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  1. That’s pretty unacceptable. I’d get on you senior rater’s calendar and give that feedback to their face.
  2. I was told for acp this cycle the 3 year option will return. No idea if there will still be a 25/35k split based on number of years signed up for.
  3. Everything Whisky said checks. I’ll just add that attached flying from CRW/CRG as a C-17 AC is pretty tough to nearly impossible. That is the crew position with the most semi-annual requirements and pretty much all you will do is take training lines/sims, be flirting with dropping unqualed or NMR the whole time, and never have much time to contribute with flying missions due to ground duties, training and lengthy exercises or TDYs over at the CRW/CRG. If you’re wanting to contribute as an attached flyer you really need to be a C-17 IP first before going into contingency response (able to pay back locals to stay in good graces with the flying Sq, and even get on the road a bit since your beans are much less). As an attached AC the odds of the Sq giving you an IP upgrade are slim to none. They will want to upgrade their own first. I never saw it happen in 4 years. You won’t have time for it and your CRG/CRW leadership probably won’t support sending you away for it.
  4. Leadership gives up and everyone bails. This is where UPT tutoring comes in. Those guys are gonna be millionaires!
  5. Another big +1 for Jon and his team at Trident. I essentially had the same experience recently twice. I was close to closing on a house with Trident and my orders changed last minute. We got out of the deal with no money lost. I then had them help me again at my new assignment in a different location. Both times in the process I received positive feedback from the real estate agents, title companies, and insurance companies that they were impressed with Trident’s responsiveness and knowledge. My impression is that usually when buying a home the lender (big bank) slows the process down, but with Jon and Trident this was not true. They know their stuff and will guide you with integrity and get you a completive rate and quickly answer any questions you have along the way. I put them to the test soliciting a bid from a local lender and Trident came in 0.5% lower on the interest rate. Do yourself a favor and call Trident up for a quote on your next home purchase.
  6. This article read more like an advertisement for the T-X to me. Does Holmes really think the T-38C is only in IFF and UPT uses A models (or did I mis-read that)? One of his main arguements seemed to be T38A’s are used primarily in training and then Lt Snuffy has to jump right into an F35 with only a few IFF flights in the T38C.
  7. 1) get married legally before or early in UPT or AFPC won’t be obligated to work a join spouse anything or care 2) have your soon to be wife request to remain on casual status at UPT longer (ie roll back her class start date) and put a request to have you start soonest after showing up....stay within 2 months of grad date of each other so you can REALISTICALLY work an airframe you both deserve. I heard hard classes are going (or already went) away so maybe you can game this a bit by having her slowly go thru the syllabus / roll an ankle or something. 3) the key is being realistic (reference the bottom performer T38 guy pissing everyone off holding out for an undeserved fighter because his wife got one already in the story above)...you’ll have to chose an airframe that the weaker of the two of your performances in UPT merits. If you both deserve fighters then go for it....if you don’t both deserve your preferred airframe keep in mind assignments that might work great for your marriage (ie you don’t move much and can deploy together on the same schedule) but are not historically highly desired (wife body ISR Tinker/Robins or EC-130 DM comes to mind....AMC (tankers or airlift) after these bc you’re always gone at opposite schedules with trips/deployments....but they do a good job in AMC keeping you at the same assignment/base and I’ve seen a ton of upgrade TDYs to Altus worked together for couples). Again the key here is graduating as close together as possible 4) I’m not sure how no longer having hard classes at UPT will factor into all this. With a hard class you could kind of tell where in the class you stood...with folks graduating faster and slower based on performance it creates a whole new calculus. You’ll really need to be engaged with the flight cc and whoever is in charge of assignments and be vocal about your join spouse situation early as well as get honest feedback on your performance as you get close to assignment night. 5) Long term planning...I’ve seen DV airlift or U2s work out for married couples (or finally bring them back together when they flew different aircraft). Rare, but remember that good performance and meeting the requirements together for a selective program could help you get to a community together after that first or second assignment. IFF IP paired with UPT IP has also worked for heavy to fighter marriages so if you don’t end up in the same airframe at the first assignment there are ways to get back together if your marriage survives the long distance. Good luck!
  8. Don’t forget about those 14 new Tanker squadrons. Since the -46 works great and is ready now there’s gonna be plenty of AR for everyone! If you increase the squadrons the manning will follow. Problem solved. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2018/09/17/air-force-calls-for-74-more-squadrons-to-prepare-for-possibility-of-war-against-major-power/
  9. The first rule of stop loss is: you do not talk about stop loss.
  10. I’m 100% not surprised. It’s vacation season and a 4th of July holiday coming up....and this was only the first AFPC deadline for the MAF/DT using a new program Talent Marketplace which apparently was a bust (surprise, an underdeveloped IT system we probably spent millions on not working the way we need it to)....I’m guessing because CCs directly uploaded their requirements the wrong number of jobs at each location was put in for bids (I recall seeing tons of LT UPT positions being advertised....good luck finding many LTs ready to PCS from their first Ops assignment). That or they realized the majority of folks have to be non-vol’d to undesired locations (surprise all 100 of you that bid USAFA airfield #1 won’t get it) and they have to justify sending so many folks to jobs that weren’t even on their list in the middle of a pilot retention crisis (“fine tooth combing” it). In general, I’ve notice a lot of QOL initiatives with no follow through...increased lead times for PCS and deployments mandated by the higher ups but the staff is undermanned or under trained to meet those goals (here’s double the work, a new computer system you are untrained on, and a shorter suspense). Not trying to defend them too much, if they set targets and fall 2 weeks short they probably should have announced that before day last and absolutely should have worked a lot harder to not bust the suspense.
  11. A toast. Prayers for the families
  12. Another one yesterday....third in less than a year. http://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/air-force-reserve-c-5-makes-emergency-landing-at-joint-base-san-antonio-lackland
  13. Guess they’ll need to drain the solo dunk tanks too when the T-6 is no longer grounded.
  14. They’ll just lower the crew to tail ratio to 2.0. Spreadsheet green again and problem “fixed”. (Lowering from 3.0 to 2.5 around 2015 is why the AD MAF is so “healthy” with a “surplus” right now).
  15. Jeeze what’s everyone doing with their 3 weeks off? I assume you can only get studs so far ahead on Sims and ground academics before they must have actual flights. Are all the IPs getting leave to prep for the weekend flying ops that are surely to come if they fix this obogs issue? Seems like a great time to knock out some airline apps / prep courses.
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