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  1. Now that t mobile and sprint are merged... is it worth it for the t-mobile military deal? I don’t travel nearly as much and seems overkill for Verizon any more.
  2. I dont have to take another test (i dont think) just prep for check ride and gk ground eval... didnt think sheppard air would help for that.
  3. perfect... coming from the military world, any good sources of information to study from? Love to find some flash card material.
  4. Anyone added Single Engine commercial/ATP on to a Multi engine comm/ATP rating? sounds like just a single engine commercial checkride is all that is required, but wondering what the expectation is (full ground eval, etc...)
  5. Edwards could be some of the best flying you’ll ever do... but IMO if you have kids over 10ish, you’re basically trading their youth for your flying career. Bold statement and there are definitely ways to minimize that (live with an hour+ commute, send them off base for school,etc) don’t get me wrong, the weekends can be great, lot of amazing things to see/do within 2 hours drive, people are amazing, they just love the mission... but the kids get lost. Leadership doesn’t see it as a problem, rumor is they moved the gate years ago so it doesn’t count as a remote, so schools are Cali-worthless,
  6. Bought the Ipad Mini, and was ready to just go for Foreflight, until I realized my backup plan of putting Foreflight on my phone is a no go with an android... was considering ifly gps or maybe get foreflight on the ipad and a free/cheap alternative on the android phone. I would get garmin pilot (will go on ios and android), so maybe I could eventually link it up with the garmin 650 in the plane, but adding it up (garming pilot, plus flight stream ssd card, plus garmin ads-b/wx) blew my mind... thinking about a stratux too (which won't work with the garmin pilot). Anyone use ifly recentl
  7. And before some one calls me out, no the flt doc doesnt rate you... but they have a guide that informs them what to look at and record... a lot of it is range of motion (ROM) and if you cant go past a certain angle (without pain). If they dont break out a protractor, they're just guessing.
  8. It depends on the Doc really, because in general they have never done one or at least they're not very experienced at it... which, as you know, can be very good for you or very bad. In the long run both could be bad. 1) if they rate you lower then you should be rated then you'll have to appeal and everything will be re-evaluated... 2) if they rate you too high you'll most likely be re-evaluated down the road (could happen regardless) and it could be lowered, of course you'll bank some coin until then. Ive heard both outcomes... but sounds like the flt doc is pretty much reading the requirem
  9. I submitted close to 180 days out and got scheduled soon after... FYSA, my DAV (wright patt) was awesome, but he books 6-9 months out, no joke! Spent 3-4 hours with him, made everything easy...
  10. Curious... double blind? Thats a lot of work! But appreciate the insight...
  11. ACT II oil seems to be discontinued? or I can't find it anywhere... I don't think I want to go to vegetable or canol oil, and coconut seems overboard? but I could be convinced otherwise... what brands are the best? where to buy bulk? I found ACT II Kernels at one place, but almost $1/#
  12. I think the Military is unique in that we move so much that we experience so many different, mostly sub-urban like, environments. By statistics alone you are almost guaranteed to have at least 1 bad experience with a neighbor, neighborhood, or local-government (even if that is the base-governing body)... and that is exacerbated by some of the people we have to interact with in the military, unfortunately they tend to be more likely in the "jobs-program" roles... the only logical conclusion is that a decent portion of people are arrogant, greedy, incompetent, and/or idiots... let's call t
  13. But we spent some much time and energy "studying" it... read my lips, no more changes. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2015/05/28/welsh-no-more-changes-to-the-pt-test-coming/
  14. I ruptured a disk in my neck, took about 12 weeks to recover to having "no symptoms" (key word to use with the med folks - asymptomatic), 3-6 months later I was flying heavies again, but it took another additional 12 months or so to get an ejection seat waiver... much much harder and I'd been flying for the AF for 10 years at that point, so it will all depend on the resolution of the treatment and the time you'll need to have everything lined up to make it work. Its not a 0% chance but its not a good chance.
  15. He/She might be a wonderful person, but in general they're flesh peddlers and they are trying to make you happy about the $hit sandwich you are about to eat. I would say 7-8 months is a minimum, you have to factor in some extra time for an unforeseen "extension" to your deployment (and then cross streaming an in-processing and out-processing, good luck - the people at MPF are not our best and brightest)... mainly because of this: no one in the military really cares to help you retire (YMMV). Regardless of what you hear or what other people experienced... in general it is all on you, you rea
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