Pointy nose Fighter/Attack quit long ago. Real Attack still does them to this day.
  11. I hear you but still...Where was the DO? Perhaps another needless soapbox rant but honestly I have thought about this incident 100 times over the past few days and how many different people failed this young man. Yes we can blame the institution...the writing has been on the wall for some time and others have alluded to it in this thread but in a haste to plug the holes in the damn the system made a conscious decision to push as many people as possible through the system. At a very senior level he was failed when the decision was made to start pushing basic skills training from the
  12. That was very hard to read. 1. Where was the risk management and why is it only applied to the detriment of the rank and file aviators? Seriously WTF? 2. Was anyone in leadership fired? Arm Chair QB but it seems his DO/CC failed him...as did the SOF. 3. If we can "fix" OBOGS, we can fix the ACES seat.
  13. I won't speculate but would really like to see the report. I flew in same airspace a few hours before this and the weather was fine, although it was forecast to get worse around the time of the crash with showers and such during the POTUS rally two hours later at KPNS. Standard wild witness statements ranging from "Aircraft was in a tailspin", "I could hear the engine howling as they came down", to "I could tell the pilot was trying to avoid the houses." One report said they were going to land at Foley, the crash site is 2.6 miles due west of the center of the Foley airport but th
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