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  1. It’s also why the IG exists and your congressman exists. I would explore both of these options.
  2. That’s not really the point. He’s asking about leave when you’re mobilized. Im currently deployed, and half the people I work with are “deployed” to Shaw. I think they fall under the same rules we do out here, meaning if you’re less than 6 months you can’t take leave. I’ll ask the guys when I go in.
  3. Sec 622 of the 2013 NDAA authorized DoD to create a comprehensive Space Available program. Up until that point the latest guidance was some sort of joint transportation Reg from 1994. Everyone got all excited and thought “Finally! After 12 solid years of fighting alongside our active component counterparts and countless mobilizations we finally get to take our spouses with us when we get home and go back to being drill status guardsmen! Horray!” But…no. It never happened. So even though the NDAA authorizes it, someone has to actually do some work and create it.
  4. I remember signing a petition on some GeoCities website (remember that) around the turn of the century. The fact that reservists maintain the exact same quals but only got paid 1/30th of the flight pay per AFTP always irked me. I hope it goes through but much like expanded Space A benefits for reservists (which made it into the NDAA but never got implemented) I’m not holding my breath.
  5. There are a lot of hospitals in the Northeast and all the Guard/Reserve bases that i can think of (besides Bangor) are within an hour’s drive to either Boston, Hartford, Providence… As I think it through with the exception of maybe Bangor, Mansfield and Grissom all the other Guard/Reserve bases are pretty close to urban areas. Minneapolis, Detroit, OKC, DFW, Denver, Phoenix, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, Charlotte, etc. What’s your definition of a major hospital and what’s your definition of close?
  6. Thank you for posting, I’m working my way through it. There’s a lot to unpack here.
  7. That’s not true, it’s all a hoax. That’s what they want you to believe. The student pilots don’t need some experimental accelerated pilot training program that got rushed through and put into circulation. The IPs just need to give them some ivermectin and the students will fly better and the IPs won’t need to work so hard. Oh wait, wrong thread. Sorry about that…
  8. Well they have been trying to reach you…
  9. We agree on almost all of it, to include the fact that the media sucks. …until the consequences of those who get really sick due to no vaccine and flood the hospitals causes a lot of extra work and delays the treatment for cardiac patients, cancer patients, etc. and others that have other potentially life threatening illnesses. I got a text from a buddy today who’s wife is a nurse at a local hospital. 20 COVID in the hospital 18 unvaxxed, 2 vaxxed. 2 of the unvaxxed on ventilators, in their 30s. That sucks. I know crowded hospitals and health care shortages have happened before as you pointed out but I personally feel like severe illness and hospitalization due to COVID is all but avoidable with the shot (in conjunction with exercise, Vitamin D, good sleep hygiene, etc.) and that allows the medical machine to keep moving. I know, big pharma and all but we are where we are. If hospital overcrowding doesn’t happen and everything is running smoothly, I would not care about one’s choices at all….but even now it’s a choice (except mil soon) and all we can do is educate ourselves to what we think are the pros and cons and ORM it. I’m gonna go get a steak.
  10. Valid points. I’m honestly not stressed and she’s not bitching. I did not mean for it to come out that way. Seeing and hearing what we both view as somewhat preventable is hard to see play out here and elsewhere. Yes we are both vaxxed, we exercise, try to eat as well as we can and, to your point do not feel as though we are in any severe COVID danger. I will feel bad for people if the census of the hospital is such that one cannot receive non-COVID care. I saw a story about a gentleman in a rural hospital in TX that died of some sort of gallbladder thing, completely preventable but they couldn’t fit him in to any hospital in Houston.
