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  1. Enough SNAP. Pull it together or move on.
  2. It is even more surreal to visit AMARC and see your bird sitting wrapped up int he desert. I flew a lot of combat missions in a few specific tail numbers and it is a very weird feeling to see them sitting there. They brought me home through a lot of shit and now they are just waiting to be chopped up. Fewer and fewer are going to museums because of the cost to transport, restore and maintain.
  3. And apparently good at dealing with men 31 years her senior...just ask Willie Brown.
  4. Multiple sources reporting injuries but no fatalities.
  5. Airborne in my plane 10 miles west of him when it happened. WX was kind of crappy with a lot of haze, an unforecast scud deck from 2500' down to 1200'. The winds were kicking this morning at 1000' I had 30 knots out of the southeast .
  6. VA ReFi with Jon and closed last week @ 2.75. Saved me $300 a month (more gas for my plane). Only odd thing about the entire process and has nothing to do with Jon or Trident, AFTER closing but before dispersing funds the underwriter came back and wanted to do an employment verification. 3 Million people filed for unemployment in one week so I am guess the underwriters are a bit nervous. My third time dealing with Marty/Jon/Trident, call/email anytime and they answer or reply right away. I can vouch for Jon not just as a financial professional but as an AFSOC operator. Thanks gents.
  7. A few have reached out and I am sending her Paypal privately. All funds are going to the kids 529 accounts. CH
  8. If anyone would like to donate to Sara and the kids please reach out to me and I will pass details. She has a Paypal set up that goes to her and the kids.
  9. I've talked to Sara and she is in the process of setting something up for the kids. I will pass along details when I have them.
  10. It rips me apart to post this, Matmacwc flew west peacefully Christmas morning after a long fight with cancer. He bravely fought it to the end. He was truly a good man and a great fighter pilot. If your inclined to pray please pass a few on to his family. Nickle on the grass my friend. 🍺
  11. They said many of the same things about Homestead...
  12. A similar thing happened when Hurricane Andrew hit Homestead. There were several jets (nearly brand new C model vipers), that were unflyable so they parked a few in a hangar and four more in the ANG alert facility at the north end of the field. The alert facility pictured below was designed to withstand 160MPH and obviously it failed. There was a weather gauge about 100' from this facility and it measured a gust of 214MPH then failed (likely a mesovorticy). All of the damaged jets eventually returned to service although it took several years to repair a few of them.
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