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  1. Got kicked out of the base gym last week for no mask. They are mandated at a decent amount of bases I would assume besides mine. Just a small snapshot that it is still affecting decisions and people sadly.
  2. Can't really speak to the Military side, but for the Civilian side, I truly (sadly) believe it is only a matter of time. Regionals are where it will happen first. The need for Captains is just so insane that bad ones are going to skirt by. What used to be a washout is now going to get hand held just a little more and make it thru. Only time before they pass and get paired with a shit FO and the wrong circumstances. The problem might matriculate to the Major's as they lose the ability to be as selective as well. Don't get me wrong there are solid training programs with good dudes in place but I just don't see it holding up forever with the business pressure. Business considerations > Safety considerations. Sounds oddly familiar.
  3. To me it all comes down with how do you want to spend your future. Spent 2+ years at MIT and it was so exciting and everyone is busting their ass nonstop. Assume most M7 schools (had to google it) will be like that. But at some point you have to look forward and see if that type A hard work lifestyle is for you. Had a lot of vets at Sloan and they all seemed to kill it cause they were type A hard workers. I sided with the no boss, no emails, no deadlines, airline career. But that is cause I would rather spend my life relaxing. I do miss it from time to time but then remember how grueling the work was. If it is a money question then the ceiling is way higher in the MBA world. But airline pay isn't terrible either. Hope that perspective helps. Can elaborate more if needed, my thoughts seem kinda disjointed.
  4. FWIW captain from my list trip (regional) was interviewing with Delta. Had 50 turbine PIC. Non Military too. edit: actually got offered an interview when he had 0 PIC I can’t emphasize enough, what has already been said, if you meet the barebones mins to apply just send it. So many data points of people getting hired with way less experience than what used to be the standard. I mean it’s insanity.
  5. If that is the case, at Skywest you will get DEN or MSP right out of training or within 2 months. If you get ORD that works too, easy commute and we fly it. Skywest QOL is good, training is the best out there. I'm new enough that I may be a little biased though. Can't go wrong with Endeavor, Envoy, or Republic either if you ask me. Other ones I might stay away from.
  6. Actually flying in this year for the first time. Been following Mike Patey's videos and it looks like the timing is right for Scrappy to be there. Hopefully get to see that. So impressive what that man does.
  7. Copy all that info will pass it along and see if the doc can get in there and find that info. Also I have always been correctable to 20/20. But definitely thanks for the reply, appreciate you sharing your wealth of knowledge and will let you know if he can't find the details in the KE.
  8. I guess I should say my question is where does it define what 20/20- is? It is kind of a convoluted question, but my flight doc and commander have been incessantly beating down the doors to try to figure out a way for me to get to WPAFB. So long story short, they sent me for an eye workup and the optometrist put 20/20- on the exam. And that 20/20- is kinda roadblocking me. So we are trying but we cant seem to find anywhere in pubs it outlines what 20/20- means. Is it 1 letter wrong? Is it slowly working through the line? is it actually 20/20? Basically it seems to be a very subjective measurement. In the end my flight doc is looking for that verbiage before he goes knocking down more doors on my behalf. Hopefully that clears it up, sorry my question was kind of vague.
  9. Looking for help finding any reference in pubs/AFI/medical guide that discusses the verbiage between 20/20 and 20/20- Checked thru 48-123 and Waiver guide with no luck.
  10. Have a student that said he got invited for an in person interview. That's all I know though
  11. iPad Air or iPad Pro. As an instructor the iPad Air is more than enough for me. Foreflight 100% end of story. I tell everyone I can to get a used pair of QC25 or QC35 and purchase the uflymike. I have used it for the last 1000 hours and love it. Total will be about $350 all said n done. Has noise cancelling and is light on the head. Not quite as good as the Bose A20's but isn't $1000. David Clarks are good but if you are going to be flying a lot, invest in the comfort. Where you looking to get your ratings at?
  12. I'll play devils advocate, but does anyone think the quality of student is actually degrading as well? I've seen it in every single facet of my career/life so far. The inability of younger folks to think critically. I've seen it outside the military in the business world, in grad school, in civ flight training, and I've seen it in the military world of course. The ability for younger folks to figure stuff out on their own seems to be attriting so rapidly. I'm not sure what causes it, whether it is being coddled by technology or what, but I'm a firm believer that our world/education system seems to be spitting out weaker individuals. Sure the kids these days are super bright and are geniuses that can work through a million lines of complex computer code in 5 minutes but somehow can't figure out simple tasks. No matter how much technology we throw at it, basic solid decision making skills just seem harder to come by. (and more time in the real thing seems to be the only way to learn those) I feel like I'm turning into that old guy talking bout "kids with their darn technology" but I swear it is having a negative effect. Anyone else seeing the same thing or I am just turning into that guy...
