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  1. He is truly a solid dude. Despite CSAF personally celebrating Tom's efforts to reduce queep, transform social media interaction, and increase readiness...HE WAS NOT SELECTED FOR PROMOTION. So the status quo will continue and the nutbag bean counters will continue to thrive as GOs.
  2. ClearedHot

    Iran Lied . . . No One Is Surprised

    I could not disagree more.
  3. ClearedHot

    C-130 down near Savannah, GA

    News reporting this was supposed to be the final flight of this aircraft as they were on their way to the Boneyard. Also reporting this was a former WC-130. Him Him
  4. ClearedHot

    Iran Lied . . . No One Is Surprised

    That's because it is a HORRIBLE deal, a bargain made to build a legacy rather than security. We played checkers while they played chess. Again, this deal simply delayed their enrichment capability for 7 years, when the term is up they will have spent seven years further destabilizing numerous countries, developed long-range ballistic missiles and built a HUGE war chest. If you are into instant gratification then this deal is a winner, if you have an understanding of the great game you will understand we got Pwned.
  5. ClearedHot

    Iran Lied . . . No One Is Surprised

    The deal was horrid for several reasons, most not obvious because we are focused on stopping their ability to enrich uranium. Lets assume Bibi is wrong and go with the recent Sec Mattis assessment that they appear to be abiding by the deal and have stopped enrichment...We all win, Nobel prize to Obama and Kerry right...wrong. Peal back the onion, put away the talking points and look at what is really going on. #1. We unloaded pallets of money, BILLIONS of dollars that the Iranians immediately funneled to DPRK, instead of funding programs to improve life for the average Iranian. #2. Iran is still free to advance its ballistic missile systems, AND THEY ARE. #3. Perhaps the biggest impact (and least reported), part of the deal was allowing Iran to sell oil on the open market. They are currently selling over 1 Million barrels a day which equates to $35 Billion a month, much of it being funneled into nefarious programs. Over the remainder of this deal Iran will stockpile billions and billions of dollars and have a very mature missile program that will be ready to receive weapons when the clock runs out in seven years. I seriously doubt Israel will wait until the deal expires to take action. If I were king for a day I would decertify the deal and negotiate from a position of strength while we still have the advantage. Snap back sanctions would be the first line of defense and would focus on their ability to sell oil. Most folks people are focused on the leadership but a closer examination of the internal situation would show a LOT of instability from the general populous. Most Iranians are not evil people and they don't want war. It is of course the extremists that control the country, but their grip is slipping as of late. I don't know if the NK approach will work with Iran, but given the internal situation in Iran, they is an opportunity to break the status quo. If we don't, in seven years will be facing an epically more difficult situation...if Bibi and the lads let it go that long. Don't forget, for us Iran is a threat to the region and while the missile program may eventually threaten America, for Israel this is a matter of survival and the Israelis have been known to take drastic action when their survival was at stake.
  6. ClearedHot

    Viper Mishap at Lake Havasu, AZ

    Have a buddy (Vader), who lost a motor in the Viper over Iraq during a No Fly mission in the early 90's. He was able to deadstick it back to an island as I recall.
  7. ClearedHot

    Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    My dad was a pilot but my Mom thought we would butt heads if he taught me to fly so she arranged for a close family friend who was a senior Pilot at Delta to be my first instructor. The guy was a legend who did many incredible things in his life and wrote books about his adventures )sailed a six foot boat across the Atlantic by himself.) I really looked up to him until the day after I soloed. I was in his hangar on his private flying ranch when he pulled me aside and said "you needed to get that military flying thing out of my system and get a real job." He went as far as to show me his paystub which was incomprehensible money to a kid in 1986. I was kind of taken aback, when I looked around the guy had several planes, cars motorcycle and boats, he obviously had a lot of money but he did not value military service. Oddly I ran into his years later when my hometown made a big deal about getting some medals in Afghanistan, he was all smiles and handshakes, "you done good kid!" I never looked at him the same. As for Huggy, how about as a dedicated American who served his country he also taught his children about service, sacrifice, and something more than the almighty dollar. As a senior officer I routinely met with folks who decided to get out. I never required a meeting if someone dropped their papers, most of the meetings were requested by folks I had mentored and decided to get out or through chance interactions. My first statement was ALWAYS "thank you for your service, what can I do to help with your next chapter." As Huggy noted, giving any period of your life to military service buys my everlasting gratitude, you have done more than 99% of the population and I am honored to shake your hand if it was 2 years or 28. In my humble opinion, Huggy is a fucking hero and though we are not close friends, I dare say his family has done just fine, in spite of his 28 years of service.
  8. ClearedHot

    Raptor Gear Up at Fallon?

    Sarah Connor?
  9. ClearedHot

    The Next President is...

    Dripping with irony...
  10. ClearedHot

    Syria strikes underway

    Agree to disagree. There is a big difference between trike to destabilize his rule and strikes to reduce his ability to deliver chemical weapons. Even the strikes by Trump were limited to chemical weapons productions and storage. The entrenchment by the Russians since Obama walked away made it very difficult to strike the actual delivery mechanisms without harming Russian citizens. I presume the three sites that were hit last week were there when Obama was POTUS. It is often difficult to predict outcomes in the great game, but I personally believe the application of military power to enforce the declared red line would have limited the future employment of chemical weapons, the message sent more than empowered Aasad. Perhaps they would have increased barrel bomb attacks as a result, but we will never know, nor will a lot of dead women and children.
  11. ClearedHot

    Syria strikes underway

    The entire situation is of course a chocolate mess. Do we intervene in every situation around the world, most would agree no. Are we seen as world leaders and do our actions send a message, most would agree yes. I believe if Obama had thumped them when they crossed supposed Red Line and previously used WMD, the calculus for Aasad would have been different this time. I could be wrong. All of that being said, it is exceptionally difficult to see women and children being hit with chemical weapons.
  12. ClearedHot

    Syria strikes underway

    So you are saying Obama was taking Ryan's advice?
  13. ClearedHot

    Syria strikes underway

    Doubtful...Regardless, if the spineless messiah grown a pair and hit them when they crossed the "red line" there might be a lot less dead women and children.
  14. ClearedHot

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    This is what is wrong with the Air Force. UFB!!! TENN_ANG.mp4
  15. ClearedHot

    Syria strikes underway