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  1. I like your enthusiasm.... Dare I say go watch a 4 TR Tac-D. You might have your first orgasm....
  2. It is possible to do a 2 year tour at a UPT base, a 2 year tour at PIT and then another 2 year tour at yet another UPT base. That's 6 years in AETC and not advised....but, it is doable.
  3. You can also do a 2+2+2 to finish out your career...
  4. As a current PIT IP (T-6), you must have gone thru PIT to become a PIT IP. That leads you to go to a UPT base first... PM me if you want the named resource. She works at AFPC.
  5. Unfortunately, in today's Air Force, being tactically savvy and leading from the front plays second best to those execs who are nibbling at the teet of the SQ/OG CC.... I can tell you that where I am at, the Exec is a secretary and known as the worst pilot in the SQ with poor leadership skills.
  6. If you are interested in Pit Pad's, PM me.
  7. Wonder if he found any desert jellyfish in the water?
  8. What's your mojo? Gonna put it to use or just the looks?
  9. Simple Bump. Deadline is tomorrow before kickoff to have been signed up and paid. Thanks to those who have contributed!
  10. Folks, I am helping a friend to organize a NFL Survivor Pool as part of a fundraising effort for a local baseball team. I have discussed with a Moderator and this has been approved to post on here. A Survivor Pool is very simple - starting week 2, you pick any team to win. If that team wins, you move on. If that team loses, you are eliminated. There is some strategy involved because once you pick a team to win and it does, you cannot use that team again for the season. There is no point spread, it is all head to head. It's a lot of fun and for a good cause. You can side bet with friends, there is a message board to talk trash, etc....it is all for a good cause. The fundraising effort will help offset tournament and travel costs for some 13 yr olds as they travel to Omaha this summer....most of these kids are military related. The pool costs $30 a person, with $15 going to the fundraiser and $15 going into the "pot". For example, if we have 100 people donate, $1500 goes to the team and $1500 goes to the winner. The ultimate "Survivor" takes all. We already have a considerable amount of folks signed up... There is a Pay Pal account setup to secure your spot. The POC for this event is listed on the instruction attachment along with his phone number - his email address: tfolvarsky@twc.com Please consider helping the team... -Cheers C-21 Pilot
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