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    They really just need to start handing out guaranteed follow-ons with the shitty assignments. I’d jump on a T-6 to Laughlin if I had a C-40 to Hickam to look forward to.
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    Yup all while insisting on virtually no verification to participate in the political process, voting, or legal receipt of public benefit(s). You can't have a democratic republic if one side is trying to break, bend or encourage the disregard for laws and the rule of law. Trying to use inherent weaknesses in the open society to gain political advantage. I'll believe the Democrat line on immigration when they want strict, strong and tough voter ID and citizenship/legal resident verification for public benefits, until then just stopping them at anytime, anywhere from advancing their agenda of open borders and the destruction of the concept of citizenship is acceptable.
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    Is Anderson paying the bill or is it going on your credit card? if it’s on your card, submit the receipt after the fact to SPG for credit.
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    For that matter, whenever a base lodging office has "helped" me by making my reservation off base, I usually just call and cancel it from the taxi on my way to my desired location. JTR, FTW; SorryNotSorry.
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    And that right there is why this plan will fail
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    If we issue valid work permits to immigrants already living here who want them, and if we issue free, widely-available national ID cards to every citizen so that they can access public benefits that are only for citizens, then I'm on totally board. Progressive objections to current voter ID laws aren't based on some kind of esoteric opposition to secure voting or wanting non-citizens to vote. I want secure, interference elections that reflect the will of the citizens! Progressives object to recent efforts to enact and enforce strict ID laws because even though the concept is foreign and unthinkable to most of us, not every citizen has an acceptable ID nor the means to easily get one. Enforcing strict ID laws therefore deprives those citizens of their most important right as a citizen, to cast a vote equal to that of any other citizen. If we solve the underlying problem with an effort to get every citizen, and I mean every single citizen, free, legal, secure IDs, then great, let's require them at the polls to keep non-citizens from voting and let's require them to be shown in order to access benefits not meant for non-citizens. If the surface-level problem with undocumented immigrants is the concept of law-breaking rather than an opposition to immigrants in general, I vote we solve that very specific problem by legalizing more short- and long-term economic immigration. Strong market forces are attracting people to the US and we are greatly strengthened by them coming here, so let's not fight forces that compel people to cross harsh terrain under the guidance of extortionist, criminal coyotes. Instead, let's welcome people in the front door in a legal way and allow them to help make our country even better. FWIW I also want to secure the southern border, the northern border, and all ports of entry for national security purposes. I care deeply about the welfare of other people, even those from other countries, but I still lock my doors at night. I also support deporting immigrants who commit serious crimes; when you're a guest you have to be on your best behavior. All that said, and I'm on the progressive side of the Democratic party! I think there's lots that most of us can agree on in principle and there are many moderate Democrats and elected party leaders who are very much ready to play ball on comprehensive immigration reform that would require implementing some conservative priorities on this issue. But while we're talking about this, keep in mind that many conservatives have been against a national ID program in the past or even making state IDs more easily accessible to citizens who need them. Many conservatives are arguing for sharp reductions in legal immigration. Some on the far-right have quite explicitly said that they care about maintaining a white majority in the United States and therefore oppose immigration by non-white people. Plenty of progressives have also opposed national ID programs and have differed amongst themselves about how to secure the border and what levels of immigration will work best. I think there's work to be done by everyone to find a workable solution if we actually want to fix our immigration system rather than just use the problems with the current system every 2-4 years as campaign issues.
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    The intent is that they’ll make up for the lost training at the FTUs. Can’t speak for the fighter side but on the MAF guys, the FTUs are running at max capacity and min manning. They will definitely not get their lost UPT training at the FTUs. Then they’ll show up to the units and be our problem. They will continue to be burdened with nonner duties because commanders can’t seem to follow CSAF guidance. They’ll waste time on being equipment custodian, security manager, Christmas party planner, unit piss test POC or whatever. They’ll have no one to set them straight and teach them how to be pilots because all of our experience is running for the airlines, if they aren’t shackled up at the wing exec or DS office. We are so f*c&ed.
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    Weren’t they already a fly-only track with O-4 Snackos and O-5s sitting the scheduling desk?
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    TM is to give the illusion you have more input into your future assignments...
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    Depends state to state what the state doc is willing to accept. It may be approvable but they might still say no. RPA is an option. I wouldn’t do it active duty though if I were him.
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    Just to add to several of the points mentioned, I would also consider FD/PD employment AND rush AFRC/ANG units. I took the path you're currently considering and got on a FD after my enlistment (after two years of trying out). The pay/schedule afforded me an opportunity to get my PPL/Finish my Undergrad simultaneously without any loans. A PD brother is a Guard Blackhawk Driver and K9 Sergeant; He was away from the PD for about two years without any negative repercussions at work. PD/FD in GENERAL is part time friendly for Military types. So much yes to the better QOL on the FD side; I get cursed out by every Patrolman that comes through and witnesses us playing PS4 in the training room on a Saturday afternoon. XBOX elitists. I'm a "wannabe' as well at 34.5 and just decided to dust off the dream because I gave up prematurely. Lots of great advice in this thread, I can also answer any questions about FD albeit it's not of FDNY caliber!! In the best drawl I can muster sober, Get Er Dunnnn young fella.
