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  1. My money is on Selva. God forbid if it's McDew. Pray that it's not McDew. The earth will implode if it's McDew.
  2. GoAround


    I've decided to leave USAA completely. I've been with them through thick and thin over the last 16+ years, including college. Their customer service is so much worse than when I started with them. Their insurance, mortgages, and banking aren't as competitive either. Good copy on using Geico...I'm going that route for car insurance. But how about on-line banking, investments, home-owners insurance, and 529s? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  3. Toast to Moose! I was stationed with him in the Wild Boars at Mountain Home. As a young 1Lt, his hair used to be really long...to which the wing commander called him out during a First Friday at the 390th and told him to cut his "goldi-locks"...without hesitation, Moose said, "Nah Scottie (Brig Gen Robin Scott), I'm good bro," as he ran his hand through his hair. Everybody was roaring... Him, Him
  4. There's actually 3 DB's in those 2 links...Hanson is an uber douche.
  5. Wow, if MHAFB would move up the road to Boise, that would be a sweet assignment.
  6. ^^This Chang-alang-a-ding-dong is a steno pad troll...hahaha!
  7. Bendy, good catch on the word "accident", but TC cleared it up right away by saying he thought it was intentional and a precursor for further retirement reductions down the road.
  8. This has IG complaint written all over it. I can see it now...a 19 year Maj or MSgt isn't notified through an actual human being and is separated... Maj/MSgt: "FSS, I got a RIP saying I am supposed to separate this spring, but my date for retirement isn't until fall?" FSS: "Hey, you were notified via vMPF, AMS, and your af.mil email for life that you were affected by DOS roll back." Maj/MSgt: "I just got back from a 365 deployment and the comm pukes still haven't re-established my NIPR account, so I don't have an account yet. What's DOS roll back?" FSS: "It's a force shaping measure. You should have attended our symposium over Christmas break." Maj/MSgt: "But I was on leave..." FSS: "I'm sorry Sir, but you've been force shaped. Please email AFPC Retirements & Separations Branch for further questions." Maj/MSgt: "But I don't have a base account set up yet...I'm here now, why can't I talk to you." FSS: "I apologize, we just process the PSDMs, we don't actually know what they mean." Edit: for Three Holer's catch
  9. Add this to your list of cons: Less dwell time, increased deployment-to-dwell ratio, and/or higher chance to TDY/PCS for a 365 to Numbnutzistan. For every person in your year group that gets out, and who has an earlier STRD, you just got bumped up closer to deploying in their place. For example, lets say you are a Maj and your STRD is 2003 and you were #100 on the pecking order to deploy for another 180 or 365. If 75 Majors with an STRD later than 2003 separate, retire, get RIF'd, VSP, TERA, etc, then that moves you 25 spots closer to packing your bags again to the CAOC, air advisory group, convoy duty, etc. "Doing more, with less"...an adage so true in this instance.
  10. Rusty, I don't need to know anything about their leadership outside of BODN. Their posts alone reflect their true colors. They probably read their bios everyday--basking in the light of the boxes they've checked, the fake PME degrees they've earned, and think they've "impacted" something in their organizations that they've "led"...I wonder what the airmen who've served for them (or as Chang would say, "serviced") think of their leadership style?
  11. BeerMan, that's a great point. Would like to know if the "bipartisan", Paul Ryan-led budget deal included a reduction in the House and Senate retirements. I wager no.
  12. That is great news. Thanks for the info Rusty.
  13. Lol, don't you mean you've never posted BigLoc aka Amy?
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