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  1. There is a guy flying around an aerial photography drone here and posts photos all over facebook and videos on youtube that show him operating in class E airspace within a couple nm of a local airport, and also flying at night, through clouds, and well above 500 AGL. I looked up his "business" name and they are not on the 333 Exemption list, therefore cannot be operating as such and especially not for compensation. This area is relatively busy with GA aircraft as well as a TON of military helicopter operations just about every single day. I called the FSDO just to ask for clarification about operations in the area, and the FSDO UAS guy told me they would contact this knucklehead "educate him" on legal use. He also said that they rely on pilots to report activities like this because they are basically already in over the heads with this UAS business, now that drones are becoming so affordable and everyone seems to want to get in on the trend.
  2. The Aviationist posted this today: http://theaviationist.com/2015/07/13/f-35-pilot-about-flight-helmet/ Thoughts?
  3. So Laughlin is definite no on the garage, Columbus is most likely a no, and Sheppard and Vance both have garages. Thanks guys, that helps a lot!
  4. Thanks. Like I said, I was aware Laughlin has carports and it doesn't appear they have received any updated housing like Sheppard did. I've seen conflicting reports on Vance and Columbus, which is really what I need the information for.
  5. Thread bump. Not necessarily just a Laughlin question, but I didn't want to start a new thread. Laughlin doesn't look like the houses have garages, but Sheppard does. Not sure about Columbus or Vance... is this currently the case? Can anyone fill me in on any of these locations? This is the single biggest issue for us in deciding whether or not to find a place off-base. Bonus question: recommendations for recreational weekend flying near these bases? Thanks! EDIT: Clarification: husband is waiting on orders still, might not actually get them until rather last minute, so I am trying to plan a few contingencies.
  6. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I'll shoot you a message as soon as I know where we are headed. I guess its good to hear they are hurting for MX and I am certainly open to a GS position as well.
  7. My husband was recently hired to an ANG unit and I will be moving with him for UPT/B-Course etc. We aren't sure what location we are headed to yet as he doesn't have orders (and will probably be receiving them later rather than sooner) so I am trying to cover all my bases on employment opportunities. I am an A&P with military aviation experience (not Air Force) and would like to get on a contract for the trainers. I've heard that L-3 and M1 conduct all of the maintenance at the various UPT locations but would like to see if anyone here has additional information about these jobs and who is the best POC. I'd like to talk to someone over the phone rather than go through the usajobs or jsfirm recruiters. Also, would the Air Force "spouse employment assistance" programs be of any help to me? I can't imagine they have many wives that are aviation mechanics looking for job placement assistance... any info is appreciated. Thanks guys.
  8. Well, I made the decision today after much debating and a lot of good advice, to discontinue the Part 141 Associates and begin my Bachelors. It won't take long to finish, which is a good thing because I am practically an old hag to the Air Force. ;) I'll be finishing my PPL part 61. I think it was the right choice. My husband was recently selected by an ANG unit so after watching him go through the process I have become pretty motivated that its a real possibility for myself as well. The best part is, if I get selected and fly T-1's out of Laughlin I'll be able to return to my school's airport and piss off all the CFIs and students. Everyone hates the frequently present T-1's (especially our tower).
  9. I agree. I am considering ceasing the AAS to do a Bachelors but I have one more semester of GI Bill left which gives me $10,000 for instrument training. I want to at least use that and then possibly start the bachelors this summer. Instrument seems like a good rating to get basically for free. it would suck to quit this program but if it means a chance to do what I always wanted and didn't realize I COULD do, well, I can get over it. I guess only the units can tell me to what extent they work with applicants/hires as far as education issues are concerned. If I knew 10 years ago what I know now... :)
  10. This is what I thought as well, but when i saw the "4 years to finish Bachelors" statement, I thought what the hell? Maybe if a unit likes me enough they'll go for it. I just haven't heard of anyone being picked up without being closer to finishing their Bachelors. As of now I need about 30-40 credits to get a Bachelors. I'm not sure I can be full time at two colleges for a year.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I should clarify, when I graduate in 16 it will be with my 3rd Associates... not a Bachelors. I am about to attempt working towards my Bachelors concurrent with what I am doing now, but I can't guarantee I'll be done by then.
  12. Hi folks, I know this might seem like a rather bold question, but I have searched quite a bit and haven't found the exact answers I am looking for. I thought this would be the place to ask before I start contacting units. I have seen on unit applications that there is an education exception to policy for applicants who do not have Bachelor's degrees but are "exceptionally qualified." The requirements were based on hours completed and GPA with the caveat of finishing a Bachelors within 4 years of commission. So here is where I am at currently, and why I see this as an opportunity. Personal Details: -2 Associates Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance. 4.0 GPA Board of Regents Graduate -current student in Part 141 Pilot Training program which will award another AAS. Will end with ratings up through CFII/MEI if on time. Currently at 32 hours towards PPL (I know, right?) -Airframe & Powerplant license holder -4+ years AD Army (armament and avionics on AH-64D's). Iraq Deployment. MOS Distinguished Honor Graduate. Honorably Discharged. Security Clearance. -12 hours additional college credits (3.9 GPA) -Age: 27 -Female -tons of leadership experience and strong LORs -Interested only in heavies As it stands now, I will graduate in June of 2016, just at my 29th birthday. I know this makes me age critical, which is why I would like to attempt a so called education exception. Would I be considered "exceptionally qualified?" It wasn't exactly detailed in the application. I was also recently told by someone of stature in the AFRC command that female pilots are desperately needed. I don't care if its for bullshit EO reasons, if that is an angle I have I'll use it. Would it be better for me to attempt an education exemption based on being age critical, or work on a Bachelors and ask for an age waiver? I feel like since it is listed on applications, it is an opportunity worth taking. I don't mind if my application is laughed at... I'd rather that than have not tried at all. Any insights or clarification on this policy is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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