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  1. Have any of you submitted a VA disability claim while on AD? If so, how close were you to retirement and were you able to have a rating established while on AD while deferring compensation until after retirement?
  2. We pay more interest servicing the US debt in a single week than the amount requested to fund the border wall. That said: 1. Establish term limits 2. Eliminate borrowing. Create an exchange to trade existing debt. 3. Eliminate income tax and implement a consumption tax. Undocumented families of 10 ppl living down the street all become tax payers. 4. Eliminate pensions.
  3. Yep. Made sense for my situation even though the monthly savings were less than $150. It offsets an increase in property taxes and increases my margin when I turn it into a rental. No brainer.
  4. Closed yesterday w/Amy Patterson @ NBofKC. Smooth experience refi @ 3.25% w/lender credit, and signing completed at home after work. Seamless.
  5. Synthetic fuels are produced from coal, natural gas, or biomass. Bio, or renewable, fuels are made from biomass or its decay products. Source: http://web.mit.edu/a...trend-analy.pdf The various alternative fuel blends above have been normalized to Jet-A. So, a Greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity of 1.0 is basically JP-8. Any fuel blend greater than 1.0 emits more GHG during its production and combustion- or what you'd call "dirtier." Less than 1.0 is cleaner. The uncertainty bars represent low-to-high emission scenarios. The production of alternative fuel blends from coal sources produces twice the amount of GHG than petroleum production (mostly carbon dioxide). You can capture and/or sequester (CCS) that C02 and reduce GHG emissions. Compare Coal to FT fuel with and without CCS in the chart above.
  6. The more you know, the less certain you can be.
  7. DOD does care because it's the law (Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007). One desired outcome from DOD's Operational Energy Strategy: Contributing to national goals, such as reducing reliance on fossil fuels, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and stimulating innovation in the civilian sector.
  8. The alternative jet fuel debate is a chocolate mess of politics and bad gouge. 11K gal for RDT&E.. "Ops checked"= certified throughout entire envelope, with the exception of MQ-9 and CV-22, using up to a 50-50 synthetic blend based on coal/natural gas and JP-8. The carbon footprint of these blends is greater than standard JP-8 which the DoD, by law, can't buy for anything but R&D. That law was passed in '07. Blend in some biomass and the carbon footprint decreases,but you have to test it first. As we speak there's a "Great Green Fleet" in RIMPAC burning 450K gal of biofuel at $26/gal, and they want to repeat the demo in 2016 for an entire deployment. Not sure what that will accomplish other than to prove it can be done as long as cost is no object. Biofuels aren't ready for prime time, but you've got to start somewhere. USAF has the right idea: certify the fleet w/alternative fuel and be ready to buy when it becomes cost competitive. We're in the Navy's frag pattern because of energy politics.
  9. Crosby scores in the first 15s. Looks like another great game tonight in PIT.
  10. The board will have your FEF, but those writing your recommendations may not. Making them aware of your Eval history gives them the opportunity to alibi.
  11. Stay west of 14 and you'll be OK. Tehachapi is a nice town that has all 4 seasons, which is a nice break from the high desert. It's a pain for early show times, though. Pick up a Mossberg 500 for peace of mind and you'll be set.
  12. Copying and pasting...just like everyone else.
  13. Had zero issues with CCI mini mags through my Sig Mosquito, and a few FTEs with Federal Bulk. Stick with high velocity rounds and you'll be set. AAFES typically has sales on both P-22s and Mosquitos.
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