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  1. So in addition to the AFIs stated above Contractors are restricted by law from performing certain inherently governmental functions as specified in Federal Acquisition Regulations FAR 7.5; see link below. Specifically FAR 7.503 (c) (3) and (5) states contractors cannot Command or determine agency policy or content and application of regulations. https://prhome.defense.gov/Portals/52/Documents/RFM/TFPRQ/docs/Subpart 7.5 - IG Functions.pdf I suspect that the contractor at this Wing has been inadvertently given a gross reach of authority. A quick call to the contracting squadron comman
  2. Apparently, during the Floyd riots/looting. “Man who helped ignite George Floyd riots identified as white supremacist: Police” https://abcnews.go.com/US/man-helped-ignite-george-floyd-riots-identified-white/story?id=72051536
  3. Why wasn’t the wall funded when both House and Senate were under GOP control? If it didn’t happen then, slim chance of happening now with the new regime.
  4. I just wanted to pass along my positive experience dealing with Trident. Marty and Elena did a fantastic job setting up our mortgage and taking care of us during the purchase of our Alexandria, VA home. Even though Elena had to deal with an unprofessional seller’s agent she handled him like a pro. never releasing details that could have affected our negotiating stance. Trident was truly part of the team and in our case crucial to making our home purchase happen. The best part of working with Trident was that it felt like they were only working on my loan, they were just
  5. You assume the new selection process will eliminate the described scenario. However they haven't laid out what the new process will look like, I think it will end up being the same.
  6. I agree, they jumped too quick to correct a problem with out having the new rules of the game (I assume they are trying to figure it out now). And at the very least communicate changes with an organized milestone plan allowing personnel to digest the changes.
  7. Thanks, mine was a sub folder under the name of board. Thanks for confirming.
  8. When does your "as met" record pop up on PRDA? Does it actually say "as met"? I just had a folder pop up today labeled "P0417B" on PRDA and was wondering if that was my as met record for my Majors board.
  9. I did, met with boss today; he said it wasn't a hidden negative message at all. He said he and our 0-6 debated whether to put a percentage like "top 5% capts I have ever lead" or the number strat "3/6". They both decided to go with the number strat because a percentage strat is second tier. They are hoping the number strat show the promotion board or whom ever is looking at it that they took the time to strat me because my performance merited it. He also took the time to explaine why I was stratified #3. I had 3 contributing factors that lead to there decision: 1. "to much focus on just w
  10. How is a #3 of 6 stratification from first line rater/O-5 CC interpreted by promotion boards? Is my rater trying to send a negative message with a strat like this? I immediately took it as a negative as I interpret it to be "this guy is average at best". My senior rater/O-6 CC stratified me #3 of 10. Not sure what to make of it.
  11. Has anyone received any info on selections for CY15 on the RAS program? FYI... They didn't release a PSDM calling for volunteers instead they sent out robot emails asking for volunteers this past November 2014.
  12. I work primarily with civilians and have never in 13 years seen a GS 14 report to anyone under 05. Essentially a GS 14 in the DOD is equivalent to an 05 and a GS15 is equivalent to an 06. A GS 14/15 can either be functional lead, deputy CC, deputy director, director or commander. A GS 14 non supervisory ( usually field experts aka engineers, scientist etc...) usually report to 05 or higher. A GS 12 /13 generally equivalent to Maj dependent on position (I.e. Team lead, Flt CC etc...) Although I have never seen it that doesn't mean your 06 can't mandate it, mission need! Just be ready fo
  13. Why A German Pilot Escorted An American Bomber To Safety During World War II http://jalopnik.com/...ng-world-war-ii ...Things went from bad to worse for Brown and his crew. Falling behind the formation, Ye Olde Pub weathered merciless attacks from 15 German fighters. The bomber's machine guns got one of them, but the damage they sustained was immense. The tail gunner was killed and four were injured, including Brown, who caught a bullet fragment in his right shoulder. The only defensive guns left in service were the top turret and the nose gun, and the bomber's hydraulics and oxygen syste
  14. They have a conference! Believers in chemtrails gather at L.A. conference Believers in chemtrails - and there appear to be thousands of them - assert that visible vapor trails left by aircraft are intentionally filled with chemicals designed to either poison the atmosphere, delay global warming, control population growth, experiment with military weapons, and/or manipulate the weather. It may sound like something out of the "The X-Files," and it's been dubbed a fringe conspiracy theory by most scientists, but, thanks to the Internet, it's gotten popular enough that it attr
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