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  1. Funniest thing I've seen on baseops in a long time.
  2. Giving DFCs for flying through thunderstorms and flaming out all four engines? I don't 100% agree with the punishment, but rewarding these guys? That's retarded.
  3. Political grandstanding at its best. Another reason why congress is at its lowest approval rating of all time.
  4. I laughed at that number... when I was 16.
  5. Do an Intelink search for CST and how effective they are for CT in OEF.
  6. Just stop. No one is feeling sorry for you.
  7. Sounds like you were just too cool for your own good.
  8. We did it. The disgruntled homer quota for this thread has been met.
  9. Not everyone flies 5.0s and is not in-flight refuelable, like you. Agreed, iPad mini is probably abetter alternative.
  10. I can--the details for some of these stories seem suspect.
  11. You and CAS wheel obviously didn't read what I said about a reason for doing something. Clipping a finger light to your zipper to help find your member is fair.
  12. Maybe grooming was too specific. I was talking about overall appearance. I'm betting I'm not the only one who forgot to tuck in my shirt before leaving my hooch.
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