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    Dates just dropped for FY20.... I can finally complete my timeline. Army rotor guy to ANG tankers 15 June 2018: Interview 28 Jun 2018: Hired 13 Aug 2018: Flight Physical Completed @ WP 15 Sep 2018: Conditional release from Army approved (for 30 days....) 30 Sep 2018: DD-368 pushed up to NGB. ARB processes started. 30 Oct 2018: ARB package returned (expired DD-368) missing TAG initials and dates. 15 Nov 2018: ARB package resubmitted to NGB with new 90 day conditional release 29 Jan 2019: ARB package returned (expired 90 day conditional release) 10 Feb 2019: ARB package resubmitted to NGB with 90 day extension of conditional release) 21 May 2019: ARB package returned (expired 90 day conditional release) 1 June 2019: ARB package resubmitted back to NGB with 90 day extension 25 July 2019: NGB A3 issues MFR granting ARB approval 8 Aug 2019: State JFH submits appointment package to NGB A1 9 Aug 2019: NGB A1 issues MFR approval for Temporary Appointment for Prior Service Officer 16 Aug 2019: Swear In with unit 24 Sep 2019: UPT school dates for 2 NOV - Vance OK Was hoping for Columbus but beggars cant be choosers. Anybody want to trade? 15 months from hired to UPT. cheers
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    He is literally the worst person that I or anyone else have ever worked for. He is a self serving sycophant who would do anything to make himself look good in front of others at the expense of his subordinates. I'll send more personal stories in a PM if people want. P.S. his WPS callsign is LIMBO because they couldn't set the bar any lower.
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    Regarding bolded above... North DFAC at KAF has better than “decent food.” I’ll wager it’s the best chow hall in any AOR. They have 6 kinds of espresso. They have a dude who walks around handing out samples of grilled meat. They have a RipIt slurpy machine with 4 flavors. Don’t undersell it man! I’m not someone who likes KAF, but it’s a damn fine chow hall.
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    iPhone with the selfie stick will undoubtedly give you the most style points. If you're feeling ballsy, you can do the selfie style with an iPad and that could land you even more style points, given the execution is good. If you are able to pull it off, hold a laptop with a camera selfie style. This will be the hardest to pull off but if you do it correctly and well, you are almost guaranteed an interview.
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    MOODY AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- Col. Daniel P. Walls, 23d Wing commander, relieved Lt. Col. Scott Rein from command of the 41st Rescue Squadron, Sept. 23, 2019, at Moody Air Force Base, Ga. After careful consideration, the decision to relieve the commander was made based on a loss of confidence in his ability to lead and command. Lt. Col. Chad Kohout is currently serving as interim commander of the unit. About time
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    Not a movie, but an HBO series. Watched a couple of episodes of Chernobyl on my flight back from Germany. Wished I had started watching it earlier (Delta movies suck!). Gonna pay for it via Amazon, as it's well worth it!
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    You absolutely should, and don't forget to post a link here for us to watch and give feedback 😉 In all seriousness, I highly recommend it because it's a chance for the hiring board to put a face and personality to an application.
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    Hey all, just heard back from the 144th AS in Anchorage, got the slot! Any others pick up a slot in Alaska recently? And thanks for y'alls help over the last year while I’ve been applying!
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    You’re damn right they should be “reinstated”. They are innocent until proven guilty. That’s how it works around here. A “technicality” may be blind ass luck or a poorly trained officer or whatever, but if the proof of guilt doesn’t meet the standard of law...that person is innocent. Period. “For the law holds, that it is better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent suffer.”
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    100% until proven guilty. Whether the circumstances warrant administrative action is another story... but writing that story before the legal case settles is unfortunate. I’m not sure why we’re so spring loaded to fire/punish before the legal case is settled. If “we’re going to get all the facts out in trial/through due process” is not an acceptable answer to you or your boss, maybe you or your boss should spend a while thinking about your commitment to the constitution. There also may be times when relieving somebody of duties is in their best interest in order to focus on the legal battle, but a press release probably isn’t necessary in that case That said: There aren’t many more selfish decisions than drinking and driving.
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    Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Loooooong movie. Really liked Brad Pitt's character and performance. No skin from Margot Robbie (which is a pity...) Interesting handling of the Manson murders. Unfortunate that Lena Dunham was in it (my keyboard threw up a little typing that...) Vintage Tarantino.
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