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  1. Gun Talk

    Truth. Great-Grandfather on Mom's side got his checkride from Orville Wright. I wonder if Orville carried a 1911?
  2. Gun Talk

    So today a good guy with a gun in a school stopped a bad guy with a gun in a school. Liberal skulls exploding everywhere.
  3. Gun Talk

    Fo Sho. I have a Kimber and my Grandfather's issued 1911 he carried through WWII, both are way to big to be a viable concealed carry.
  4. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    How do you think I feel...I thought I was really good at flying and I made O-6 BPZ...I guess I am lucky I havn't crashed into a tree yet.
  5. Gun Talk

    I am indeed talking about the M&P 9 Shield
  6. F-18 Down at Key West

    I RARELY place cred on initial reports and "witness" accounts but they are saying it "burst into flames" while still airborne. Also, interesting that the hook is down? One would think the Super Hornets would be holding up better than the legacy birds but from recent reports the entire fleet is having serious issues due to overuse as noted by VMFA187. Prayers to the family.
  7. Gun Talk

    I did a lot of research (and shooting), and narrowed my search to the Glock 43 and M&P 9 for my concealed carry weapon. I am a fairly large dude and have big hands so grip has always been an issue for me with smaller handguns. Both are easily concealed in the sticky holster I use in my waistband. I found the Glock a bit thicker and shorter, the shortness actually impacted my grip and ultimately my accuracy. The M&P 9 being thinner and a bit longer allows me to get all of my fingers on the grip and for me personally makes it feel more stable. Both shot well but I was driving nails with the M&P 9 (so was my wife), so in the end I went with this weapon and have been very pleased carrying it for the past two years.
  8. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    I pulled out of the base gas station one day and TSgt Snuffy passes me going the opposite direction as I took a drink from the bottle I just purchased at the shopette. I immediately hear a siren and look back to see him powerslide his patrol car, fishtail his cruiser on the shoulder with dirt, rocks, and grass flying everywhere. Lights blazing he comes raging up behind me so I pull over. He nearly runs to my side of the car and starts yelling, "I got you Sirrrrrr, I got you!" Ummmm Huh? You got me doing what TSgt? "I got you drinking and driving Sirrrrrrrr, I saw you drinking that beer you have in your lap!!#%^$*" I take a deep breath and reply "Hey Sargeeeeee, do you mean this ROOT beer? He looked at the bottle three times, his head rocking sideways like a confused dog. He didn't say another work, he just walked away.
  9. Gun Talk

    It doesn’t matter to me, but for some religious beliefs trump profits. God Bless America.
  10. Gun Talk

    It's not a Constitutional right to purchase a cake from any baker either. You just destroyed the liberal argument to the Supreme Court that would force a Baker to make a cake for a homosexual couple. The ruling later this year will have huge implications.
  11. China & Chinese Shenanigans

    I believe there was also a pres release stating they planned to sail the CSG through the waters claimed by China.
  12. AFSOC Leadership Drain

    Two out of last three AFSOC Commanders were NOT pilots.
  13. AFSOC Leadership Drain

  14. AFSOC Leadership Drain

    40 out 110 AFSOC O-6's hit the eject button, including a few HPOs (at least one a multi-year BPZ sitting Wing/CC). Some might see this as a good thing, but that is still a lot of experience walking out the door all at once.