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  1. Covid has killed 619K Americans. Assuming the population of the country was 350M, that’s 0.177% of the entire US population. Out of the 34.5M recorded US cases, that’s 1.8% mortality rate (likely lower due to unreported cases). There were 5479 reported deaths (to any cause, not necessarily related to vaccine) following a COVID vaccine out of 318M doses (0.0017%). CDC and FDA are required to look into each report. Of those 5K, so far only 3 are linked to the vaccine (1:100M). The CDC reports your chances of having a severe reaction is about 1:200k, or less. I don’t think anyone is trying to say that these vaccines are absolutely perfect, but compare it to any other vaccine our society has commonly accepted as safe—take typhoid for example—and the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines are pretty damn good. If we’re going to throw around numbers, let’s at least use actual data.
  2. Sounds like prison rules: beat someone up or become someone’s bitch.
  3. That’s mind blowing. Quite the opposite of our UDM throwing a shit fit every time someone isn’t green for 1 of 69 deployment requirements
  4. I guess the 6-ship NDB procedure turn is just for the coal-burning dinosaurs then.
  5. Only way Gaetz loses an election is getting defeated in the primary. FL-1 can do (much) better than Gaetz
  6. I wonder if it has anything to do with the “not previously reported” part of the article. Either there’s a trend item or a failure to report.
  7. For those who were on the IDE alternate list, when did you find out if you were/were not getting picked up? I’ve heard that a fallout slot could go to an alternate right until the week prior to the AY starting.
  8. That’s a fun airport. With the banner tows, navy helos, GA and Elgin range I’m surprised how few incidents are.
  9. I’m enjoying ATC-Zero ops. Some of the less busy towers are going to CTAF-Ops around 2200 or so.
  10. I wouldn’t recommend bringing her with you on Day 1. You get one shot at UPT. Don’t muddle that with trying to sort whether or not she’s “the one” with the 0.69% of your time not spent in the books. Like it or not, she’s going to have to deal with you being gone 200+ days/year in most MWS, not to mention upgrades, WIC or other times where the AF demands the majority of your attention. I’m not saying dump her, but the risk of being a single dude for 13 months and having your weekends open to partying with your class and your mind focused on becoming a USAF pilot are less than the risk of half-assing a decision to marry someone while letting it distract you at UPT.
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