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  1. Pretty quiet on this front, not even a peep so far in the MSM talking heads... Sounds like they hit "close by."
  2. Legend has it that he was out of SAPR currency and had an out of regs stashe. Given that information, I'm not sure how he could have been an effective fighter pilot.
  3. I used 31 months of MGIB-SR in the early 2000s. Talking with multiple VA folks, they say I have to find a way to burn up the remaining 5 months of MGIB, if I want to get the full 12 months of post 9/11 benefit. If I don't burn it (I can't forfeit it), then I'll only get 7 months of post 9/11 GI bill. What a jacked up system. Sooo....anyone know of any 4-5 month programs that cost about $400/month to blow some MGIB? Lol.
  4. No no, its only treasonous to poke fun at the "enlightened" one in office right now.
  5. In this case, I believe you can only use one or the other. If you've already used some of your MGIB, remember you're only eligible for 36 months of any one GI Bill and a total of 48 months of all GI Bill.
  6. Having spent some time there as well, I tend to agree. The Estonians love us and wanted us there big time...though their views may not be shared across the EU.
  7. What are we going to do, send them a letter telling them how mad we are at them?
  8. It took me a few months on the line to feel mostly comfortable with airline flying. Occasionally you'll do something different like fly into places with closed towers, or random other crap that really isn't a big deal, just different. As far as scheduling stuff, you'll have the 90% solution within a 6-9 months. The last 10%, you'll learn as time goes on. I've been at DAL for nearly 8 years and I'm still learning stuff here and there, to include rather big one that I just learned. When some people learn a scheduling trick, they often keep it to themselves and you learn them by accident. Of course things that work on one fleet/base, might not work on another fleet/base, so there is that too. WRT bidding...I was PBS union dude for a while and I still screw myself occasional on my bidding lol. 90% of it is easy, it's just when you get super senior and you start getting picky with your bids, that you can actually screw yourself. The KISS method applies!
  9. Johnny Harris makes great videos. This video didn't disappoint and I'm surprised the NYT endorsed this.
  10. Ya man, you're not getting called without them. Get them done ASAP, I have a squadron mate that's been at a legacy for a few years, he's starting indoc at another airline next week and was called by both UPS and FDX within the last month. If you're ending a typical 10 yr AD stint, you're email should be blowing up. Yup, it's simply a tax. They used to be free, then somewhere around 2005, they started charging for the most worthless piece of paper I carry.
  11. Bad assumption on my part, I just assumed they had mandatory separation date. Misapplication of how orders are done in the ANG. Most orders that I've been on (not all), will NOT be extended to take the leave, they just have a set end date. If you're just working to the date you throw down with, then they slap the leave on after that, you're absolutely right.
  12. Unless you're starting a new job while on terminal, you'll certainly make more by selling it. I've seen it done both ways, depends on what you want, time off or more money to pad the coffers before doing 1st year pay. If you're leaving AD, then the 60 day limit (in a career) applies. But a FYI, assuming you're going into the ANG/RES, and may spend time as a part-timer. This limit does NOT apply to orders less than a year, you can sell back as much of that as you want.
  13. After my last two interactions on an AD base, I'm not sure why anyone would want to live close enough that might require its' use. Such frustrating and painful experiences! On my last visit, it was a 2 month wait for an appointment (non-medical) and I wasn't even helped until 3 hours after my originally scheduled time. Guard base appreciation time!
  14. Not planning on anything, but based on recently retired squadron mates it seems there will be something. After a career of flying fighters, I'm guessing some sort of rating after all the neck and back issues I've had.
  15. Glad I wasn't the only one confused but that post. Even, part-timers who retire from the ANG/AFRES start getting their VA disability payments right away.
  16. Fuck ya! ...and insurance, hangar, oil, etc...lol. It's hard to argue with that, especially since I have an open invitation to fly a few N3N's for the price of gas. Though we do love having our own and we probably won't part with her, I sure wish we had a decent museum like that nearby. Bring her to Galesburg this year!
