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  1. B-1 (Bone) questions

    Not exclusive to the Gunships...I think the entire AFSOC community has some brass ones. Epic fail set in motion by false thinking of one MAJCOM commander who wasn't a pilot and refused to listen to those around him about this and many other issues. Not just capes to protect the Eagles but capes that let you go tough places when absolutely needed. The H was old but it did have some capes that are missed including ECM...retiring the H left the U Boat as the only gunpig with ECM and guess what we are about to retire...the U Boat. The W sans RF protection will retire in a few years and it will be several year before the J has any substantial RF protection...WTF.
  2. B-1 (Bone) questions

    Based on your years of experience flying the H Model ALLTV? The set up on the H Model did have niche capability mainly because it was not restricted to a size-limited sensor ball so it was easy to strap on other capabilities to the same sensor platform. Next time your at HRT go look at 575 that is on display with a piece of plexiglass over the LLTV mount in what was the crew entrance door. MX-20 and MTS-B are fantastic sensors and I would likely choose them in a modern fight but the system on the H Model was fantastic and FAR superior to piece of junk on the U Boat.
  3. Med school?

    A long-time friend went through UPT as a guard dude then F-16 RTU. After becoming and IP he went to Med School and is now a surgeon and I believe still flying.
  4. B-1 (Bone) questions

    The answer is training....lots and lots of training. The gunpig is not exactly a human factors ergonomic masterpiece. The AC-130H had the FCO and Nav on the flight deck but isolated form the pilots by a blackout curtain, the sensor operators and EWO were down stairs in a booth. The AC-130U has the NAV, FCO, EWO and sensors operators all downstairs in the BMC...yet somehow both platforms trained their way to excellence. I am not bashing the Buff...just one data point early in the war, I have a second data point but no need to dogpile. These are great Americans and they have since professionalized their contribution. In the end the thing that typically makes the U.S. military stand out from the rest is not the platform but the people and the training. Train like you fight and fight like you train...joint CAS can be a beautiful thing.
  5. B-1 (Bone) questions

    Non-Concur. I've seen good and bad. On the bad side I worked with a Buff crew very early in the war that was absolutely determined to drop even though no one could see the ground. I won't go into all the details but at one point he told me "We are going to mark the target for you"...ahhh no pal, you are going to mark GPS coordinates. I dropped under the weather and as I sorted out the mess I determined he was going to drop a of stick GBU-31s on a freaking village. #fail I will say this was not typical of other work I did with the Buff dudes. On the good side I worked with B-1s and these bros were absolutely dialed in...they knew the battlespace and had great SA of both the friendlies and the bad guys, they threw some serious hate with bombs that were right on target at the right time. Some of the best work I've ever done was while tag-teaming the bad guys with a flight of A-10's. It was a thing of beauty and one of the best missions I ever flew, although I am sure we pissed off a lot of virgins.
  6. More Uniform Changes!

    Any better when it is 6.9 degrees out?
  7. Dave are you going to expand into any other products? Trying to find some nylon strips with name and wings to put on my luggage and backpack.
  8. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Shouldn't that tell the powers that be just how deep the organizational rot has gone? When CSAF and SECAF pull all the WING/CC's in a room and say "Knock it off" and it continues, that is not "Stovepiped thinking", that is a completely broken organization. USAF needs real LEADERSHIP...stand up in front of the room with a baseball bat and knock some sense into these pencil pushing duncewagons. Fire the first couple that don't listen...get back to being WARRIORS. I get it, we need a system to manage people, but when the system becomes more powerful than our ability to grow leaders and project combat power...something is seriously fucking wrong.
  9. What should the Air Force be if it is so broken now?

    In many ways the organization has been permanently changed by years of mindless bureaucracy. Managers and number crunchers have been promoted in front of leaders and warriors which has chenged the core of the organization and what it values. Despite protestations otherwise the "machine" continues to select and reward the "administrator" class in a self-licking iced cream cone of atrocious leaders. There are exceptions, and some do thrive, but overall they are out-numbered by non-warrior yes men.
  10. Green Beret Open Letter

    The impacts of these decisions will be paid in blood across all of the services. Our accident rate is already trending up and I predict a big spike over the next 2-3 years as we flood the combat forces with inexperience that should have been filtered at the RTU/Selection process.
  11. F-22 Pilot's comments after flying the F-4

    "Oh I had to tap min burner."..boo hoo. Brother try a gunpig in AFG during the summer, hookup at 10K AGL and Toboggan down to 2K to get your gas.
  12. The new airline thread

    We are checking our backup server located in a bathroom in Chinatown.
  13. The new airline thread

    We are checking guys.
  14. The story is getting more bizarre by the day. Supposedly there was team meet and greet that included the families. #1 and #3 get into a heated argument and punches were thrown in front of the families...
  15. Test group to Skip the T6?

    HuggyU2 Agrees, a pic from his recent inprocessing after returning to active duty.