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  1. I believe FDX is the last airline to still have a degree as a requirement. Anyway, I agree with you, I'm guessing every airline continues to hire a vast majority of pilots who hold some type of 4yr degree. We have some dudes losing their shit over this, like it's going to be the end of times lol.
  2. I'm good with action being taken, it's the level of action I disagree with. The rest of your post, I'm onboard with.
  3. First offense? Blues for week/month, give some briefings in said blues, and LOC an LOR at most. Art-15...GTFO. If we gave punishment such as this for off colored jokes, we wouldn't have anyone to lead the AF or the government.
  4. Ya, I was being a bit flippant in my comment. But it's a bit silly in my scenario due to the vacuum cleaner of an underslung intake on the jet. That FARP better plan on a few engine swaps. I've changed a few engines back in my enlisted days, it might be a tough gig in a FARP. 😂 But seriously, in this scenario, are we just leaving fuel trucks in the middle of nowhere with noone around? Maybe we are...but I'm not sure I'd trust the fuel. If we're not at a FARP scenario anymore, who is building those pallets that you need to move quicker? Why not have an additional troop there to move stuff. Is the next step to have you land, go build up the pallets yourselves, then go? Seems more prudent to build up our CRG type units than to keep piling duties onto one person. I get the ACE idea, but at some point, it gets a bit crazy to expect good outcomes if you continue to pile up the duties.
  5. Ya man, I'm going to have to cut my IPUG debrief short...gotta go get my tow-motor training/license. LOL.
  6. Only 2-3 months late....bragging!
  7. Hold on...I know I have a Crutchfield magazine floating around here somewhere.
  8. Understand the issues it may cause for the AD, but this will be a welcome change for the ANG. It will be a lot easier to know I just need to set aside an extra pay card or two every April to knock them all out, rather than randomly dealing with them throughout the year. We need to take it one step further and separate the process from the AD and switch to an OPR every 3-5 years for DSGs. It's ridiculous to generate a yearly OPR for our DSGs, especially ones that simply do the minimum of what's asked of them (nothing wrong with that). What bullet do write for that, go his sorties, most months...
  9. It's not all that hard to do, even as a part timer. Though ours is sorties, not hours.
  10. They get a 24/7 employee with the full base pay, ACIP is to incentivize staying aircrew. I did have to laugh at this move because if I were a full-timer considering the jump to DSG/airline, getting full flight pay as a DSG isn't going to be an item I add to the "stay full time" column lol. Creeping up on 21 years in the ANG...as compared to when I joined, we've already become AD lite. But I don't see the full ACIP means you're "on duty" line of thinking. I can't even get a shot on base without being in a pay status...UTA/AFTP/AT/ST/AGR/etc.. are pay statuses, ACIP is not. Also, we're also already "on call." A recent example, the Friday afternoon before Christmas we got an e-mail asking for (by COB) specific reasons why we (individually) couldn't be activated for 502F state orders with a start date of the following Monday. The Governor decided to activate 1,300 of the Air/Army National Guard for ronas duties a few days prior to Christmas. We filled our quota with less than half volunteers, the rest were non-vols. Obviously, we could also be called up at any given time for any Federal activation.
  11. SocialD

    Gun Talk

    I grew up shooting a Rem 22-250 at groundhogs and coyotes. Ballistics wise, it's superior to the 223 and having shot a bunch of 223 and a bit of 17HMR, 222 and 220 swift, I found the 250 a better round for the mission. Aside from the fact that you can never have too many guns, it probably isn't big enough difference to justify since you already have a 223. If your 223 is a semi-auto and you're looking for a nice bolt-action rifle, then I'd definitely pick one up.
  12. I was once told I should consider using a signature block as opposed to simply putting my callsign at the bottom of emails. So I considered it for a bit... Sociald
  13. To the OP, I was a prior-e that was hired from within. Even if you don't get hired at your squadron or in the military at all, it's 100% worth enlisting in the ANG. I'd recommending enlisting as early in your senior year as the unit allows...we have people who enlist in the first month of their senior year. It starts the 6 year commitment, which you'll appreciate later. As I get ready to retire I'm so thankful for my enlisted time because I can retire about 5ish years before my peers. Anyway, get 100% of your tuition paid (most states), plus a lot of other benefits that will help pay for any flying you do while in college. You'll get a leg up on hiring within your squadron, as long as you do a good job, and you'll graduate with little to no debt. Hands down, the best thing I've ever done. Here is some unsolicited advice that I'll offer as airline/mil guy who go an aviation degree. I'd seriously consider getting an STEM degree if you can swing it. If I had it to do over again, I'd have gotten a mechanical engineering degree and possible done some business classes. If I were to lose my medical, that would open up a lot more doors than my aviation degree. A few buddies are in various side gigs/post mil careers that love to hire mil pilots, but the price of admission is an engineering degree. Just a thought. I want the strongest candidate period, whether they're in the unit or not. This last year we hired an enlisted guy from a unit a few states away and a civilian. The year before that, it was a unit member and a civilian.
  14. Probably some NCO getting evidence of the rules being broken on the flight line! 🤣
  15. They've already completed step 1 of that process by passing a law that requires any inherited IRA to be withdrawn within 10 years.
  16. Wasn't an issue for Hillary...
  17. Be a dick move if they did! A good deal if you want filter a shit pile o'cash into a Roth IRA. Your company has to have the option for an after tax contribution to your retirement plan. You can contribute more than the $19.5k that the 401k is limited to, then roll it all over to a Roth IRA. This allows you to contribute way more than the Roth IRA contribution limit of $6k. Great if you're trying to jack up a Roth IRA to later use as a Self Directed IRA to invest in real estate...or simply want more cash in a Roth IRA.
  18. Same, except the Dep rate went up and the W/O Dep rate went down...again! Hating on the single man yet again lol. Oh well, barring a major shooting match, I'm fairly certain I've done my last order.
  19. This is as good of place as any. Watch your TSP contribution limits because the TSP coders screwed up and it doesn't know to stop your contributions at $19,500 (2021). So it just continues to deduct money for your TSP. TSP is smart enough to only put in $19,500 and sends the rest back to DFAS. DFAS then has to cut you a check and you'll get it back in another pay stub. Problem is, this issue started back in August and the department that handles the refunds is, as the DFAS told me, "buried in a mountain of paperwork." He said it's a manual process, so don't expect that check anytime soon... Thanks bro, appreciate it! Yet another battle I spend my previous few days at work fighting, rather than doing my job. Oh well, they want to provide a shitty product, this is what they get.
  20. Let's all not be to quick to judge, anyone know what she looks like? I already know she's into some weird shit...
  21. Or have all the previous policies punished single filers? Up until the 35% tax bracket, everything is pretty even at double the single rate. Marriage penalty isn't really new, but lots of shit punishes those who choose not to marry.
  22. Not that finally leaving after 20+ years with over a decade of that trying to get them to defend themselves is a big "fuck job." But some of you act like this is the first time we've fucked over those we promised to help. There have been plenty before and they'll be more in the future.
  23. Tough to do. Even one of the biggest assholes who sunk many of career, after a concerted blackball campaign at all of this top choices, was still able to make it to one of his last options.
  24. But hey, no more mean tweets, so we're all safe now.
  25. What's another few thousand after we've created tens of thousands with the two decade quagmire that was our occupation of Afghanistan? Fucked up all around.
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