  17. Hacker Johnson is right! Although I don't really consider it boring because I genuinely enjoy flying pretty much anything I can get my hands on, boring is good in your money maker career. With the exception of CT HABFM rides with a bro, leading a 4vX DCA ride will never be topped wrt to fun/excitement/challenge. However, as you get older, planning/briefing/debriefing those rides loses it's luster, especially when your neck/back give out, the .gov cuts your flying hours causing more sims and you have to listen to yet another speech reminding you not to rape someone. Considering my last 4 deployments have been absolutely worthless with no real sense of satisfaction or feeling of making a difference, the idea of being a part of team working toward a goal has long died with me....so I may be a bit jaded lol. Anyway, boring allows me a lot more time off and way more money to do the things I consider fun/exciting. Like was already said, use the extra cash to buy an RV-8 (better yet, a Stearman) for fun flying.
  18. Awesome post man and I'm super jealous of that hustle. Unfortunately that generally works the best in fortress hubs like DFW. As an example, at DAL, we have guys that do that every month down in ATL. This is why we have triple digit seniority guys as 717 Captains in ATL, and why the top 717 FOs down there could easily hold 757 Captain in ATL (or WB Capt elsewhere). I'm in the top 10% of my category and I generally can't accomplish this most months in my base. If my family weren't all so close, I'd seriously consider moving to ATL to be able to do this...and because I hate snow/winter (as I watch to snow pour down outside) lol. Those dudes live a dang good life, spend LOTS of time at home and very few nights in a hotel. It's mind boggling. I've flown with guys on the WB who "needed" to get 85+ hours a month to meet their budget. They were the ones who looked at me sideways when I told them I dropped my entire schedule...they're just too scared of coming up short to attempt it. To each their own, but that would stress me out big time. Dudes would do themselves a favor by viewing min guarantee as the baseline for their budget. I generally treat anything above that as found money, to fund vacations, buy toys and stay debt free.
  19. The best stories are the guys who shit on the airline bros as full timers, then go to the airlines and become some of the worst DSGs you've ever seen. Then they decide to go back full time and crack down on the very shit in which they were the worst offenders! Meanwhile I'm over here trying to live my best airline/DSG life and getting caught in the crossfire.
  20. Scratch steps 3, 4 and 5 and you have the best gig known to man...going on mloa and back full time just ruins that. For step 1, go ANG (preferably a unit on its own base) over Reserves if at all possible. If you can't do that, avoid a reserve wing that's embedded in an AD wing, because all you'll get is a slightly different flavor of bullshit.
  21. How "long term" were the orders? If under a year, and if they won't extend the order for you to take it, sell it all back. There is no career limit on how much leave you can sell from orders less than a year and if they're not going to extend the order, you'll make more money selling it. Besides, the money you'll make by double dipping for a month is peanuts to what you could lose in the long run. I'm in the right seat in our lowest paying category and this week I'll make more than I would in a month as a 20 year O-5. Best of luck!
  22. Ah yes, I misread your post, I'm in agreement with you there. I file many (not all) of those resisting arrests incidents into the same column as this chick.
  23. Either way, this falls squarely into the play stupid games, win stupid prizes column for me. Don't vandalize/break into a federal building (or any building for that matter) and your chances of getting shot tend to diminish rapidly.
  24. What Robot said! I've said it on here numerous times, but where I think you should go is more based on where you want to live as opposed to where I think is better. DAL works great for me because I sit short call from my house, but if you live near Charlotte, that doesn't do you much good. If you can live in base at any of them, I highly recommend going there. Another piece of advice that will offer, get senior and stay senior, it might take a few years but it's truly like having a totally different job. Get the days off you want, the trips you want, the vacation you want, it's great. This coming from a guy that previous spent most of is career super junior by jumping up to a WB as soon as I could and only left because I was displaced thanks to rona.
  25. Blast apps everywhere. Take the first job, then get picky.
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