  11. You’re more than welcome to come over anytime, and I 100% could never survive as a vegan so bring something to grill. Honest opinion: I think (this is just my opinion) the demographic that is hesitant is younger females who believe the verdict is still out on reproductive effects. There’s not a lot of holdouts, but there are a few. Mind you, this is in the northeast. I just saw a CDC slide this AM about this area having a very high vaccination rate, probably the highest in the country. My wife has a friend down south and was shocked at the low take rates at the hospitals down there. A lot of the consensus down there was “ive been working in crowded COVID wings for 18 months and I’m fine, why do I need a vaccine?” I’m not saying it’s right or wrong and it’s second and third hand from her and her friends, that’s just what I’m hearing. Again, I don’t think a mandate is the right way to go, I just think the risk of developing long term complications from COVID is much higher than any risks associated with an mRNA vaccine and people need to understand the ramifications of their decision making process. I feel like (another opinion) there was a very defined line and when the vaccine came out people started to fall on one side or the other very quickly. Many were undecided. But, as time went on the undecided chose the prevalent school of thought. For example, when it first came out, my wife was one of the first. Her father is in a long term care facility and being vaccinated and able to see him was very important to her. Many of her colleagues got vaxxed right off the bat. Those who were undecided saw that and said “well, Karen and Rick got it two months ago, that’s when most side effects happen, they seem fine to me…meh, I guess I’ll get it too.” Other places there was resistance, so when people didn’t get it the undecided said “well, Becky didn’t get it and she’s been around COVID for 18 months and she’s fine so i guess I won’t either.”
  12. Nice deflection. My future conversation is absolutely hypothetical and meant to be sarcastic in nature. I absolutely rolled in the things we have been talking about here. My point was 100% about trusting torqued over healthcare professionals. We have had multiple conversations regarding the briefings she gets. Come on over for dinner. It gets to be a broken f***ing record regarding the positivity rates and hospitalization rates and the vaccine take rate/hospitalization rate ratios. Guess what? It’s the same stuff that the AP is reporting, only I often get it a few days prior from a health care professional before it hits the news. These are all topics she has brought up in the past. She’s not making this shit up. Just yesterday she told me that a handful of staff members either elected to work elsewhere or retire early. Others are leaving because they don’t want to get vaccinated. Either way, the number of cases and hospitalizations fluctuates but the number of healthcare workers just keeps decreasing. You can build the biggest hospital (or Air Force) in the world, but you have to staff it with qualified people.
  13. Oh thank God. I’m looking forward to the dinner conversation tonight. How was your day honey? “Well I got another briefing that the COVID case rate is going up, they briefed us on the situation down south where they’re having to open up conference rooms for all of the patients again. Idaho is starting to ration care. Pretty much everyone coming in is unvaccinated. Three ICU nurses gave their notice and we don’t have the experience in the ER staff to backfill them.” Oh. Well, don’t worry about it honey everyone is overreacting. It’s all gonna be fine, torqued said so. “Who’s torqued?” Oh he’s a guy on Baseops. He seems really in tune with what’s going on. Tell the people at the hospital to exercise more and stop watching the news.
  14. “Only read the news. Never watch it.” …says the guy who literally posted a news video you have to watch in response to my news link that you have to read. I’m vaccinated since Feb, I do all of your advice above and I’m and worry free amigo. It’s been really nice, thank you. My wife works in healthcare. Her ICU friends are throwing in the towel out of the frustration of watching unvaccinated middle age people show up there, and we aren’t even in a hotspot. Hospitals don’t pay techs very much, Some of them can make about the same amount in retail and not have to wear a spacesuit and watch people die. The healthcare shortage will soon make the AF pilot crisis look like child’s play. It’s coming. There will be signs like the ones at Wendy’s apologizing for being short staffed, except it’ll be while you’re waiting hours for emergency medical care. I believe at some point a week or so ago in one of these ridiculous threads people never thought they would have to ration healthcare. But here we are, in Idaho where the vax rate is really low, the hospitals are really full and they are beginning to ration healthcare according to the Associated Press article I read. But yeah sure, I’m gullible.
  15. Whatever helps you sleep better at night.
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