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    Combining the collective wisdom of the last two posts...you guys are correct with the "foul jobs program". For all the USG's faults, it has never claimed to be efficient. It never claimed to save the taxpayer's money. It never claimed to provide the list of ready volunteers with a long, stable career. Although 1st and the 15th paychecks are virtually assured into infinity (the jobs program), it certainly is foul in almost every respect. I can only speak for myself, but for the first half of my career, the rose-colored glasses allowed the good to outweigh the bad. Then around the 10-year mark, the glasses were punched off my face, and that decade of experience and observation created a single goal...reach escape velocity before the foul jobs program created an indelible negative mark on my family's future. So thankful and lucky that the airlines hiring was there to greet me and thousands of my contemporaries. I wish that luck upon all of us who raised our hands to volunteer...a choice for you to easily transition out when the requisite pain threshold is reached. YOUNG PEOPLE: Knowing what I know now, I advocate hard for ARC positions. The Guard / Reserves allows you to maintain maximum flexibility while participating in the USG jobs program. If you love it, they will absolutely allow you to volunteer to come onto Active Duty. If you hate it, you'll have ample opportunity to weave other jobs/locations. Go ARC. Have contingencies in place. And no matter WHAT, never expect the USG to take care of you. You will be disappointed.
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    I thought all you had to do was put on some special goggles. You're telling me you actually have to fly airplanes to learn how to fly airplanes?
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    Their revolving door contract mx was running a shell game and trashing the flyers and hangar queens alike due to lack of continuity. No free lunch in life but hey, contractors got paid so the senators are happy. When you realize the DOD is fundamentally a jobs program in modern times, you start seeing the fiscal failures of our military spending as success and not the Orwellian irony ive come to privately accept them to be. We might be picking up the slack for CBM by next summer until their new contractor presumably rights the ship. Hope in one hand and shit on the other amma right?
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    It’s bs if they gave out slots then take them away. There’s probably no good option here but something like the deferments of the early 90s would be better than nothing. Essentially, some dudes’ pilot training classes were delayed 2-3 years and they did a tour as a missileer, skycop, acquisition, etc. while they waited. At least give folks the option to do something like that. Otherwise it’s just another broken promise.
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    You could theoretically get 20-30 additional points pretty easy. BUT... Because it's a Reserve job, it's a massive - maybe even unworkable - pain as a DSG. UTAPS doesn't talk to the Guard MPF systems and apparently even manually handing in 40As didn't seem to work. I've known two people that tried PIRR programs as DSG and neither got any points for their efforts. One DSG gave it up and one is still doing it for zero credit. If you crack the code, let everyone here know because it's a known issue unless you're already a Reservist.
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    BS or not, this pullback in rated pilot slots rumor makes sense. A few months ago I heard that AETC needed 250ish new IPs in FY 19. Well, they only got 150ish because everyone is jumping ship. And, CBM has yuge aircraft maintenance problems that will take the new maintenance contractor at least a year to fix. Didn’t one of you guys also mention PIT had/has maintenance problems too? You cant train pilots with broken aircraft and a lack of IPs.
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    Primary radar? Nah, I was just counting on the enemy complying with the ADS-B mandate when they attack since their acquisition process is quicker.
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    My kid did jiujitsu at the ymca near Sheppard. We were happy with it. He taught an adult class too.
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    Man I wish I could engage the afterprop when we’re at max gross weight in the summer trying to max bag it
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    Probably some Gen Z beta cuck SNAP trained on VR and safe spaces in the People’s Republic of Austin that didn’t EARN that Strike Eagle like back in my day!
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    2 for 1, not a bad deal. Which one are you going to take your boyfriend to?
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    It’s a bunch of bullshit, they put her up because you’re not “supposed” to criticize her due to her age/gender/disability, oldest trick in the book. It’s slimy, even worse when you look her parents up, she is being played like a puppet. Play adult games get adult results.
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    God, I hope you're trolling. Sent from my SM-N975U using Baseops Network mobile app
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