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  1. NFL Ratings are Way Down

  2. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    This should help pilot retention....good call.
  3. WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Copy cat...
  4. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Yup, also mainly a civilian plane so a bit harder to turn of the parts train because of a political issue. The U-28 community has some of the most dedicated Americans I've ever met, but I think most of them would acknowledge they need a better plane to accomplish their mission (faster, can lift more, RANGE). Interestingly, Scorpion would be an incredible fit as a replacement.
  5. AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Not smart...why buy a foreign built airplane when there are far better options. I sure hope we never fall out of favor with Brazil and they turn of the supply train.
  6. F-35 Lightning info

    Also a lot of RUMINT about the Navy wanting out of the F-35 business...trying to give them all to the USMC and buy a big lot (148), of Super Hornets. I guess a long-term play to skip to 6th Gen.
  7. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    All valid points and I won't even pretend to defend his comments. I would not have threatened no-notice check rides, not the place on a DOV guy. On the other hand if I was the SQ/CC and my IPs were sitting in a circle talking about the airlines at work I would justifiably not be happy. We all bitch about the bullshit queep that keeps us from flying and focusing on the mission, shouldn't that apply both ways? "Good Dude" in this context...really means good leader. I know many people on here know who he is, but I will still attempt to preserve his anonymity. Let me give some examples of what I am talking about. He is MOST certainly NOT part of the management club, on multiple occasions I saw him say no to STUPID shit from above. The Command wanted to deploy someone to a useless position...NO, he stopped it and took the heat. Being told his wing needed to perform some dopey make-busy tasks on a weekend..."Fuck NO" was his answer. Performing and tracking bullshit queep tasks that had nothing to do with mission..."Don't fucking do it." He hates the career model and is straight up PROUD he was never an exec and never did a pentagon tour. One final example, THREE days after met him he pushed a set of G Series orders for the Wing across the desk and told me he was leaving for almost a month. The Wing ORI was going to kick off four days later so I asked "what is your guidance"...his response was "don't fuck it up...they know what to do." He didn't call during the ORI, no second guessing, no micro-managing...zip. When it was over I called him and he said how did it go? I answered "we got an Excellent" and he replied "those fuckers should have given us an Outstanding...anyway here is what is happening down range." For those who think we need the second coming of Robin Olds (and we do), please remember Olds was fucking his wing secretary and was not exactly easy on those around him when he was drinking which was often...even the great ones have warts. I am sure none of this is translating, I am too close and truly respect the guy. I have other stories I can't share. Also, if he came back to read this he would be pissed to see me defend him.
  8. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    He has very strong beliefs and I fully understand the negative reaction to his statement above. That being said he is straight up a combat leader and and on MANY occasions and in MANY ways he fought for the line guy...on his own authority he simply ended queep and took the heat from above. Not a single one of us is perfect but I am telling you I would follow that dude into combat any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  9. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    Management buddies? Liquid is a good dude, he has been promoted again and I think his job and circumstances keep him away from this forum...I am assuming. We are friends but I don't discuss this place with him. As for other senior folks, I wish I had a better answer. I am admittedly disillusioned having run in those circles and I am truly sad to say many are sycophants that could care less what you post on here because they believe alternate realities and nothing you can say (even the facts), will convince them otherwise. When you try to tell the MAJCOM/CC there is a retention train wreck coming and his response is "they will stay because they are patriots"...you reply, but sir they have done their duty over and OVER again...then he replies "fuck them, we will just make more." Some of these assholes made it worse out of pure malice...one in particular REALLY fucked some good people over and they got out. One dude had a life-long dream to fly the B-2, the now 2-star select refused on principle (our manning would have allowed it), so a Great pilot bailed. The same guy then stopped another guy from going to TPS (another life-long dream), because he was a CV-22 flight lead and we were short...so they guy got out and now flies for Delta. Much of our senior leadership is septic...the only reason they are pretending to care is because we are indeed 1920 pilots short and it is only going to get worse...MUCH worse.
  10. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    STOP trying to use logic.
  11. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

  12. 1,000 Retired Pilots Can Be Recalled to Active Duty

    Stop Loss Cometh...
  13. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Nope Harvard?