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    The problem lies with the order of implementation. You have to secure the border first, before allowing any sort of talk about any path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. We see the mess we’re in now after the amnesty of the 1980s. Locking down the border not only secures our country, but it helps protect the people struggling to cross desolate landscapes using help from illegal traffickers. How many times have we seen truck loads of these people abandoned in summer heat in TX because the POS trafficking in humans abandoned them because he was afraid of getting caught? The caveat I would put on a pathway to citizenship would be only post wall completion, and actual illegal crossings would have to be virtually stopped both according to CBP/ICE and border state law enforcement (to prevent number fudging). I’d also put a time limit of 15-20 years of productive membership in society before applying for citizenship. Anyone caught trying to cross after implementation should be immediately deported no questions asked. We have to eliminate the incentive to cross illegally which I believe is the main problem with a pathway to citizenship in the first place.
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    I’m 100% not surprised. It’s vacation season and a 4th of July holiday coming up....and this was only the first AFPC deadline for the MAF/DT using a new program Talent Marketplace which apparently was a bust (surprise, an underdeveloped IT system we probably spent millions on not working the way we need it to)....I’m guessing because CCs directly uploaded their requirements the wrong number of jobs at each location was put in for bids (I recall seeing tons of LT UPT positions being advertised....good luck finding many LTs ready to PCS from their first Ops assignment). That or they realized the majority of folks have to be non-vol’d to undesired locations (surprise all 100 of you that bid USAFA airfield #1 won’t get it) and they have to justify sending so many folks to jobs that weren’t even on their list in the middle of a pilot retention crisis (“fine tooth combing” it). In general, I’ve notice a lot of QOL initiatives with no follow through...increased lead times for PCS and deployments mandated by the higher ups but the staff is undermanned or under trained to meet those goals (here’s double the work, a new computer system you are untrained on, and a shorter suspense). Not trying to defend them too much, if they set targets and fall 2 weeks short they probably should have announced that before day last and absolutely should have worked a lot harder to not bust the suspense.
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    Yeah, I think that would be my angle, but there are lots of moving pieces. If you've got the free-o degree option, it's probably not a bad idea to do it. That said, the difference from in and out of state is not minor; 15 years ago it was ~$1300 for in and ~$4500 for out for undergrad. I can only imagine it's gotten worse. Definitely something to consider. Then again, as @FlyArmy said, will a MS really be worth it for you? I would say to go for the experience (FSU was awesome) and the extra step on the resume, especially if it's nearly paid for, but it might not pay off much if you're planning on rushing units and getting a PD/FD job. The experience will be fun, but the mileage gain may be minimal. That's good to hear about the solid instructors in Tally. Definitely a better situation than Austin, it seems. Money is always an issue in life, but there's always a way to make things work. You could easily bartend or wait tables for flying money while you're in school too, if you go the FSU route. I worked waiting tables for most of my college career and it actually added to the fun; you'll work with a lot of fun people, get cheap/free food, and put some money in your pocket. Personally and obviously super biased, I'd consider FD much harder if you've ever given it a thought. Then again, I'm the kinda guy that has more of an allergy to bullets than to fire, so maybe it's just personal. That said, the QoL for FD is, in most places, higher than for PD. You're working in bigger groups, you're under less stress, and people generally want to see you show up. Put it this way, my firehouse has about 60 guys and I'd say that there are probably 10-15 that were cops and jumped over to FD when they could; same figures at a lot of firehouses. I honestly don't know a soul that left FD to become PD. Not bagging on my brothers in blue and I respect the hell out of them, but it's definitely a tougher job and different mentality, IMHO. NYC is crazy expensive, but then again the pay is higher. Up here, FD/PD have parity and make (roughly) the same amount, which seems to be similar in a lot of places. That said, that ship MIGHT have passed for FD, unless you took the last test. They only run it every 4 years or so and the age cutoff is 29 (maybe 30 now, I dunno). PD opens hiring much more often and hires way more, so that could be an option. Keep an eye out on hirings in cities you'd want to live and just take the test. Lots of larger cities cut you off at 36. Which, you've got time, but always worth it to have your hat in the ring. You can always say no if you pick another path, but you can't say yes if you never took the test and opened up the option. And I'm kicking myself for not applying again years ago when I wouldn't have to worry about an age waiver. Then again, it's pointless to worry about now; you're past that point and it isn't worth dwelling on. At the end of the day, you've gotta be the one to decide what works best for you. None of us on here will be able to tell ya the right path because we aren't you, don't have your goals, and don't know what you can and can't do. But, for me, I think it's best to have as many options open as possible. If you can run two things at once (applying to AFRC/ANG spots and FSU or PD/FD), you are ahead of the game. The PPL will fit in there somewhere. Just choose what you think will make you the happiest. If you feel like you chose wrong, look back to my paragraph above and just enjoy the journey. Good luck man! Hit me up if you have any more questions I might be able to help with.
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    Hey I’m just glad to see that the B-52 program is so squared away that this guy can spend all of his time on scraping pennies worth of care package garbage from the dark corners of Al Udeid to help out the USG’s underpaid indentured workers.
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    Do us herk dudes a favor and stay elsewhere. You’re a herk guy or you’re not... ...and you’re not.
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    Depends, the viper units have waived the fellatio requirement. 15C units still encourage you to bring your kneepads to the interview.
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    I wish you luck but many hotels these days won’t give points for stays paid for by the government.

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