  13. Was more referring to the E-side of things, don't got much experience yet on the other side of things. So stuff like ALS, NCOA, Course 15, and other random PME. Sounds like we could use some more of the courses you mentioned. Stuff on how to be a good person while throwing in some good leadership reminders to keep it fresh.
  14. The problem with MX is the same exact problem that is going on elsewhere in the AF. Only thing different is the job of MX blows (ask me how I know...) so people don't have a good time to justify the endless bullshit. But the real problem is what the AF values. And it promotes based on these values. It DOES NOT value mission. It values bullet writing, bullshit leadership courses, ass kissing tours, etc. Oh you took NCOPME bullshit 101, you are on track for the next level. Writing award packages filled with pure bullshit will get you promoted, not busting ass on the line. This promotes pieces of shit just like it does everywhere else in the AF and they are going to continue running it into the ground. Only way you make SNCO is buying into the bullshit they spew. Maybe it is only in my corner of the world but it is as clear as mud here. Man I seem a little salty, but it is tough watching something with such pride and heritage turn into a f***ing dumpster fire.
  15. Firebirds... U call - we kill
  16. Timing can be everything. You are young and just need to keep beating down the doors. Don't enlist unless it is something you truly want to do, like be a mechanic. Don't enlist for the sake of improving your odds. But if you do enlist do a real man's job 2A6X1, MFE.
  17. Don’t sell yourself short on the pilot opportunity. Depth Perception is not as simple as some test at the eye doctor. It isn’t a black and white, you have it or you don’t case. There are levels to how well your eyes are working together to form binocular depth and you may be at the level good enough for pilot which your civilian optometrist probably doesn’t know the standard for. And that doesn’t even start down the rabbit hole of waivers. Where there is a will there is a waiver. If you search waiver guide on here you may be able to find a more recent link but this is what I got: https://www.wpafb.af.mil/Portals/60/documents/711/usafsam/USAF-Waiver-Guide-190417.pdf
  18. Went from a standalone ANG to ARC with AD-owned jets. It isn't even close...
  19. Some data from Texas. A huge chunk of the state pretty much never even went into social distancing if you ask me. I never stopped heading into work, the highways and everything were bustling everyday. Grocery stores ran like normal. Gas stations full of people. Customers certainly were dying to come to our business, frustrated with the quarantine. People were on the trail running every morning (definitely within 6 ft) etc etc. If I somehow avoided the news completely (and man I tried) I would've have never known anything had changed. Anyways from my little slice of the world, like @SocialD said, this shit show won't last the end of the month in Texas. Not here to argue the validity of these choices by any means, just spread some perspective from the good ole lone star state.
  20. SBA just sent out an update email this morning with a little more info but still muddy. It's $1000 per employee so only $1000 for the self employed. But I still haven't heard anything solid and honestly am not counting on it to come to fruition for me either. Texas has made unemployment available for us contractors but it is so over tasked that it is nearly impossible to get a claim through (phone since online isn't equipped for contractors). Would love to get some help with the reduced hours but by the time I'm able to get my claim approved everything will be back to normal. On the bright side, $1200 dropped into the account today 🤑
  21. Recruiters trying to thin out the herd of applicants. Never heard it from anyone but a recruiter. They probably get like 50 calls a day "hey I wanna be a pilot" so this is the quick way to weed a ton of quick to quitters out.
  22. The latter, I think there is a general discord between the public’s perception of this bullshit flu and the media/Corp/govt/whatever organization you can think of. The general public being on the side of “this isn’t a big deal.” So when the public get ahold of an event that actually isn’t cancelled they will jump on it like wildfire. If every organization in the world didn’t overreact to the extreme already, life would still be normal and no one would’ve noticed or cared. I haven’t met a single person who is worried about catching it, but as a maintainer we take hydraulic fluid baths so take that how you may. edit: people will riot if they cancel Airventure
  23. Odds are good, but I'd take what you can get. Lots of wisdom on here about finding the best times in the least likely of places. Also it can be all about timing so start churning out apps everywhere. Beggars can't be choosers at this point. Also for a second I thought I saw your first hobby listed was pornography...
  24. Nail on the head. I should’ve prefaced it with my 5 years guard (baby years) I never saw any problems and before going reserve everything seemed so efficient and managed properly. The moment I started working with AD all I could think was WTF is going on?! Been a few years since but I’d hope the guard is still holding strong.
  25. No one in mx ever wants to say it but besides crew chiefs all the specialist sections are probably over staffed which leaves, like you said, half the shop doing nothing and getting paid for it. I’m sure its a million times worse in other support functions. But common sense leadership doesn’t seem to exist anymore so we have these completely useless tracking systems that only see fudged work numbers and not the real picture and we make decisions based on bullshit numbers. I only have first hand experience of this type of management in the MX field but I would bet a lot of money this is how decisions are made across the AF as a whole. Over analysis with bullshit data. So in summary, ya a shit ton of the AF is overpaid and the remaining people are underpaid.
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