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    Duck is the f15 and AFPC is the sam
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    They're probably just having difficulty divvying up the 179/365s amongst the new selects.
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    Uhhh...it’s the military? I like to think these kids joined the military to be involved in military things. Not just flying TP Stalls and lunch and backs to pad their resumes.
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    It's not a joke, and it's not new. We had it a year or two so back as well. AFRC calls it loss management. It's essentially a freeze from moving to IRR or retirement until 1 OCT 18. 4 April or earlier signed will be honored. Beyond that, sorry johnny, you wait til October. It's a shell game. Yeah, it sucks for that guy trying to cut ties completely, but there's ways of min runnning the snot out of the rest of the year. Now, if they invol IA ya on top of that, yeah that's a cold dagger to the back; I'd prob be pulling some TR shenanigans too if that were the case. The trick is to have that IRR/retirement request in and approved before the IA drops; then you'll be alright, even if you have to wait until November to quit. People can still 1288 internally within the SELRES. What do you mean "now"? It's been on since last Fall; we've already filled 2, and there's more to come I'm sure. I've been harping about it for the past 4 months on here. *snaps fingers* I keep telling y'all need to pay attention, shit's not blowjobs and unicorns anymore in the ARC. I'm in no way suggesting people stay in RegAF over it, but the Guard/Reserve party was OVER on 9/11/01 period dot. This is the culmination of more than a decade of ARC leadership top-cover erosion and regAF power grabs via the QOL concession we call "Total Force Enterprise", formerly Total Force Integration. Joint-basing initiatives, host wing functions dependence, proliferation of GSUs (geo-separated units) and classic associations (active associations are still considered a good deal...for the regAF member at least). And now the no-shit, straight up NAVY RESERVE KOOL-AID, involuntary individual non-flying deployment of a billet that was sold to the member as a deployed-in-place-institutional in the first place. Unabated bait and switch. All for no other reason than 19th shielding their guys from it in order to fulfill the new bad idea of the year from the HAF: the UPT production surge boondoggle. And hoo boy you guys should see the stuff they're doing to the syllabus. B-course IPs, lock your harness and stay on your Gs. All this of course, to distract from the retention blood bath they're not going to address in earnest, EVER. It's all a trade, and precisely because 19th has more pull than 22nd. We all smile like we're friends, but all we are are competing fiefdoms, and that goes especially so for the architects of this blue falconry, the COCOMs. CENTCOM in particular. Read above, just like I told @Duck, this is a robbing Peter to pay Paul dynamic. Of course they know the pilot production ruse is bullshit. You can't take what HAF edicts in official channels at face value, that's a checkers move. You guys are gonna absolutely love what's coming though. It's gonna be MAJCOM on MAJCOM crime, octagon style. Give you guys a hint. R_ _ _ _ _ A. And I fully welcome it; it's time to tell CENTCOM they're not special. They don't get to blow up the service just because they want to retain footprint while contractors rob the kitty blind. Meanwhile you spend another Xmas updating slides and meat gazing away from your kid and frau, just to incur requal expenses while a so-called production crisis is simultaneously ongoing mind you. And there's skydiving and a shopping mall outside "the wire" for the cherry on top. GTFOH with that rent-seeking nonsense. And they want to question my patriotism?¿! MF please. *mic drop* It's not a rumor, and they are part of the same Group; that's not a distinction without difference either. For those who fell off the wagon early: These are Institutional Reserves tasked with COCOM BS rent-seek IA as TRs. It's the same pot brother. It affects us all the same. If you're asking that question because you still think this is a matter of if and not one of when for the UPT GSUs, you must not be part of the 340th, otherwise you wouldn't be making such a distinction. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on that one and assume you're not privy to what's going on. Now, let's reiterate: there's return fire coming. Suspense was this week, so sit back, grab a corn bag from the "heritage" room, and enjoy tonite's selection... they're about to dial up the drama to 11 at the MAJCOMs.
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    Duck, I think they are trying to figure out what to do with you.
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    For all you mission hackers out there, you should love guys willing to soak up white jets so you don’t have to. When I went to pilot training I wanted to get out to the fight. Now that I have been in for 10 years and have three kids the last thing I want to do is be gone 300+ days a year. It’s like the kid in pilot training that realizes he wants to fly UAVs, one less for me.
