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  1. I passed, but then again I only remember a flurry of mouse clicks followed by a certificate. As for retention, a handful of guys in my unit are approaching their 10 years/retirement date and are going to punch. I'm on the fence. I loved my short time in the guard, but if this is going to be the new normal I'll probably be putting in my walking papers as well.
  2. I thought this only applied to reservists. Aren't there more levels of "protection" for guardsmen since we belong to the state? Still wondering about a governing reg.
  3. So, the shortage seems to be here. Our unit just got tagged for a bunch of CENTCOM lines and only about 50% of our people are volunteering. It doesn't help that AD pulled all of our MPA and Alert leaving us with nothing to feed our bums on a regular basis. There are quite a few "F*ck the AD, make them mobilize me." protesters, along with newly hired airline dudes (congrats y'all!). Squadron leadership is now mulling individual mobilizations. My question is this. What are the legalities of mobilizing a guardsman? I thought they needed the Governor or the Congress to approve this. Th
  4. Thoughts? http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/china-creates-new-air-defense-zone-in-east-china-sea-amid-dispute-with-japan/2013/11/23/c415f1a8-5416-11e3-9ee6-2580086d8254_story.html
  5. If my unit starts mobilizing dudes in order to non-vol them for 6 month tours they will lose about half their people. Guaranteed. As it is the sequester/budget shenanigans of late have driven most of our bums (the workhorses of the squadron) to seek outside employment. We are seeing many getting job offers, so it appears the hiring boom is slowly arriving. ARC/ANG leadership has enjoyed an over abundance of volunteer labor for the past decade due to the sorry state of the airline industry. That is changing rapidly and they are about to get a rude awakening. The next 5 years will be fun
  6. True, it probably wouldn't have helped these guys as they were stored in the tail. However, our seats were designed to store a 'chute and our plane has an egress system a-la the B-17. It worked in WWII. It would work now. If you were breaking apart in flight and had them on its possible you could get out. If something is causing tankers to come apart they won't ground us, leaving us with no options.
  7. McConnell jet. I have credible facebook rumors about where the crew was from but I'm not sharing them here. Parachutes removed as stated to "save fuel" (go f%ck yourself Gen Lichte). I'm gonna go find that dude standing on the tail and kick him in the balls. Flying tomorrow, guessing its going to be a quiet flight. I knew the one of the dudes that went down on the MC-12, now this. FML. A toast.
  8. The -46 WILL have the 787 cockpit. I'm not sure if that's enough to get the type though. I'm pretty sure you would need to be schooled up on all the systems and associated notes, warnings and cautions. As for the near collision, I know people who know people. It was not the tanker's fault, that's all I'll say. The tanker's autopilot kicked off after the reciever nosed over due to the rapid separation, that is what you saw. From what I understand the pushover was so violent that several backseaters were pretty badly injured, and the jet was grounded for some time afterwards.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm a newly minted civilian thanks to the RIF and I had a question about the lifestyle of the ANG C-130 units out there. Obviously it varies by unit, but my understanding is that the reserve units deploy 6 on 6 off. Having just come off AD I have spent, what I feel, is plenty of time in the middle east. Thus I'm not really looking to go back to a 1:1 dwell. Are the ANG units doing this sort of thing? I don't mind going to the sandpit, I just don't want to live there. So what are the trips like, and how long are the activations (on average)? Thanks!
  10. This plane is NOT an ISR platform. It literally orbits at FL500 and acts as a relay platform for electronic "stuff" collected by other planes. Very boring i would think, and that's coming from a tanker guy.
  11. Supposedly USAFE pussed out and let AMC take the tankers there away. So now Mildenhall will be an AMC detachment. We shall see how long it takes for that good deal to be screwed up, but you can trust that it WILL happen. Kadena and Hickam are still safe bets, as PACAF told AMC to pound sand when they asked. Times are tough, and the good deals in the tanker are all slowly being killed off. My own ops tempo? 300 days this last year TDY with 280 of that deployed. Oh yeah, and we are supposedly "overmanned" on IP's. God I hate the Air Force.
  12. Be careful there, CE loves to come around and yank those off. I put mine against the glass of the window. Putting wi-fi antennas up on the AC housing is not allowed. I guess it ruins the "ambiance" they are going for.
  13. Get one. As long as it is in your room and not on a pole outside it's legal. I have a ubiquiti nanostation2 (google it), and it works great. No bars to 4 bars and skype in the room.
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