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  1. Bizarre double-down. I must have missed where he asked for advice from “ U2/United pilots who love name-dropping their astronaut buddies and humble-bragging their air show experience” in addition to folks from NK, JB, and F9. He must have edited that out at some point after your silly nitpicking. And yet, even after your holier-than-thou nitpicking, and all the inside knowledge you have from your single-digit seniority friends and friends in hiring, you didn’t offer any actual advice (other than the weird IATA thing). Enjoy your last word to follow. Whether you accept my feedback
  2. A strange criticism. The guy asked for feedback from folks at three specific airlines- those who could provide said feedback would certainly know what their respective IATA code was. Critiquing him for asking for feedback on this website in the first place makes more sense. Probably not going to get much out of this place. Better off going to APC.
  3. Go to APC and read posts from the United forum around 2012-2014. Jeff Smisek in his prime. Doom and gloom, sky is falling, bankruptcy right around the corner, liquidation inevitable, unrecoverable death spiral. Now, United is an industry darling. What changed? A new management team. If APC had existed, you’d read the same from a theoretical Delta forum in the mid-2000s. The industry is cyclical. A management change at AA could/will make a huge difference. Some think that change will happen sooner than later. A Richard Anderson or Glen Hauenstein type hire could turn AA into a
  4. All true re: Delta. In Delta’s defense, they have strong work rules in regards to manning their widebody international flying. Routes that require 4 pilots are done with 2 CAs and 2 FOs, whereas it’s done with 1 CA and 3 FOs at others. Creates more widebody captain positions than you’d otherwise expect from the relative lack of widebody aircraft. Delta (management) hates this. Management tried to include a provision in the last contract allowing it to paint the 49% owned JVs in Delta colors, with a tiny “operated by AeroMexico /Virgin /Dmitri’sVodkaAir/ etc” on the side. If Delta cou
  5. Sure. Plenty of ways to get an AD retirement. Some, like going to ACSC in Montgomery, aren’t at all appealing. Sounds like it worked out for JS. I’m guessing the proximity to his/her family and the lack of moving made it palatable.
  6. I turned down IDE in residence in order to separate from AD a few years ago... I can’t imagine taking the pay and QoL cut necessary to drop mil leave, move my family to cesspool Montgomery, AL for a year, and attend a fake indoctrination school after a couple years at my airline job. It would be a serious decline in both compensation and time off. Was it difficult to take the program seriously?
  7. Eliminating the bonus completely would actually be pretty smart. Since they’re unwilling to raise it to a level at which it would actually change someone’s mind from leaving to staying on a large scale, might as well get rid of it completely. The only people (for the most part) who take it were going to stay anyway... free money for them. Might as well waste that money on other Defense Industrial Complex garbage.
  8. Saw a documentary on these things back in the mid-80s.
  9. This. For those who lament the fact that AF management (and your elected politicians) don’t care about the impact of a pilot retention crisis on national security and the likely potential for an increase in deaths/mishaps... well, it’s because they really don’t care. We won’t lose wars against near-peers because we won’t get into them, just approach them enough to scare folks into more spending. That’s by design. If a few dozen pilots mort because of abbreviated/inadequate training, well, America at large doesn’t care. It’s not about winning wars or providing national security, at
  10. Yikes. Reading this thread (amongst others) makes me really glad I went to Cat B IMA.
  11. Same reason the US is still in Afghanistan, with no end state in mind and zero incentive to ever win. ForeverWar feeds the jobs program that is the Defense Industrial Complex. As another poster pointed out- once you realize the purpose of the DoD is to spend taxpayer money, everything starts to make sense.
  12. You won’t be getting a “white jet to Tampa”. They won’t exist after next summer.
  13. There’s a form to fill out, 1881 I think. You just need to cite the applicable regulation and paragraph designating that area as CZTE, and then explain in plain English what you did. Retroactive should be ok... it usually took my finance several months to process, but they were used to processing the 1881s. We usually attached something as proof, like CED orders, flight orders, 781s, DTS voucher, etc. Not sure how it works going back years though. YMMV.
  14. You’re missing the point. It’s not about efficient use of taxpayer money. It’s about feeding the beast that is the Defense Industrial Complex. It’s not about winning wars, it’s a jobs program... too big to fail.
  15. Speak for yourself. I was smart enough to recognize how incredibly fucked up and toxic active duty is while a casual LT awaiting UPT over a decade ago. Perhaps it’s more of a challenge to do so for the brainwashed masses leaving USAFA.
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