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    I don't know what you speak of. I've never been able to get my hands on a unicorn in the Guard.
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    Lol. Dude. Come on. That’s not what he said. He was referring to your post. I don’t feel like explaining it to you line by line. But I’d say he’s also correct no one joined to do TP stalls in the MOA lol Figure it out. Be better. faip. ;)
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    I’m gonna disagree. Having just left T-6s to go to a top-choice, sweet location AMC base, I would much prefer to go back to AETC. I thought life sucked in T-6 land, but holy hell life sucks 1,000 times more in AMC. I would stay in AETC as long and as often as you can. Unless you like watching your kids grow up over Skype, then I guess AMC may be for you.
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    Not sure why faiping is so frowned upon. There is no assignment better for a future airline career than T-1 FAIP 1200 multi engine instructor hours in 3 years to start your career is gold
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    HIANG? Bueller? Bueller?
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    Alright WTF? The O-4 board release was just pushed back ANOTHER month. Used to be Early March, and now we are looking at Mid-Late May. Still stuck at SECAF level and hasn't been released to the Office of Sec Def. Anyone have any guesses what the fvck is going on with this clown show? My gut tells me that they are trying to change something major after the fact, just like last board when they stripped all the school slots from the promotion results. That caused the last release to be delayed by about a month or so. Maybe this time they are trying to petition congress (or whoever is in charge of promotions above the AF?) to allow all IPZ/APZ O-3s to be promoted despite who was non-selected at the Central Selection Board. Seriously, anyone have any vis on this?
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    What causes a person to think that shooting is a proper response to a life situation? When a young boy walks into a HS and shoot a girl he broke up with, what is the critical element that was present (or not present) that lead that person to believe that COA was reasonable? What bit flips in folks heads that leads them down that path? And what in the rest of the 99.x% of society keeps that bit from flipping? I personally think that is root cause here. Be it a truly mental breakdown, lack of faith/society heading away from a "greater purpose than just me" mindset, or lack of a strong family....those seem to be root causes here. Go ahead and raise the age limit on gun purchases, ban the bump stock and large cap magazines, heck...hell enforce every rule currently on the books...there will be another mass casualty situation involving firearms. This process will repeat until the realization that gun laws/restrictions may be a preventive measure...but they won't solve root cause. That is the real slippery slope here. I'm a proud NRA life member and unfortunately can't live with my trove of firearms here in DC, so don't misunderstand my ultimate position on this issue (you have the right), but society/politicians know they are spouting BS/window dressing when they talk about bans/new laws ....they are missing, or not in public addressing, root cause (Center of Gravity for your OODA Loop types) and that is what pisses me off the most about this entire situation. Standing by for wire-brush/flaming. ATIS
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    Can’t remember the last time I was here, but I had to share. Here in my unit (AMC) we just had two guys this last week opt to separate vs taking some bs staff 365. Both these guys had 18 years in... and they opted out! The AF needs to get its head out of its a$$, take a hard look at what is truly needed from a deployed perspective. The mission creep/COCOM CCs unwilling to make the needed cuts will continue to decimate AF pilot resources when they have a choice. AMC screwed the pooch when it agreed to take extra deployments for ACC/Special Ops... the robbing Peter to pay Paul is going to create the same problems in AMC. Treat the problem, not the symptom, smh.
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    i bet its REALLY fun to be deployed with you. like really fun.
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    What you identify as poor leadership is actually someone asking you as an IP to be a fucking adult, sorry that is so difficult for you. Enjoy the airlines, I am sure you "me only" attitude will serve you quite well in the interview process. For the record I retired to get away from caustic leadership and a broken system, I think most of the people that served with me (some on here), know I was not into the you should be ridiculed because I was ridiculed routine, but getting offended because someone asks you to make sure you training paperwork is squared away...dear god, get the sand out of your vagina.
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    Back in 2009-2013, the AF turned the 11F pipe down to a trickle, while increasing the MAF. Somewhere later, they changed the crew ratios for less pilots per jet. That has helped made the MAF look healthy on paper too. All those guys who went T-38s to MAF/others commitment are all coming due in the next couple years. Talking to all of the guys that I know, none of them are sticking around.
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    The enemy of my friend’s friend’s enemy is my enemy. Or something like that.
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    Pretty dumb response right there