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    I can't get to the portal because General Spencer is talking to me in a video.
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    George Sr., at 89 along with his protective detail, shave their heads in solidarity with Patrick, a two year old Leukemia patient. Thank you Mr. President, and those that serve around you. Pic of his team: Website set up by the SS folks: http://www.patrickspals.org/ FM
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    Don't kid yourself. No matter what you fly, everyone is supporting someone else's mission.
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    I think these will be common: Job satisfaction is highest when airborne. The grass is always greener, whether its stuck on a trip wishing to go home, or sitting at home wishing to get on a trip. Also, I think either way, you'll have a triple digit leave balance for several years.
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    Political grandstanding at its best. Another reason why congress is at its lowest approval rating of all time.
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    I always felt closer to the battle in the -135 vs the -17, but still pretty far away. I've seen the fighters I just gave gas to peel off and drop bombs on Fallujah, I've had a lot of fighters ask me to move my orbit closer to their TIC so they can spend more time strafing. Opening night for OIF was pretty exciting with a wall of fighters on my wing ready to push into Iraq. A lot of the -17 guys I flew with seemed to think the war revolved around them. Granted I wasn't an airdropper in the 17.
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    Were you looking at the FM Sustainment Matrix? What I wasn't clear on was this just a list of career field shortages/overages or was this a list of eligible AFSCs? As I'm looking at it the links seem to be broken and everything goes back to the original PDF doc. The not waiving deployment return date sucks becuase I imagine that so many people are going to beat down this door they wont offer it next year when I wont be deployment resricted from applying. However, I have to admit this is amazing step in the right direction.
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    Fair enough. I'm just not as confident as you are.
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    Since the Mods have taken down the Liberty thread, I figured I'd stick this story in here. I applaud this young officer for having the balls to take on his leadership and organization. Unbelievable...makes you wonder how many other departments are running in a similar way. So when does the Liberty thread get put back up?
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    A few years late indeed. To Littler and Funk. :beer:
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    I've been to over 150 countries in ten years in the C17. I've done airdrop in three continents. Oh and if Travis and McGuire are what float your boat, we are there too. Comparing 10 and 17 bases who cares? If you want to burn holes in the sky and support everyone else's mission, good for you. Somebody has to do it.
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    Say what you will about their politics, but the Bush family is a class act. One of our crews was coming home via Bangor one time a few years back and George Sr and Barbra were there greeting them with the greeters. This was not publicized, it was not for any sort of recognition or desire to be "in the public eye".
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    Wrong. There are no questions if people simply read the investigation report. It is accurate and yes, I do know the entire story - regrettably. A terrible tragedy, and horrible loss. There is no coverup here, and no hiding of anything that should be made public. Classified is... classified. My understanding is that family were briefed on all that was pertinent to the causes, including non-publicly releasable information. This is grandstanding by congress, and using families as chess pieces to look like they are tough on the DOD and to get headlines.
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    Not from anyone who doesn't base their questions on emotion, there aren't. There were certainly some things that needed thorough debriefing from an operational standpoint that night, but none of those things point to some sort of consipracy. Someone needs to sit the famililes down and give them a thorough debriefing on the circumstances as there are answers to their questions, but the very questions being raised make it clear that the famlies are completely unfamliar with what their loved ones did on a daily basis. Among other ridiculous statements: Klayman, Strange and others have questioned why so many special ops were on one aircraft that they claim was not equipped for such a dangerous mission. They also want to know why members of Team 6 weren’t looked after just months after the bin Laden operation.Strange said, “There was no eye in the sky tracking [the Chinook]. Why not?” Ugh. Really? Aside from the misinformed absurdity of this statement, I don't think it would have gone over well with those members that were involved with the Bin Laden raid if they were subsequently handled with kid gloves and not allowed to continue with their lives within the unit. What accusation, exactly, is being made by the comments that insinuate the bodies must have been cremated to hide something, Sen Chaffetz? Or are you just reaching for controversy where there is none? Your sons/brothers/cousins/nephews signed up for dangerous work on the understanding that they may have to make the ultimate sacrifice one day. Unfortunately they found themselves in that circumstance. They weren't doing anything at the time that thousands of others haven't done previously, and since. They aren't any more special than the thousands of others that have died in the last decade+, some in very similar circumstances. War is hell, chance ran against your loved ones that night, Im sorry for your loss. Move on with your lives.
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    They taught me, so it can't be that hard... I'm not sure though because I fly with my eyes closed half the time! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    In fairness, John McCain seems more eager to get into a war in Syria than Obama. I'm still waiting for a good argument from the war-hawks in Congress as to why Arabs killing Arabs in Arab countries is my problem.
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    In part, there were deeper underlying training/upgrade issues that drove a majority of these "incidents." I'd argue that fatigue for MAF crews is pretty universal. But that's probably a discussion for another thread...
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    As a Reservist myself, I totally hear ya on what you were trying to tell him, but let's just be a bit less facetious shall we? The idea behind his rhetorical question stems from the concept that, unless there is a direct transferable skill that one can leverage against their military experience, one is otherwise faced with the idea of starting a a new career at 45, to include entry level salary. That is NOT parity in any professional circle. That's why airline pilots at 50 can't just throw their arms out and go to dental school. The ROI schedule is simply not there for a 50 year old. Now, having a 50% base pay retirement annuity effectively covers that shortfall and it is why the annuity is tied to 20 years of service and not 30. But you already knew that; you were just being flippant and dismissive. People would say 'oh get a flying job, that's your direct transferable skill set'. But we know it ain't that simple. Entry into the airline profession at the ranks where the job can be considered a real job (mainline FO payscales, senior regional CA payscales), is very illiquid. 200 cats here and there in a sea of 10,000 qualified mainline applicants does not a pilot shortage make. As such, it is more reasonable for a separating military guy to tie his employment prospects/salary outlook to the job he can get TODAY. That is a regional FO position. Congratulations Mr. 45 yo RIF Major, your direct transferable skill set gets you a 14K job. 15 years of experience and you got nothing to show for it. Remember, a hamburger tomorrow (the mainline call) is not a hamburger at all. Treading water as a 25 year old man is simply not the same life stage as treading water as a 45 year old man. Most reasonable individuals would have the common empathy to acknowledge that difference without a flippant "it's your choice life gets expensive for you as a 45 year old head of household, it's your choice you didn't choose to live like a single 25 yo in your 40s." I'll be the first one to mock the entitled spendthrift rhetoric of your average active duty whiny bitch, begging for that ACP bonus like his marriage depends on it, but telling a RIF dude at the peak of his household income decade to "get a job" with no severance pay (retirement) is a bit dismissive.